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Marwell Hall ghost hunt – 11th April 2015

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

Marwell Hall ghost hunt 11th April 2015
Winchester, Hampshire

This was our third visit to Marwell Hall and we were hopeful that it would be as active and interesting as our previous visits, as there are certain rooms which similar activity occurs every time we visit.

As always I chose the room upstairs to hold my séances, this is the room the staff don’t like, things happen in this room, it is also the room that the window bar moved on our previous visit.

In this room there were a couple of spirits; the first one I saw was a Footman he was about 5’11” and quite portly for his height, wearing faded navy trousers with leather boots and a dark Navy jacket, he was dressed similarly to the old Royal Mail uniforms. His name was Andrew although he wasn’t a talkative person he was able to move people.

The first group there was some arm movement although by comparison to other groups this was very minor because no-one (apart from me) encouraged the spirit to do anything.

The second group Andrew was able to lift everyone’s arms and twist people’s arm in the centre of the circle. He was also able to push and rock people and in some cases pull the people down to the floor by their arms. Many of the guests felt the pressure that he was able to assert on to their shoulders to force people to move. This pressure was forceful but not malicious in nature. He was also able to pull people backwards, usually quickly and surprisingly which the guests found fun and interesting because it happened so quickly and without warning. The majority of the movements were asked for and the spirit obliged with the requests.

After we finished with the séance as this room became very hot we sat around the table and asked for spirit to make some noises or repeat our knocks on the table. Many times we heard knocks and taps that sounded like they were made from underneath the table (all our hands were flat on top). Many times when everyone heard the knocks from spirit everyone pointed to a different part of the room or the table.

Whilst we were sitting around the table there was a female spirit who seemed to affect one end of the room. She was Victorian in dress but did not give me her name, in fact she didn’t really talk to me, and she just paced around the other end of the room. I stated at the time this was probably because all the men were sitting at the same end and she was affecting the women of the group. Several people felt a coldness like someone breathing on them, however this moved around the table and one person felt a brush across her face whilst another felt a physical touch, a finger or hand poke in the back, which surprised her!

The third group to this room, Andrew made himself know and moved just about everyone’s arms, he also was more able (or willing) to move people. He pushed one person down to the floor in a very embarrassing manner and lifted another person’s left leg a few inches off the floor much to her amazement and surprise. Whilst this was going on other people had their arms raised above their heads and arms and faces stroked, sometimes this was asked for other times not.

Once again after finishing the séance we sat around the table in the hope that we would hear more noises, but alas we didn’t. However the female spirit came through again and affected the same end of the room, with various people feeling cold spots and they too said that it felt like someone breathing a coldness onto them.

After all groups had spent time with all the team members doing different activities in different rooms. We then (as we always do) allow the guests to investigate on their own in any of the areas that they have been and the guests may borrow our ghost hunting equipment and Ouija boards. Many guests had great paranormal experiences on their own or in small groups. One group used our writing planchette and had various letters and names written as well as objects that they asked to be drawn.

Another group upstairs the room that I held the séances managed eventually to get a long table to be moved by spirit.

This was another excellent ghost hunt and we are looking forward to our second visit later in the year.

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 10th January 2015

Friday, February 20th, 2015

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 10th January 2015
Rochester, Kent

This was the first public event of 2015 and Fort Borstal is a favourite location for many of the Ghost Hunt Events team we were all hoping for a good start to 2015. We were not disappointed.

We were joined by a mixture of familiar spirits and new / unknown spirits but the general theme seemed to be a physical one.

The first group consisted of lots of arm movement and people being pushed and pulled by spirit. Some of the guests heard odd noises and seeing shadows in the entrance to the room we were in. Several people were pushed to the floor, which is not unusual in this room.

The second group received lots more arm movement and pushing by spirit. This time though it was a little different as everyone was being pushed or pulled in a different direction, most people ended up against a wall. Two people who ended up on the floor (usually spirit stop affecting people once they are on the floor) were pushed continuously until they were lying down, which was a little strange.

