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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 11-1-2014

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 11th January 2014
Rochester, Kent

We always look forward to returning to Fort Borstal, it is the majority of the team’s favourite location for many reasons. Since this was the first indoor ghost hunt of 2014 we were hoping the spiritual activity would be as good as the activity that we have had on previous occasions. Thankfully we and the guests were not disappointed.

As ever I chose the counterscarp galleries as my location for the night, as this area is one of the more active areas and the activity that the guests experience is somewhat predictable, but also very physical in its nature which in my opinion is the best way to experience spiritual paranormal activity.

The first group to the counterscarp gallery we formed a séance circle and after telling the guests what to expect and inviting spirit to come forward, arm movement started quite quickly. This usually starts with the people either side of me and as the séance progressed more people felt their arms being moved, first gently upwards and then once the person got used to the sensation and the guests encouraged spirit, more generally happened.

The spirit that was responsible for the movement was Capt Daniel Bedford who I have met many times here. This spirit energy is capable of moving people in any way in which he sees fit, but usually the movements are gentle in nature.

Sam (guest) felt a strange sensation in his left leg and as I asked for people to be moved this sensation worsened until Sam had no alternative to go with the feeling and he was made to crouch and bend over.

The people either side of me experienced some gentle arm movement which when they asked in their heads to be moved in a particular way, Daniel obliged.

Being that this was the first session I had to move around the circle so that other could experience the movements and sensations, this is quite normal. Although as I moved around more people got moved by Daniel, even those who were nowhere near me, much to their amazement.

Some of the guests were also pulled backwards and pushed forwards when they least expected it and moved into very uncomfortable positions. All guests eventually had their arms moved in some way.

The second group to the counterscarp galleries were treated to much more physical movements and very quickly after I started the séance everyone’s arms were moved and people were pulled and pushed into strange and uncomfortable positions apart from two people. After my side of the circle was pulled to the floor and we were all twisted up, I then moved to the opposite side of the circle so that those guests could also feel the same sensations.

When I moved here, we all were very quickly physically moved and dragged down to the floor by our hands, people became twisted up with each other and Dan (guest) who was on my left was pushed to floor until his head and face were on the floor. We all found this very amusing because he couldn’t get up or move in any way and was literally stuck to the floor!

Other people had their faces and arms stroked but the majority of the time was spent getting up after being pushed down. Emma (guest) was also pushed down to the floor many times and also couldn’t get up. The spirit that were responsible for this were two prisoner spirits by the name of Justin and Biffa who are also spirit which I have often met in this part of the fort. Capt Daniel also made an appearance but generally let the other two spirit do all of the work.

Towards the end of the session we all heard some unusual noises, like someone shuffling in one of the other rooms, since we were the only people here I have no explanation for the noises but we also were laughing quite a lot and probably didn’t hear all the noise that may have been associated with this anomaly.

The third group to the counterscarp gallery did not experience the same level of activity as the first two groups, however the majority of the guests did feel some gentle arm movement, especially Kelly (guest) who did not want to be moved or touched, but when it happened to both her hands she found it interesting and not as scary as she first thought.

Some people were also very gently pushed and pulled backwards, just to give them a physical experience but it was not of the same level as before. This was because Capt Daniel was the only spirit present and the group was a lot more reserved and less vocal than the other groups.

All in all this was a very enjoyable ghost hunt for everyone and many of the guests had a very physical ghost hunt, some had an exceptional time and were moved in ways they never thought possible.

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Rye Castle (Ypres Tower) ghost hunt – 28-9-2013

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Rye Castle private ghost hunt 28th September 2013
Rye, East Sussex

We as a team were heading back to Rye with a sense of uneasiness because the first event that we held here this year was an action packed amazing experience for everyone who was present, then we returned a month after that and whilst the level of activity was still interesting it was nothing like the first event. So we were a little cautious in getting our hopes up. However since this was a private event, the majority of the people have been on a ghost hunt before we didn’t have to show the guests what to do, they knew. This however didn’t prepare anyone for what happened.

Whilst half of the guests headed into the Women’s Tower with Carl, I stayed in the Keep with the other half.

