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Marwell Hall – 11th April 2015 (Wayne)

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Marwell Hall ghost hunt 11th April 2015
Winchester, Hampshire

Seymour Room

Equipment used :- Ghost Pros, K2 Meters, Mel meter, Laser Grid, Full Spectrum Video and Still Cameras, SB7 Spirit Box and Digital Voice Recorders in all sessions.

Session 1

As always ghost pros and K2 meters were given to the guests to see if any communication could be established with spirit, almost immediately the ghost pros were lighting to indicate spirit presence.
2 female guests were talking to a female spirit that claimed to be Jane Seymour and another that said she was the spirit of the bride who became trapped in a chest and was not found until many years later.
We started a spirit box session and noticed a female scream lasting about 3 seconds over multiple sweeps, this was also heard by a male guest. Were these screams of the trapped bride?

Session 2

This next session became much more active with guests interacting with spirit and asking plenty of questions through the ghost pros.
We had male and female spirits present. A female guest managed to communicate with the bride on several occasions and also a male spirit that worked at the hall who died in the 1880s.
Another female guest using a ghost pro was speaking to a chamber maid in her 20s from the 1800s and an older chamber maid in her 50s from the 1700s.
We held EVP and Spirit box sessions but no voices were captured.

Session 3

Activity started before the guests came into the area, as just outside the doorway our next group could already sense spirit. A couple of the guests were being prodded by “unseen hands” and when they questioned Steve (GHE team) he told them that there had been the spirit of the “house master ” standing in that spot all evening and he keeps prodding people. All of the group where taking photos in and around the area before we went into the Seymour Room where the guests carried on taking photos as they were capturing many unexplained lights, orbs and the odd mist here and there. Ghost pros and K2s were being used by the guests that weren’t taking photos but they were having photos taken of them while they were trying to communicate.
Michaela captured 2 very bright anomalies located against the ornate woodwork which actually looked like light bulbs but clearly were not.
Free time

We (Wayne and Paula) joined with Louise (GHE team)  and the female guest and her boyfriend from Session 2 and went for a snoop around the building and eventually made our way to the room upstairs that Steve was using for all of his séance sessions, where we met Kerry (GHE team) and some of the other guests. We started to call out for spirit to copy our tapping and whistling but all was very quiet. After chatting about table tipping the huge table at Fort Amherst we decided to try table tipping with a large table that was in the room. The room is carpeted and the table has metal feet and was very heavy but we all gathered (probably about 8 of us) round the table and began to put our energy in to trying to get a spirit to move the table, which it did faster and faster the table then moved bit by bit across the room until it came to a standstill, then with no warning slid by itself in one smooth movement, amazing everyone, quickly back towards Kerry and Paula for about 12 inches.

Wayne & Paula
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Marwell Hall – 11th April 2015 (Kerry)

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

Marwell Hall ghost hunt 11th April 2015
Winchester, Hampshire

Equipment: Ouija board / Table tilting

Session 1 – Group B

My first group preferred to do glass work rather than Ouija. A spirit came through straight away, and after establishing our yes and no directions, found out we had a female spirit present. We asked her to move the glass the number of times for her age and this showed her to be 23 years old. She went on to tell us that she worked at the Hall as a lady-in-waiting, wasn’t married and had no children. We asked her to show us where she was standing by moving the glass in that direction, and she was standing behind the guest seated to my right.
After a while we moved to the other table to try some table tilting, and there was slight rocking initially but it was very difficult to get spirit to move the table much more than that. Although eventually the table did tilt up on two legs and held this position for a while. I kept encouraging spirit to try to spin the table and after a while the table did half a rotation, then stopped and there was no more movement after that.

Session 2 – Group C

A spirit came through on the Ouija by the name of Elizabeth who was 25 years old. She died in 1634 and said she had a daughter called Eleanor and they used to live in the building. Elizabeth also told us that she was burned in a fire, although this wasn’t how she died. This we were unable to establish. We then had another female spirit come through and start moving the glass. We were unable to get a name as she just kept moving the glass to random letters which didn’t make sense, although she told us she was 39 years old and died in 1950.
We experienced some very good table tilting in this session, with the table spinning and walking across the room. There were also taps heard on the table. At one point spirit walked the table right over to the door and started banging against it as if wanting to go out into the corridor. Louise saw the figure of a man standing by the other door.