Noises were also heard during this session which had no explanation.

The third group received some arm movement and pushing but a lot less than the previous two groups. However the people either side of me were pulled down towards the floor but there were little movements elsewhere in the group. This was caused by the group not encouraging the spirit or in some cases not even speaking at all.

The free session which we always hold after we have held our controlled sessions, I joined a group in the same room that I held the séances.

Once again lots of arm movement and pushing and pulling sensations. We were joined by a spirit that I had seen in earlier sessions. He was called Porker (a nickname) about 5’9″ in height, very portly, bald head, but a full beard. He was a prisoner who was conscripted to build the fort. During the séance there were lots of surprising movements, people who were standing firmly one minute, the next pulled to the floor and twisted with other who were already on the floor. Towards the end of that session everyone was pushed or pulled backward until they were against a wall. This is possible in this room because it is not a square room. One person had to be removed/rescued from the séance as she was affected by the spirit and was shaking uncontrollably. Once removed from the séance circle she recovered from these effects.

This was a brilliant start to 2015 with lots of paranormal encounters experienced by the guests. It was also the first night that we had VIP guests. For more info on this see

There will be a separate report from the VIP guests.

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Shire Hall – 24th January 2015

Monday, February 9th, 2015

Shire Hall ghost hunt 24th January 2015
Hereford, Herefordshire

This was the second time that we have visited this venue, we would like to visit more frequently but Hereford is a four hour drive for us.

I held all three of my sessions in the cellar and every time we started with a séance. Spirit were quiet playful and a little mischievous, especially with a group of all girls. The male spirits had fun making them feel uncomfortable. This resulted in the first group being quite a lot more scared that subsequent groups but also this group had far more experiences and sensations with about half of the group feeling feint, one girl had to sit down as she virtually collapsed. All groups though felt the sensations of their arms being moved and being pushed, pulled, swayed and rocked by unseen hands.

I was joined on more than one occasion by two spirits, one called Tony (Antony) who was an old fashioned Bobby (Policeman) from the 1880’s. The other was a farmer type of person, probably a labourer although he never said anything apart from that he worked with pigs. He gave no name. Both these spirits joined me on every session in the cellar although they took turns trying to affect the guests.

Every group to the cellar saw shadows or lights that they could not explain. This cellar had windows at one end although this was an L shape corridor and the lights from outside did not shine through the main corridor, yet several guests saw shadows (as if someone walked across the corridor) and lights which looked like miniature shooting stars according to the people that saw them.

Two groups (the first two) both smelt something that they described as being disgusting, rotting meat was one description the other of decaying and dampness. Several people also smelt a sulphuric smell (rotten eggs) however this was not something that affected everyone as I and the people either side of me on both occasions smelt nothing out of the ordinary.

This was an excellent ghost hunt as all guests had some paranormal occurrences in different parts of the building. Many enjoyed the fact that after we had finished our controlled sessions we allowed the guests to wander around the building of their own accord whilst they held their own style ghost hunt and we also allowed them to borrow our equipment during this time.

Hopefully we will return next year

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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 31-5-2014

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 31st May 2014
Colchester, Essex

This was our third visit to the Red Lion Hotel in 2014 and with different team members attending I was personally hoping for a different ghost hunt. My sessions however were much the same but to be honest I wasn’t expecting a change.

The cellar itself doesn’t change however the spirit that we have encountered here all seem to be from a particular period in history, this I find odd and unusual because there should be no reason for this.

The first group to the cellar we met a male spirit called George who was from the 1920s, very well dressed gentleman about 5’9” and aged in his 30s. Asking George to touch and move guests resulted in some very quick and unusual movements felt by the guests. Many of the guests were pushed in a circular motion or rocked gently from side to side. Some people were pushed down towards the floor and two guests found that their limbs didn’t work as expected, with one guest unable to move her knees and the other being made to lift one of her feet. This proved very funny with the people who weren’t being affected!

