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Rowfant House – 6-4-2013

Rowfant House ghost hunt 6th April 2013
Crawley, West Sussex

This was the first time Rowfant House had been investigated by Ghost Hunt Events or any other ghost teams, so we were all very excited about tonight.  I had two bedrooms upstairs, rooms 7 & 8.  There was an uneasy feel about room 7 and my challenge for the night was to establish what may have happened in that room.  Steve did have some knowledge but wouldn’t give us this information.

My first group were members of Surrey Paranormal, and as they had years of ghost hunting experience they enjoyed the opportunity to have free rein.  Some of the group were ‘sensitive’ and were able to pick up on the spirit(s) in the room.  We started in room 7 and almost everyone felt a tightness in their chest with difficulty breathing.  The group felt a female spirit was present who had died in this room, possibly by being hit over the head.  Some guests felt a sharp pain on their right temple, especially when sitting on one side of the bed.  Charlie was hearing a faint heartbeat, and felt pain in his lower rib cage.  It was felt the lady was in her 20’s, had plaited hair and was a maid or worker in the house.  We thought she may have been pregnant.  Various guests had the following names for the spirit; Eleanor, Martha, Mary, Maureen, Margaret and Marlene.  As we were leaving to go into room 8, myself and Bob noticed that Charlie was sitting on the window seat unresponsive.  As we both sat next to him he suddenly burst into tears.  Charlie said he felt utter sadness, he was in a dark place, completely bereft and everything had gone, and had the name Eileen.  He felt he was feeling the female spirits pain.  We spent some time doing some scrying in room 8, and everyone could see a male in the mirror with a long dark beard, and long dark hair.  As we were leaving the bedrooms, a guest thought she saw a dog on the landing, we found out later that a black Labrador had died in that place.

With my second group we identified a male spirit on the ghost pro, possibly the man that killed the female.  We decided to use the pendulums and dowsing rods, which the guests enjoyed.  We asked questions to the male spirit and were pleased to receive the same answers (yes or no) on both.  We felt he killed the female, but didn’t mean to, and had loved her.  We again tried scrying in the next room, and a man was seen with a dark beard and hair, also a wide nose.

For my third group we were surprised to have our first KII activity – continuous throughout, so surprised we kept checking all our mobiles were turned off, which were.  We again used the dowsing rods and pendulums to answer our questions.  We then went into room 8 to do some scrying, and again guests saw a man, with evil eyes and pointed ears.

As we came downstairs some guests were standing in the corridor and thought they had just heard a dog bark and a door bang, but couldn’t establish a logical reason for this.  At this point Ian (Manager) said he often hears a dog bark, among many other strange things.  We all enjoyed hearing about the experiences of the staff, and can’t wait to return in the future.  Great night!!

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