Session 3 – Group A

The glass took a while to move but we started communicating with a 9-year-old girl by the name of Kirsty. She said she died in an accident involving a horse and carriage in 1864. We didn’t get any more information from her, and after a while a male spirit called Frederick came through. He was 27 years old and died in the 1750’s.
When it came to the table tilting, four people at a time went on the table as this was quite a large group. One group did not experience very much movement with the table, with just gentle rocking. The other group got lots of movement with the table spinning and walking around the room.

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Marwell Hall ghost hunt – 11th April 2015

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

Marwell Hall ghost hunt 11th April 2015
Winchester, Hampshire

This was our third visit to Marwell Hall and we were hopeful that it would be as active and interesting as our previous visits, as there are certain rooms which similar activity occurs every time we visit.

As always I chose the room upstairs to hold my séances, this is the room the staff don’t like, things happen in this room, it is also the room that the window bar moved on our previous visit.

In this room there were a couple of spirits; the first one I saw was a Footman he was about 5’11” and quite portly for his height, wearing faded navy trousers with leather boots and a dark Navy jacket, he was dressed similarly to the old Royal Mail uniforms. His name was Andrew although he wasn’t a talkative person he was able to move people.

The first group there was some arm movement although by comparison to other groups this was very minor because no-one (apart from me) encouraged the spirit to do anything.

The second group Andrew was able to lift everyone’s arms and twist people’s arm in the centre of the circle. He was also able to push and rock people and in some cases pull the people down to the floor by their arms. Many of the guests felt the pressure that he was able to assert on to their shoulders to force people to move. This pressure was forceful but not malicious in nature. He was also able to pull people backwards, usually quickly and surprisingly which the guests found fun and interesting because it happened so quickly and without warning. The majority of the movements were asked for and the spirit obliged with the requests.

After we finished with the séance as this room became very hot we sat around the table and asked for spirit to make some noises or repeat our knocks on the table. Many times we heard knocks and taps that sounded like they were made from underneath the table (all our hands were flat on top). Many times when everyone heard the knocks from spirit everyone pointed to a different part of the room or the table.

Whilst we were sitting around the table there was a female spirit who seemed to affect one end of the room. She was Victorian in dress but did not give me her name, in fact she didn’t really talk to me, and she just paced around the other end of the room. I stated at the time this was probably because all the men were sitting at the same end and she was affecting the women of the group. Several people felt a coldness like someone breathing on them, however this moved around the table and one person felt a brush across her face whilst another felt a physical touch, a finger or hand poke in the back, which surprised her!

The third group to this room, Andrew made himself know and moved just about everyone’s arms, he also was more able (or willing) to move people. He pushed one person down to the floor in a very embarrassing manner and lifted another person’s left leg a few inches off the floor much to her amazement and surprise. Whilst this was going on other people had their arms raised above their heads and arms and faces stroked, sometimes this was asked for other times not.

Once again after finishing the séance we sat around the table in the hope that we would hear more noises, but alas we didn’t. However the female spirit came through again and affected the same end of the room, with various people feeling cold spots and they too said that it felt like someone breathing a coldness onto them.

After all groups had spent time with all the team members doing different activities in different rooms. We then (as we always do) allow the guests to investigate on their own in any of the areas that they have been and the guests may borrow our ghost hunting equipment and Ouija boards. Many guests had great paranormal experiences on their own or in small groups. One group used our writing planchette and had various letters and names written as well as objects that they asked to be drawn.

Another group upstairs the room that I held the séances managed eventually to get a long table to be moved by spirit.

This was another excellent ghost hunt and we are looking forward to our second visit later in the year.

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Deal Rifle club ghost hunt – 27-8-2011