During the séance we all heard a number of noises that sounded unusual or unexplainable, considering I have held about twenty ghost hunts at the Red Lion Hotel, I know what most of the “normal” sounds are and what causes them. This sound however was different, it sounded very similar to someone opening a can of carbonated drink within the same room as us or discharging an old fashioned soda bottle. The soda bottle was more likely because the cellar had a few old bottles which were being sent for recycling, these old soda bottles had been in the cellar for many years, one of the members of staff said that they were in the cellar when they started working at the hotel, 16 years ago, was the spirit letting us know he was there by manipulating these?

The second group to the cellar we were joined by Michael a spirit who was 71 years old and someone that I have seen on several occasions, he is a very jovial character and likes to “play” but only with the right people. Unfortunately this group wasn’t the right group of people for this activity and whilst some people felt their arms being moved, others didn’t.

The third group to the cellar were the right people for Michael to play with and we were joined by Annabel who was wearing a Georgian style dress. Annabel was in her 20s. Plus George the spirit the first group met also joined us. Between the three spirits, although it was mostly Michael and George the guests were pushed, and pulled backwards, swayed and rocked as well as their arms being lifted and moved, mostly on command and several times the sensation and the feeling of being pulled down to the floor by our arms and hands.

This was another excellent ghost hunt with the majority of the guests having some form of paranormal encounter which they thoroughly enjoyed but couldn’t necessarily explain.

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Rye Castle ghost hunt – 24-5-2014

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

Rye Castle ghost hunt 24th May 2014
Rye, East Sussex

We were hopeful after our first ghost hunt at Rye Castle in April that similar activity would be repeated on this visit. We rarely get the same activity on two visits but nevertheless we can always hope. What we had this time had been experienced by guests before, but not all in the same night.

After splitting the guests into two groups, one group headed towards the Woman’s Tower the other with me onto the first floor of the Keep.

Starting a séance we were joined by a male spirit called Simon, who was wearing a red jacket with white bits and light blue trousers with a navy blue cap. Obviously either a guard or soldier and aged in his early 30s. On asking for Simon to move us he proceeded to move our arms, which when asked by the guests to be moved in a particular direction he obliged.

Simon also was able to pull people backwards, much to their surprise, especially Billy and Kelly (guests) and to the floor, and even when on the floor some of us were still being moved and pushed into more painful positions.

Many guests felt a strange but definite pressure of their shoulders, which in turn left them feeling as if they were being pushed to the floor. During this séance some off smells were experienced by the guests, sometimes it smelled of chemicals other times horse manure.

The second group to the Keep were joined by Simon (the spirit from the first group) and when asked to move us many guests felt arm movements but the movement wasn’t of the same calibre as the first group.

Once again some unusual smells seemed to “arrive” in the room, lavender and perfume were the nicer ones but the other was leather in the tanning process. At about the same time as people were starting to smell these unusual aromas the room seemed to get darker and the atmosphere of the room changed. Dennis and Tanya (guests) both saw a dark shape and presence by the terrace entrance. I stopped the séance at this juncture as Dennis said that he wanted to see what he could feel. Afterwards he told me that he felt threatened and had the flight or fight feeling. He had no idea why he had this feeling.

The atmosphere changed again, back to a familiar feeling although I have no idea what caused the changes or why. Since all the guests had now spread out throughout the Keep various groups of guests were feeling different things. Tanya and Sarah felt touches and odd feelings when in one of the cells and Dennis and Sam were experiencing the same strange sensations in different ways but neither could explain why they felt that way or what they had been threatened by.

A few guests wanted to hold a séance in the mortuary part of the Keep (the basement) so I joined the group there. Whilst I could not properly see the spirit I could feel their presence, as could the guests as we were all eventually moved by our arms into painful positions. Kerry (team) had the sensations and the physical feeling of being pulled backwards towards the cupboards. At the end of the session all of us felt very unsteady and had to lean or hold on to something to avoid falling over. This is a normal occurrence lately and something which we had not experienced often before the Woman’s Tower was refurbished, however since its refurbishment we frequently have times where people feel very unsteady standing and have to lean or rest of something and it happens in the Keep and in the Woman’s Tower.