During my explanation of the room, as there are two cells in two corners and a balcony which overlooks the courtyard I was standing on the balcony explaining to the guests the metal prongs which stopped anyone from climbing the walls. I was using my torch to show some of the guests where they were and undoubtedly shone my torch into the women’s tower skylight. However Carl came out of the tower as they had seen a light above them (which was my torch) but they had also saw a light shine up the staircase, which could not have been me because the entrance to the staircase is 90 degrees from where I was standing.

Back inside the keep we were joined by a spirit called Tommy or Thomas, quite recently a spirit from 1988 aged in his 50s and quite broad shouldered and well built.

Whilst using KII (EMF meters) and our electronic communicator meters we all noticed a strange “ball” of energy in the room, it seemed to start about 2 feet off the floor and extend to about 7 feet above the floor and was approximately 8 feet in diameter that suddenly “arrived” at the same time as Tommy. It was also centred in the room right over some of the display cases, which although had an electrical supply, these were all turned off as I checked to make sure. There was no obvious explanation as to why this ball should be there as we have never had something like this happen before and as quickly as it arrived it disappeared. It was only after talking to Ted (the Museum guide) later in the evening that he suggested the tie ring. The tie ring was in the centre of the room and prisoners were tied to this ring when there was no room in a cell.

Tommy though was able to say several words on a spirit box (a device that scans the FM radio bands at 100ms in reverse) including “Tom” and answered some questions posed by the guests.

After a short break I demonstrated what I had done in the first group with regard to the torch as those in the Women’s Tower were a little confused how my torch managed to shine up the staircase and no matter what I pointed the torch towards the light never shone up the staircase, which sort of proves that it wasn’t me. Although no-one had any idea what they saw the first time as my torch looked completely different apparently and according to those who saw it my torch wasn’t that bright either.

The second group to the Keep we still had Thomas present and once I started a séance circle he was able to move people’s arms very easily. He also pulled Darren (guest) downwards and backwards so that he was resting on the table behind him in an awkward manner. Tom also pulled Mark, Darren, Esther and me to the floor by our arms, then without any warning pulled Jo down as well. Once we were on the floor we were all still being moved and twisted although Darren remained in an awkward position much to his delight [sic].

Eventually we were allowed to stand back upright and more or less as soon as we got to our feet, Esther and Jo were both moved in a swaying circular motion. Others of the group had our heads pushed down by other people’s hands and arms and Darren had his head and ear “stroked”. My hands were pulled in opposite directions which was quite painful and also pulled behind other people’s backs. Whilst this was amusing for us it was also fun for the spirit energy as he smiled throughout the session obviously enjoying what he could do with us.

After another break I headed with a group to the Women’s Tower as I wanted to see if the same sensations and noises that I had heard on previous ghost hunts happened again.

On the top floor everyone felt the same swaying and pushing sensation. No matter where anyone stood, everyone felt the same sensation and that was being pushed or pulled towards the corner of the room by the only window. This is exactly what happened when we first visited earlier in the year, which was just after the tower had undergone some building work. Whilst we were here we all heard a familiar noise, footsteps. However like the previous time I visited this tower the footsteps sounded like someone walking on a wooden floor and since the tower is detached from anything else this sound still remains a mystery.

Darren felt a female energy at the bottom of the stairs was too afraid to enter the building, so we went downstairs to see if this would make any difference.

Since we were all in the small downstairs room no-one was expecting to hear the sound of a person walking on gravel (which is what is in the garden, the previous exercise yard) but that is exactly what we heard, someone approaching, but no-one did. Then we all heard a stone thrown into the Women’s Tower which landed a few steps in. We checked but no-one was outside nor on the balcony to the keep. Immediately after the stone being thrown we all heard the sound of water being poured from a jug as we heard a “glug glug” sound plus several bangs. Darren and Mark went to investigate upstairs as they thought that the noise came from upstairs, however they didn’t stay long because they kept hearing footsteps and other noises that we didn’t hear nor make because we were standing still.

As soon as they came back down to join the rest of us both Carl & Ted thought they heard the footsteps on gravel sound. Although most of us thought it sounded like it was raining, however when going outside it wasn’t raining or windy.

Back in the keep once again lots of KII spikes seen on our meters plus lots of electronic communication.

