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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 27-7-2013

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 27th July 2013
Rochester, Kent

I have personally waited many years to hold an indoor ghost hunt during a thunderstorm because I believe that it would be more atmospheric. This particular event proved that to be the case, atmospheric it certainly was. The thunderstorm waited until we were about to start and then continued for about three hours.

As this was an invitation only event there were four groups and each group were all as far away from each other as possible so that we could be sure that no noise could be heard from each group.

As ever I volunteered to go to one of the most physically demanding areas as the staircase has about 100 steps, which is 200 steps because you have to return!

We had set up all our motion sensor lights in one of these tunnels just to see if spirit could turn on one or two of the lights whilst we were at one of the counterscarp galleries.

The spirit energies in this part of the Fort didn’t really change all night, although the spirit energies were some that I have met before.

The first group there was lots of communication via our electronic equipment and considering the thunderstorm was in full swing and echoing throughout these tunnels we all heard something heavy being dropped inside the tunnels as it landed with a thud, what it was though we could not establish, nor see anything suspicious. Some of the motion sensor lights turned on periodically at the far end of the tunnel.

During the second group’s séance part there was some slight arm movement and when the motion sensor lights that were turning on and off randomly, some of us thought we saw the legs of a person, this was so real that one of the team (Sean) went to check to make sure it wasn’t a real person. It wasn’t.

The third group’s séance session, once again there was some light arm movement and the touching of chins with people’s arms. Many guests were also pulled backwards. During the séance many strange bangs were heard, although they did not seem to come from outside, but because of the echo in the tunnel this could not be ruled out. Although it is very unusual to hear outside noises in these tunnels because of the dry moat that surrounds the fort usually blocks all outside sounds.

The fourth séance group had the most activity in the counterscarp galleries, probably because of two reasons, firstly all the other séances were conducted in the main counterscarp galleries, but for this session I held the séance in the end room as this is where (on past ghost hunts) we get most of the activity. There was also a different spirit energy present; Capt Daniel Bedford who is relatively responsible for many of our good sessions in this part of the fort as he has much more energy and is able to move people more easily. Once again this started with very positive arm movement which quickly turned into pushing and pulling people, so much so that some people were pulled backward until their backs were against the walls.

The majority of people once pushed against a wall were then dragged by their arms or legs down to the floor, some guests were twisted until they had no choice but to join the rest of us on the floor. Once everyone was on the floor, little else happened.

After our controlled sessions we let all the guests roam the fort with our equipment to hold their own ghost hunts or vigils, I joined a group of people in the World War Two command post. Here there was a female spirit, her name was Debra and she was an ATS “Ack Ack” girl. (ATS Girls manned the anti-aircraft guns during the Second World War). There was also a male energy present who gave me the name of Devon (I presume this to be his surname) and although he was a military man he was dressed in 1950s attire. The rope that was hanging from the ceiling (a swing) looked as if it were moving but because we didn’t have any IR night vision cameras with us, we were unable to confirm this because we know that light plays tricks with our eyes in the dark. This was the first time that I had held any sessions in this part of the fort and many of the KII (EMF) meters were showing large spikes of energy and there was also some useful communication via the electronic equipment.

This was an invitation event and many of the guests thoroughly enjoyed the ghost hunt because we were using areas of the fort that we don’t usually use during our public ghost hunts and had the thunderstorm not started when we started we would have taken the guests into the dry moat as this area has never been investigated before. However we plan on repeating an invitation only event at this fort and next time there will be more areas that will be open for investigation.

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