In the upstairs of the Woman’s Tower I held a sitting séance and we were joined by Daniel a Second World War soldier and priest aged in his early 20s. He was able to move some of the guests hand and arms to “draw” invisible shapes and letters which enabled the guests to ask him questions and get some responses. Many times he said that he would make a noise, but we never heard any strange noises.

Once again this was a very good ghost hunt with lots of paranormal activity witnessed and experienced by the guests. This particular ghost hunt was more physical than some of our previous ghost hunts, although our next ghost hunt in August 2014 may be different as we will be using some equipment that we have never previously used at Rye Castle.

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 22-3-2014

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 22nd March 2014
Chatham, Kent

This event was our first public event of the year at Fort Horsted, the week before we held a special invitation only event for our frequent customers, but since this was a public event many of the guests probably didn’t know what to expect. Fortunately we have done many ghost hunts at this Fort to know where the best areas to get ghostly activity or for the guests to experience the activity.

We usually hold three one hour sessions so that all guests can experience different parts of the fort with different team members doing different activities. So I chose the furthest area away from all the other groups; a room which is right at the edge of the fort.

We were joined quite quickly by a spirit called Philip, he was a Doctor from the 1880s and 37 years old.

When asking Philip to move us as we were standing in a séance circle James (guest) who was next to me could feel Philip’s energy and the fact that James was swaying or rather being pulled backwards, to fight this sensation James was pulling himself back upright. James found this a little unnerving to start with but like all things the more he got used to the sensation the easier it became for Philip to move him.

Whilst James was being pulled back lots of guests experienced their arms being moved and unfortunately for the people either side of me, my hands were often dragged to floor and on one occasion the letters P and O were drawn in the dust on the floor.

I asked Philip what the O stood for but didn’t get a response.

As the guests all got used to the sensation Philip was able to move more and more people until everyone had been moved in some way. A few times we all heard the sound of a children’s toy, it sounded like a toy train and immediately after this we all heard a stone being kicked or thrown. Since there are a lot of stones on the floor in the corridor we could not be sure it was thrown at us and because of the acoustics we couldn’t be sure of the direction. But since we were all holding hands it could not have been any of us.

At the end of this session I held an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. There were several responses to people’s questions but not all could be clearly heard, the two clearest ones though can be heard at:-

The second group to this same area, Philip was still present and in fact he stayed with me in the room all night. Once again arm movement was felt by the majority of the guests relatively quickly as well as some pushing and people being pulled back. This group however were not as nervous as the first group and Philip was able to push people and twist them into some very unusual and sometimes painful positions.

For some reason Philip wanted to touch people’s shoes with whichever hands he was able to move, which meant that some people ended up getting all the dirty dust on their shoes.

During the séance two guests became incapacitated and had to be removed from the séance. Gary (guest) in particular just felt drained and he described the feeling similar to feeling faint.

The third group were very nervous compared to the first two groups, this is usually because my sessions are held in virtual darkness and people feel more vulnerable when they can’t see the walls of the room, let alone where the doorway is.

However Philip still attempted to move people and as the group became more comfortable with their surroundings and what I was trying to achieve (which is to ask the spirit to move people) more people’s arm were being lifted and when a few guests least expected it they were pulled backwards. Two guests though had laughing fits for no reason. This is something which we have encountered before at the Fort although not in this area, but neither of the guests knew why they were laughing and according to their friends this was so out of character for them.

The rest of the time we allow the guests to hold their own ghost hunt or to experience other areas of the Fort under our supervision but not holding set activities.