There was a soldier present in the room, but not a uniform that I have ever seen before. He was wearing a bright red jacket with a white belt (similar to a Boer war soldier) and a black fez style cap. It is the cap that puzzles me because it didn’t look like it belonged to the rest of the uniform.

We recorded a spirit box session and EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voices) but on analysis nothing tangible could be heard.

This was a great ghost hunt with lots of strange and paranormal occurrences for the guests and it also had a familiar feel for us, because we have investigated here five times previously and every time we have similar activity, not necessarily the same activity from the previous time but something that has occurred on a previous visit happens in a similar way or the experiences of the guests happens again. We cannot wait to investigate here again in 2014.

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 27-09-2013

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 27th September 2013
Rochester, Kent

We have visited Fort Borstal enough times now to know what to expect or which spirits may visit us especially because I have seen the same spirit energies time after time. However we cannot predict what will happen because that is the nature of what we do. I am also surprised what the spirit energies are capable of, especially to certain people. This was one of those nights where the spirit energies were predictable, but what they did to the guests wasn’t. It was different to say the least!

As usual I chose the double counterscarp gallery as my area for the night, I choose this area because the level of spiritual activity is much higher within this area, I attribute this to the men that spent many hours toiling here, either building the place or when stationed here.

The first group of guests into the space I made my way to the end room, this seems to be more active than any other room, and unsurprisingly it is also the smallest room.

We were joined by Captain Daniel Bedford, a spirit that I have often encountered here. I asked as I usually do for the spirit to lift the arms of the guests, which Captain Daniel set about achieving. Those that didn’t feel their arms being lifted felt the alternative, pushing and swaying.

Once Captain Daniel mastered the art of lifting people’s arms and pushing the forwards and backwards and generally rocking them he then proceeded to drag people to the floor by their arms, this is not surprising as this happens very frequently by this spirit in this room. However what I wasn’t expecting is what happened after this. People were being dragged against their will out of the room, fighting the movement didn’t work as there seemed to be two choices, either fall on the floor or be pulled out of the room. Those on the floor had no choice but to move where the rest of the guests were moving.

I brought this séance circle to a quicker close than I would normally because the movements were very forceful and apart from the guests there was no other team member of mine present and hence no light in the room. The reason for this forceful movement wasn’t immediately apparent, it was only when I faced the other room that I could see another male spirit, someone who I had not seen here before and he didn’t look very happy.

The guests then wandered throughout the counterscarp galleries with some of our ghost hunting equipment as this was safer than staying in the room with an unhappy spirit.

Strange noises were heard throughout our time in the counterscarp galleries, although there was no obvious explanation for any of them.

The second group to the counterscarp galleries were very apprehensive walking through the tunnels and I led them to the same room that we had recently been forced out of. For two reasons, one to see if it would happen again and two, to find out which spirit was responsible.

Immediately Captain Daniel made himself known to me as did another familiar male spirit; Biffa or Bernard to his mum. Biffa was a prisoner who was forced to work on the fort and I have the distinct impression that this part of the fort was built by him.

I started a séance circle and once again asked for the spirit to move people’s arms. This eventually affected everyone in the room although it took a lot longer for the spirit to achieve this. After the spirits had lifted the majority of people’s arm they both then started to push people and once again push or pull them down to the floor by their arms. It didn’t seem to matter what anyone said either in their heads or out loud the spirits ignored everyone’s wish and pulled then down towards the floor. Those who were not dragged down onto the floor were being manipulated in other ways and were being moved, twisted and swayed much to the guests’ amazement. Some people were pushed and twisted so that they were facing the wrong way in the group. They were looking out whilst everyone else was looking in. This proved to be very amusing, both for the guest and the spirits who obviously enjoyed manipulating people in this way.

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it the sensation that the first group felt of being dragged out of the room against their will didn’t happen to the second group, instead we were all pushed, twisted and generally moved in gentle but purposeful ways.

After our controlled sessions guests were allowed to roam freely around the Fort with our ghost hunting equipment, I joined various groups of people in all areas of the fort and helped them to ascertain what spirit was with them and I was able to tell them details about the spirit.

Once again an enjoyable ghost hunt where everyone had some form of a paranormal encounter, some of the paranormal experiences were memorable, but probably for the wrong reasons, like being dragged against your will, but that is the nature of what we do, it is unpredictable.