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Deal Rifle Club ghost hunt – 27-8-2011
When I was approached by a member of this club to “have a look” I wasn’t expecting much, because of the nature of the place (they shoot guns) I wasn’t expecting spirit to be very active. I was wrong, this is an active place and we certainly were not disappointed throughout the investigation.
This venue is probably the smallest I have ever investigated, basically there are two rooms. The club room for teas and coffees and the shooting lanes. The rifle range room is 25 yards long, so there was space. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I certainly did not expect to have the activity that occurred.
We started with a séance in the rifle range, I became aware of a young male energy who was dressed as a WWII soldier although his uniform looked different from UK soldiers and when he gave me his name it became apparent that his was Swedish, unfortunately I cannot remember who to spell his name it was quite long and unpronounceable in English. The soldier was about 5’6” in height and he started moving the hands of Justine, me and Christine. At the same time Andy was also being moved gently.
Lynn picked up on another male energy, he was in his early 60s and I could see him dressed in a plain blue boiler suit, Lynn got the name Bert. Bert started by gently moving the arms of John & Lynn. Whilst this was happening Justine and myself heard what sounded like footsteps, at one point we heard a metal clank and then about 7-10 footsteps. Everyone heard this and John asked whether we had shut the outside door, because it sounded like someone had entered the building and walked down the passageway. (Which was adjacent to the room we occupied)
We asked if it were Bert who was making the noise (1 tap for no, 2 taps for yes) and we all heard two taps. Lynn asked many more times for Bert to tap, which he did, some were more audible than others, but generally everyone heard those taps. During this I (and others) heard metal sounding taps coming from the far end of the room. The pellet collectors and baffles were metal, however we could not establish what was making these noises at the time because of the noises which were coming from the wall that separates the corridor and the rifle range.
Whilst all this was going on some of the guests were more vocal than others and I had noticed that Marc who would usually have said something, especially about the noises, remained very silent. After asking him if he was OK for about the third time and having no response I decided that he may have been in trouble, so I proceeded to stand behind him holding the arms of the people who were next to him, thus placing him effectively in the middle of the circle. Marc then immediately stated that he was OK. However afterwards he explained to me that although he was aware of what was going on he could not respond at the time, he also felt that his chest was tightening from the back and his legs had just locked up. Below is how Marc described the feeling in his own words.
“I felt as if the whole of my back, shoulders, neck, head and legs were being “forcibly pressured” horizontally and downwards from my shoulders, whilst experiencing a strange tingling sensation’ likened only to a mass pins and needles effect, in all of the aforementioned areas, almost rendering me paralysed! I felt cold and squeezed and experienced the sensation of a difficulty in breathing. At the point I realised you were standing behind me, forcibly parting my hands from those of my neighbours in the closed circle,I began to recover my senses and total awareness of my surroundings. I felt the presence of a female, nothing malevolent or oppressive, who sought merely to experience the sensations of my physical being. I have encountered this once before but with slightly different results and it was a male entity on that occasion. I have suffered no after effects whatsoever.”
Many guests experienced cold spots, the room was effectively sealed against drafts. It was the amount and volume of the tapping however that made all of us generally speechless, because at first these sounded distant, no-one could be sure which direction they were coming from. But as the taps became louder they seem to originate from the separating wall.
I asked Bert (the spirit) to tap twice in quick succession and then we would leave him alone and take a break. Almost instantly we all heard two very loud taps.


After a coffee break, we all assembled back in the rifle range, although I wasn’t expecting spirit to top the experience, but nevertheless we tried various experiments. I had set up my laser grid, in the hope that if spirit could walk in the room the laser light would be affected and I had placed my two EMF (Electromagnetic Force) Metres at the lower end of the room. Marc also had his EMF closer to the shooting area. Just after setting up the laser grid the laser seemed to twinkle, it isn’t supposed to do this, although looking at a laser is not a good idea, but it seemed as if the laser light was fluctuating, which it shouldn’t because the batteries were new and no one was holding the device.
A female energy had joined the group and the group were generally asking questions and getting some responses, but nothing like what happened in the first session. However Marc threw some of his flashing LED balls in the hope that spirit would throw them back. But as Marc and I became aware that where the pellet collectors were situated was generally where we were hearing some odd tapping sounds. When Marc and I were standing close to the baffles we both heard many taps, although later Sean came down to the same area and he noted that it sounded like the plastic lights. I however still believe that some of the noises were the lights but some were definitely metallic in nature. Since Sean was filming and I was recording with my audio recorder I am hoping that I can isolate and compare the two noises to see if the early sounds were those of the lights or metal. What I don’t really understand is why the lights would be making a noise (like cooling down) because they were not turned on all evening.
Marc recorded that there was quite a large temperature difference between the two ends of the room. Where we were hearing noises was 16 degrees Celsius and a few minutes prior to this activity the temperature was 19.3 degrees Celsius. There was no obvious reason for this sudden drop in temperature.
After this some people tried using a Ouija board with some mixed results and I was using a writing planchette. We had a female energy come through who couldn’t spell or write, but she could draw, through some careful question asking I managed to ascertain that she passed in 1749 and was killed at 37 years old due to her own brother, she was married with children. She was able to draw squares, circles and basic shapes and when each one of us on the board imagined or drew a shape that the others could not see the spirit responded by repeating the shape on the paper.
All in all this was a surprisingly good ghost hunt with hopefully some useful evidence captured (the camera footage & EVP recordings have not yet been fully analysed). But one which would be good to repeat just to see if the tapping sounds occurred again.
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