I joined a group in the Counterscarp Galleries (which is an area that is usually out of bounds) and some guests asked that I do a séance circle. We were joined by a spirit that I had met the previous week called Captain Bell (he pushed people to the floor) and two other spirits who I have seen before although not for a while, they were both prisoners who probably were employed whilst serving their sentence to build the place.

All of these spirits combined their energies to move everyone’s arms although some more than others, which very quickly progressed into people being twisted up and a strange lunging sensation towards people, not always their faces but usually. One guest was “picked on” by the spirit and he was forced to the floor until his head touched the floor. I attributed this to Captain Bell as that is what he did to two people the week before.

This was once again an enjoyable ghost hunt with many guests getting some form of paranormal activity which they could not explain or an experience that they enjoyed.

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Rye Castle (Ypres Tower) ghost hunt – 28-9-2013

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Rye Castle private ghost hunt 28th September 2013
Rye, East Sussex

We as a team were heading back to Rye with a sense of uneasiness because the first event that we held here this year was an action packed amazing experience for everyone who was present, then we returned a month after that and whilst the level of activity was still interesting it was nothing like the first event. So we were a little cautious in getting our hopes up. However since this was a private event, the majority of the people have been on a ghost hunt before we didn’t have to show the guests what to do, they knew. This however didn’t prepare anyone for what happened.

Whilst half of the guests headed into the Women’s Tower with Carl, I stayed in the Keep with the other half.

During my explanation of the room, as there are two cells in two corners and a balcony which overlooks the courtyard I was standing on the balcony explaining to the guests the metal prongs which stopped anyone from climbing the walls. I was using my torch to show some of the guests where they were and undoubtedly shone my torch into the women’s tower skylight. However Carl came out of the tower as they had seen a light above them (which was my torch) but they had also saw a light shine up the staircase, which could not have been me because the entrance to the staircase is 90 degrees from where I was standing.

Back inside the keep we were joined by a spirit called Tommy or Thomas, quite recently a spirit from 1988 aged in his 50s and quite broad shouldered and well built.

Whilst using KII (EMF meters) and our electronic communicator meters we all noticed a strange “ball” of energy in the room, it seemed to start about 2 feet off the floor and extend to about 7 feet above the floor and was approximately 8 feet in diameter that suddenly “arrived” at the same time as Tommy. It was also centred in the room right over some of the display cases, which although had an electrical supply, these were all turned off as I checked to make sure. There was no obvious explanation as to why this ball should be there as we have never had something like this happen before and as quickly as it arrived it disappeared. It was only after talking to Ted (the Museum guide) later in the evening that he suggested the tie ring. The tie ring was in the centre of the room and prisoners were tied to this ring when there was no room in a cell.

Tommy though was able to say several words on a spirit box (a device that scans the FM radio bands at 100ms in reverse) including “Tom” and answered some questions posed by the guests.

After a short break I demonstrated what I had done in the first group with regard to the torch as those in the Women’s Tower were a little confused how my torch managed to shine up the staircase and no matter what I pointed the torch towards the light never shone up the staircase, which sort of proves that it wasn’t me. Although no-one had any idea what they saw the first time as my torch looked completely different apparently and according to those who saw it my torch wasn’t that bright either.

The second group to the Keep we still had Thomas present and once I started a séance circle he was able to move people’s arms very easily. He also pulled Darren (guest) downwards and backwards so that he was resting on the table behind him in an awkward manner. Tom also pulled Mark, Darren, Esther and me to the floor by our arms, then without any warning pulled Jo down as well. Once we were on the floor we were all still being moved and twisted although Darren remained in an awkward position much to his delight [sic].

Eventually we were allowed to stand back upright and more or less as soon as we got to our feet, Esther and Jo were both moved in a swaying circular motion. Others of the group had our heads pushed down by other people’s hands and arms and Darren had his head and ear “stroked”. My hands were pulled in opposite directions which was quite painful and also pulled behind other people’s backs. Whilst this was amusing for us it was also fun for the spirit energy as he smiled throughout the session obviously enjoying what he could do with us.