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt 21-9-2013

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 21st September 2013
Chatham, Kent

As ever the team always like returning to Fort Horsted as we always have interesting nights, sometimes though the ghost hunt is exceptional, this was one of those nights!

After separating the group into teams of three we set off to our nominated areas, I usually choose one of two areas, but for this event I had chosen I room that I first had a great experience, as did the guests that were with me.

The room was one of the old magazine rooms and the farthest walk from the rest of the groups so we could be fairly sure that there would be no noise pollution.

We were joined by Geoffrey, a lieutenant in the Army from the Second World War, he was aged in his late-20s or early 30s and came from Lincolnshire. Also present was another Second World War soldier called Paul who was a quieter or shy spirit. Both of them seem to have a funny side to their nature.

On asking these spirits to touch or move people slowly some people’s arms started to move and quite quickly various people’s arms started to stroke the arms of other people in the séance circle as well as pushing people’s chins up (as if to say stand up straight). Some guests arms were pulled to the floor and hands dragged on the floor.

One of the spirits kept calling one of the guests “Teddy Bear” which at first I ignored but after a while realised there must be a reason for this and told the male guest what the spirit was telling him. He was a little surprised because there was a family link with the phrase Teddy Bear.

I moved around the circle as some people on the opposite side of the circle to me were not feeling any movement. Once I had moved various people on this side of the circle started to feel their arms move and on command and once again there was some gentle pushing and pulling back felt by the guests. Some people were also dragged to the floor by their arms and had their hands dragged on the floor. Those that didn’t get dragged to the floor had felt the spirit energies gently rock them, either forwards and backwards or side to side.

During this séance we all heard footsteps further down the corridor, usually this sounds like someone approaching which is exactly what we heard but as ever no-one arrives. There were also sounds of chatter or mumbling but because of the acoustics of the room it is very hard to know which direction the sounds are coming from.

At the end of the session I held an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. During the recording we all heard a strange whistle after one person spoke, although nothing was recorded. There were several ghost voices on the recording but unfortunately many of them were either too quiet or tainted with some other noise (either someone speaking or moving their feet). There were however two clear EVPs which can be heard at:-

The second group to this area (of which some have been to this Fort before and other had been on other ghost hunts of ours) knew exactly what to do during the séance. The two spirits from the first session were still present and almost immediately after I asked for the guests arms to be moved, the spirits complied and moved lots of people arms and pushing them into uncomfortable positions. One guest (Darren) wanted to see how far the spirits could push him and it was no surprise to me, but he ended up on his back on the floor!

We were also joined by a different spirit; a Colour Sergeant or Sergeant Major (the terminology depends on the division), this particular spirit was a very strict man although he was able to move people with greater force and stood behind one particular guest (Mark), the reason for this was apparent afterwards. Mark could feel a strange coldness behind him and Jo (who was next to Mark) also felt a sharp stabbing pain in her back, she said like a needle was pressed into her back. Another guest was afraid to look at the only doorway into the room, but this is a normal experience and exactly why I chose this room because that is what has happened to the majority of the guests that come to this Fort.

The Colour Sergeant wouldn’t tell me his name, but he had the demeanour of a man that if he asked you to jump, you would say, how high? He was 6 foot tall, quite strong looking build and quite muscular, he wore a moustache and had long sideburns that were down to his chin. He also wore the usual green fatigues and a cap with a red stripe. He also held a knotted/rope thing which at the time I didn’t know what it was, but have since found out this was called a swagger stick.

The Colour Sergeant stood directly behind Mark and he commented that he felt a thumb pushed into his back. (After we finished the session Mark told me that his father would do exactly the same thing when he was younger).

When asking for any of the spirits to make a noise, everyone heard the sound of a footstep, which Darren and I heard a noise that came from directly between us and since we were both looking at the floor, we each knew that neither of us moved.

Some other guests heard breathing noises behind them which became very unnerving.