After another break I headed with a group to the Women’s Tower as I wanted to see if the same sensations and noises that I had heard on previous ghost hunts happened again.

On the top floor everyone felt the same swaying and pushing sensation. No matter where anyone stood, everyone felt the same sensation and that was being pushed or pulled towards the corner of the room by the only window. This is exactly what happened when we first visited earlier in the year, which was just after the tower had undergone some building work. Whilst we were here we all heard a familiar noise, footsteps. However like the previous time I visited this tower the footsteps sounded like someone walking on a wooden floor and since the tower is detached from anything else this sound still remains a mystery.

Darren felt a female energy at the bottom of the stairs was too afraid to enter the building, so we went downstairs to see if this would make any difference.

Since we were all in the small downstairs room no-one was expecting to hear the sound of a person walking on gravel (which is what is in the garden, the previous exercise yard) but that is exactly what we heard, someone approaching, but no-one did. Then we all heard a stone thrown into the Women’s Tower which landed a few steps in. We checked but no-one was outside nor on the balcony to the keep. Immediately after the stone being thrown we all heard the sound of water being poured from a jug as we heard a “glug glug” sound plus several bangs. Darren and Mark went to investigate upstairs as they thought that the noise came from upstairs, however they didn’t stay long because they kept hearing footsteps and other noises that we didn’t hear nor make because we were standing still.

As soon as they came back down to join the rest of us both Carl & Ted thought they heard the footsteps on gravel sound. Although most of us thought it sounded like it was raining, however when going outside it wasn’t raining or windy.

Back in the keep once again lots of KII spikes seen on our meters plus lots of electronic communication.

There was a soldier present in the room, but not a uniform that I have ever seen before. He was wearing a bright red jacket with a white belt (similar to a Boer war soldier) and a black fez style cap. It is the cap that puzzles me because it didn’t look like it belonged to the rest of the uniform.

We recorded a spirit box session and EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voices) but on analysis nothing tangible could be heard.

This was a great ghost hunt with lots of strange and paranormal occurrences for the guests and it also had a familiar feel for us, because we have investigated here five times previously and every time we have similar activity, not necessarily the same activity from the previous time but something that has occurred on a previous visit happens in a similar way or the experiences of the guests happens again. We cannot wait to investigate here again in 2014.

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Pluckley Screaming Woods 20-9-2013

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Pluckley Screaming Woods 20th September 2013
Pluckley, Kent

Normally we don’t write reports from our private events, however this particular night was too good not to write a report as the level of paranormal activity felt by all the guests was on par with what we would have expected at a public ghost hunt.

We split the whole group into two smaller groups and each headed off in different directions. The area that I had chosen for the night is an area which I often take people because it is one of the most active areas within the whole woods and usually people experience something.

I started off by handing out some of our electronic ghost hunting equipment and within a few minutes everything started to light up, which meant the spirit energies were with us, some briefly whilst other stayed longer so that questions could be asked and answered.

Harry (guest) felt his hair and neck being touched which slightly unnerved him and when this occurred he wasn’t quiet about it, which made everyone else in the group jumpy.

Various spirits joined us throughout the session, from a young female energy who was about 18 years old to a young boy called Tommy who was about 8 years old plus two male energies one who was 23 years old and the other was much older at about 40 years old, this particular spirit I had met only a couple of weeks ago in this wood during a public event.

Throughout this whole session lots of odd and strange noises were heard within the woods including a few noises which sounded like footfalls and since most of this group were a little jumpy every time a noise was heard the group huddled closer together.

On our way back to the meet point I held an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment.

There were two clear responses which can be heard at:-

The second group to the active pathway (which is what I call it) once again after handing out the electronic gadgets, spirit energies started to join us, this time the spirit energies were spirit who were going about their daily lives and were just passing us, one of which called Gordon stayed long enough for me to hold a séance.