At the end of this session I held another EVP experiment and since the majority of this group had been on a ghost hunt, they knew to be quiet. There were lots of spirit voices after the questions asked but unfortunately not all of them we could understand but out of 8 people there were 4 clear responses which can be heard at:-

The third and final group session in this same room the spirit energy of the Colour Sergeant and Geoffrey joined us and once again asking for the spirit to move arms of the guests resulted in some gentle but purposeful movements, most of the time on command i.e. when people asked for their arms to be moved (in their heads) their arms moved, obviously there is no way the person who was holding their hand knew that one of them had asked and was surprised when both their arms moved.

There was also some gentle pushing and swaying which some of the guests found unnerving but I find it is an excellent way to prove that people are not doing it themselves because it is very difficult to sway backwards because if you were doing it yourself you would not be able to see or know what you would fall into.

There was also some rubbing of people arms and shoulders with other people’s hands and once again some people were pulled by their hands to the floor, many of which didn’t want to touch the floor but no matter what they said (the guests) they ended up with their hands on the floor.

This was the only session of mine which was filmed (see the link below) and whilst Jason (GHE team Cameraman) was standing in the doorway to the tunnel he could feel a spirit near to him, this was a female energy, a nurse called Annie which I have seen at this Fort before. There was also another soldier from the Second World War; Alfred standing behind Jason and he commented several times that he could hear whispering and movement behind him.

After our controlled sessions we allow (as always) the guests to venture off to any area of the Fort under our guidance so that they can hold their own vigil or ghost hunt and use our ghost hunting equipment.

I joined a group in an area known as casement 10 and there was a male spirit in his mid-50s wandering about the rooms, he is a maintenance man and I have seen him before in this area. Whilst nothing exciting happened, some noises we heard and the guests that were here felt uncomfortable because it felt like someone was watching them. Other groups that used this casement in earlier groups reported the same thing.

Several guests went to the most interesting part of the Fort; The Counterscarp Galleries and held a séance where two people were pushed to floor in a strange way.

This session was filmed and can be watched at: –

The full event video can be watched at: –

This was a very active ghost hunt with all groups getting some excellent paranormal activity.

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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 14-9-2013

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

The Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 14th September 2013
Colchester, Essex

This was our 4th visit to The Red Lion Hotel of 2013 and since we always enjoy the experience because the level of activity at the hotel always changes but there are always some common paranormal occurrences that the guests experience.

Both my sessions were in the cellar because it is here that the guests often experience the true capability of spirit energies and the level of activity is always better than the rest of the hotel, mainly because the cellar hasn’t changed for many years.

The first group to the cellar we were joined by a male energy called Colin Warden, aged in his mid-30s and passed away in 1984 in Colchester after being involved in a road traffic accident.

First of all Colin started to sway people especially Jade (guest) as he was also carrying out my instruction to move people’s arms. Many guests felt their arms move, often in strange and uncomfortable positions and mostly these movements were on command as I asked the guests to ask in their heads the direction that they wanted their arms to be moved. Colin obliged although he also did his own thing once he figured out how to move people.

During this séance lots of strange noises were heard, many of them coming from behind the walls away from the outside noise of vehicles. Shareena (guest) thought she was looking towards a window as she commented that she had just seen an outline of a person walk past the “window”, but I pointed out that there was no window and when the session finished and the lights came on Shareena was really surprised that there wasn’t anything that even looked like a window.

Many guests during the séance felt hot and some felt cold but his changed rapidly as Colin made his way around the circle and several people reported that they felt as if they were being watched which made them feel uncomfortable.

Towards the end of the session I became aware that there was another spirit with his, he was called Gordon and he is also a spirit that I have seen before at the Red Lion, although on this occasion he didn’t interact with the guests.

One of the guests also felt there was a girl aged about 7 years old called Emily with us, but I couldn’t confirm this as I didn’t see any child spirit.

The second group to the cellar we had much the same arm movement activity at first. But this time the spirit (Colin) couldn’t move around the circle as the energy wasn’t good enough (the guests weren’t encouraging him), therefore I had to move around the circle for those opposite me to sense and feel the spirit energy.

David (guest) who I stood beside felt lots of movement and as the spirit (Colin) moved him forwards and backwards and then proceeded to pull him by his arms down towards the floor. No matter what either of us said which at that point was “up” Colin dragged us down.

Once the spirit had moved or touched the majority of people very little else happened because the guests were not encouraging Colin to do anything, just standing in silence. I therefore finished the séance and we finished the session.

After our controlled sessions I joined a group of people in the outer cellar area for a Ouija board session. The spirit spelt his name as Puw and was able to answer all the questions posed by the guests. We also tried using a glass since Puw didn’t want to answer too many questions and the guests were really impressed that the glass ran around the rim of the table at great speed and was able to stop and move in the opposite direction when asked.

Various noises were also heard during this session that were not related to us or outside as it sounded like someone rearranging baubles on a Christmas tree.

I also joined some guests in room 7 where we heard some names on the spirit box (a device that scans the FM radio frequencies at 100ms in reverse) but unfortunately they were not the names of the people present.

In a short session in the Parliament Restaurant any guest that stood in a particular part of the room felt the same sensations. The sensation of being dragged backwards through the wall.

This was an enjoyable ghost hunt for some people, although it could have been better across all groups if those present actively encouraged the spirit energies to do something. Standing or sitting in silence is never going to encourage anyone to do anything. Our events are participation events, where everyone has to want to participate and to encourage the spirit to do something.

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 31-8-2013

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 31st August 2013
Rochester. Kent

Fort Borstal is a favourite location of so many of the GHE team and since every time we return to this venue similar yet different paranormal elements occur. We never really know what to expect!

On this particular evening we only split the group into two smaller groups, normally we would split the whole group into three but many of the GHE team were away on holiday. Which left the guests more free time to explore the Fort after our controlled sessions.

As ever, I chose the counterscarp galleries for my sessions, not least because similar paranormal activity happens within this tunnel complex and it is also the one area of the fort where no outside noise can infiltrate. It is also one of the most interesting areas of the fort.

The first group to this area the group apprehensively wandered down the long tunnel to the end rooms. We started a séance circle and after explaining what may happen (based on what has happened on previous ghost hunt) one male spirit energy approached the group. This particular spirit I have seen and felt many times at the Fort, so have other guests.

His name is Captain Daniel Bedford and he would have been quite a strict person, but he is able to easily touch and move people. After asking for him to gentle touch and move people in some way, the guest to my right felt her arms starting to lift and at the time she wondered whether it was me moving her arms. I then was able to prove beyond any doubt that it was in fact Captain Daniel who was moving our arms. The guest in question then became silent and was testing both me & Captain Daniel and asked for her arms to be moved in various ways, all in her head so that I could not hear what she asked for.

I asked Daniel to move around the circle and do this to other people, but unfortunately he was unable to do this unless I moved around the circle, which I did twice so that others could feel this strange sensation. After several guests felt their arms moving and asking for their arms to be moved in a particular way by Daniel we ended the séance and the guests started to wander throughout the counterscarp gallery with some of our electronic ghost hunting equipment. Many guests were able to have meaningful answers to their question via this equipment and those that held our KII (EMF) meters noticed a correlation between the high levels shown on the meters and the amount of communication that followed.

The second group to the counterscarp galleries were not as nervous as the first group, probably because they had just encountered spirit in another part of the Fort and had become accustomed to the dark and not quite so scared of the dark.

Captain Daniel was still present and he was able to do much the same to many of the guest’s arms, but this time I did not have to move around the circle, he was able to move people of his own free will. Daniel was also able to do more with this group of people and instead of just lifting and manipulating people’s arms he was able to push some people forwards and rock them backwards as well. Some guests were also swayed and gently rocked from side to side.

After we finished the séance, once again the guests wandered around the counterscarp galleries with our ghost hunting equipment and many guests had their questions answered by Capt. Daniel.

After the controlled sessions we always allow the guests to wander around this Fort freely to visit other areas of the Fort that we didn’t investigate during the ghost hunt. I joined two guests who were hopeful that they would both have some interesting evidence. For this part of the night I escorted them to an area which we don’t often use as part of the ghost hunt because it is extremely dangerous to get to and is a very small area; The World War Two command post.

Here there was a spirit called Timothy who tried to touch both guests and move them but it took a long time before they felt his energy.

Whilst here I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. Out of the six questions there were four answers, but unfortunately two of those we couldn’t decipher or understand what Timothy had said. The other two can be heard at:-

Once again an interesting ghost hunt and one which many guests were able to experience first-hand physical paranormal activity.

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