During the séance Gordon who was about 70 years old was able to move many of the guests arms, usually on command but he also managed to use our arms to stroke the faces of some of the group. Many guests felt a very hot or burning sensation in their hands throughout the séance. However Gordon seemed to be able to push people which ease, which is generally what happened to those who didn’t have their arms moved. After much swaying, rocking and pushing of people I ended the séance and moved onto another interesting area of the woods.

This area we often hear sounds especially when using the spirit box (a device that scans the FM radio frequencies in reverse at 100ms). When asking for the spirit who was a school teacher roughly in her mid-40s to say any of the guests names we heard two faint or quiet names spoken on the box, both of these names were of those present but when asking for the spirit to repeat them, nothing was heard.

Just as I was about to stop the spirit box we all heard what I can only describe as an odd tapping sound on the speaker, it sounded like someone physically tapping but what was strange is that one of our KII meters (EMF meters) also picked up on this tapping sound and the lights flashed on the KII meter in the same manner as the audible sounds. We can be sure this wasn’t a mobile phone because all the guests had turned their phones off before we started the evening. Not only that but if it were a mobile phone then we would have heard the normal search tones on the speaker on the spirit box. The noise we heard sounded nothing like a mobile phone, more like a real tapping sound on wooden furniture.

At this point of the night I also held another EVP experiment.

Once again there were several responses but like the last experiment we couldn’t hear the word spoken on all of them, the clearest ones can be heard at:-

After re-grouping with everyone at our designated base point we decided to hold one large séance as the first group with me didn’t experience a séance as they were all too scared of the woods.

We were joined by a male spirit in his mid-50s who had lots of energy and was able to push and pull people backwards with ease. He was also able to lift the arms of many guests and those who he couldn’t push he pulled them down towards the ground by their arms.

Other guests had their faces and shoulders stroked by others in the group as the male energy moved around the circle making sure that he moved as many people as possible. At one point Harry had both his arms moved above his head which was strange because the event was for Harry. Many people then either side of Harry also had their arms moved upwards, whereas on my side of the circle we were being pulled downwards most of the time.

This was an excellent night and one in which everyone eventually had some form of paranormal experience.

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 27-7-2013

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 27th July 2013
Rochester, Kent

I have personally waited many years to hold an indoor ghost hunt during a thunderstorm because I believe that it would be more atmospheric. This particular event proved that to be the case, atmospheric it certainly was. The thunderstorm waited until we were about to start and then continued for about three hours.

As this was an invitation only event there were four groups and each group were all as far away from each other as possible so that we could be sure that no noise could be heard from each group.

As ever I volunteered to go to one of the most physically demanding areas as the staircase has about 100 steps, which is 200 steps because you have to return!

We had set up all our motion sensor lights in one of these tunnels just to see if spirit could turn on one or two of the lights whilst we were at one of the counterscarp galleries.

The spirit energies in this part of the Fort didn’t really change all night, although the spirit energies were some that I have met before.

The first group there was lots of communication via our electronic equipment and considering the thunderstorm was in full swing and echoing throughout these tunnels we all heard something heavy being dropped inside the tunnels as it landed with a thud, what it was though we could not establish, nor see anything suspicious. Some of the motion sensor lights turned on periodically at the far end of the tunnel.

During the second group’s séance part there was some slight arm movement and when the motion sensor lights that were turning on and off randomly, some of us thought we saw the legs of a person, this was so real that one of the team (Sean) went to check to make sure it wasn’t a real person. It wasn’t.

The third group’s séance session, once again there was some light arm movement and the touching of chins with people’s arms. Many guests were also pulled backwards. During the séance many strange bangs were heard, although they did not seem to come from outside, but because of the echo in the tunnel this could not be ruled out. Although it is very unusual to hear outside noises in these tunnels because of the dry moat that surrounds the fort usually blocks all outside sounds.

The fourth séance group had the most activity in the counterscarp galleries, probably because of two reasons, firstly all the other séances were conducted in the main counterscarp galleries, but for this session I held the séance in the end room as this is where (on past ghost hunts) we get most of the activity. There was also a different spirit energy present; Capt Daniel Bedford who is relatively responsible for many of our good sessions in this part of the fort as he has much more energy and is able to move people more easily. Once again this started with very positive arm movement which quickly turned into pushing and pulling people, so much so that some people were pulled backward until their backs were against the walls.

The majority of people once pushed against a wall were then dragged by their arms or legs down to the floor, some guests were twisted until they had no choice but to join the rest of us on the floor. Once everyone was on the floor, little else happened.

After our controlled sessions we let all the guests roam the fort with our equipment to hold their own ghost hunts or vigils, I joined a group of people in the World War Two command post. Here there was a female spirit, her name was Debra and she was an ATS “Ack Ack” girl. (ATS Girls manned the anti-aircraft guns during the Second World War). There was also a male energy present who gave me the name of Devon (I presume this to be his surname) and although he was a military man he was dressed in 1950s attire. The rope that was hanging from the ceiling (a swing) looked as if it were moving but because we didn’t have any IR night vision cameras with us, we were unable to confirm this because we know that light plays tricks with our eyes in the dark. This was the first time that I had held any sessions in this part of the fort and many of the KII (EMF) meters were showing large spikes of energy and there was also some useful communication via the electronic equipment.

This was an invitation event and many of the guests thoroughly enjoyed the ghost hunt because we were using areas of the fort that we don’t usually use during our public ghost hunts and had the thunderstorm not started when we started we would have taken the guests into the dry moat as this area has never been investigated before. However we plan on repeating an invitation only event at this fort and next time there will be more areas that will be open for investigation.

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 8-6-2013

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 8th June 2013
Chatham, Kent

As a team we always look forward to our ghost hunts at Fort Horsted, as many of us have had some very unique experiences as well as our guests. We were also hoping that some of the things that happened during out previous visit on 18th May would happen again. The full investigation team were also in attendance so we have some video footage of the nights’ activities.

I started in my favourite area of the fort, it is also the furthest walk through some of the spookiest tunnels.

We were joined by a female spirit energy who I have seen before at this fort, and a male spirit energy who I have not seen before. The female spirit was called Annie, a nurse. The male spirit called Christopher was aged in his mid-30s about 5’9” in height and quite chubby.

The session started with some communication via our electronic devices, although no discernible activity was seen on our KII (EMF) meters. After starting a séance to prove to the guests that the spirit were indeed with us, I asked for people arms to be moved, which seemed to take a while, but once it started the spirits were able to easily move peoples arms, which the guests found perplexing and slightly scary. The arms of the guests were moved on command and at various times pointed to different people as well as pulling some people down by their arms. Throughout this session lots of strange banging sounds were heard by everyone and many guests saw shadows in the door way and the corridor beyond. I also asked that people be swayed or pushed by the spirits and it didn’t take long before many people felt like they were on a boat and Adam (guest) got pulled backwards a lot. I finished the session early because another male energy came into the room and he wasn’t a nice person. The only information I could get out of him was his name; Tom.

After the séance I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment and although there were lots of possible ghost voices in the recordings, only two have been confirmed by our experts. You can hear these at:-

The Second group, I also brought to this same area and once again both Annie & Christopher were both present, the nasty male energy thankfully was not.

Once again after I asked for arm movement, the spirit obliged and very quickly started to move everyone that they could, however there was also some strangeness to this as many people had their chins rubbed by the hands of other guests, why I don’t really know. Also when asking for the spirit to push or pull people many guests felt the same sensations as the first. We all felt the pulling down sensation although it was not as strong as what happened to the first group.

The Third group that ventured here had much the same activity although Nick (guest) had more activity than anyone else as the spirit energies took a liking to him and pushed, pulled and swayed him throughout the session. We were also joined by a third spirit energy called David; a Second World War soldier in his late 20s.

Once again a very active and exciting ghost hunt with the guests getting lots of paranormal experiences.

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