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Marwell Hall – 11th April 2015 (Wayne)

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Marwell Hall ghost hunt 11th April 2015
Winchester, Hampshire

Seymour Room

Equipment used :- Ghost Pros, K2 Meters, Mel meter, Laser Grid, Full Spectrum Video and Still Cameras, SB7 Spirit Box and Digital Voice Recorders in all sessions.

Session 1

As always ghost pros and K2 meters were given to the guests to see if any communication could be established with spirit, almost immediately the ghost pros were lighting to indicate spirit presence.
2 female guests were talking to a female spirit that claimed to be Jane Seymour and another that said she was the spirit of the bride who became trapped in a chest and was not found until many years later.
We started a spirit box session and noticed a female scream lasting about 3 seconds over multiple sweeps, this was also heard by a male guest. Were these screams of the trapped bride?

Session 2

This next session became much more active with guests interacting with spirit and asking plenty of questions through the ghost pros.
We had male and female spirits present. A female guest managed to communicate with the bride on several occasions and also a male spirit that worked at the hall who died in the 1880s.
Another female guest using a ghost pro was speaking to a chamber maid in her 20s from the 1800s and an older chamber maid in her 50s from the 1700s.
We held EVP and Spirit box sessions but no voices were captured.

Session 3

Activity started before the guests came into the area, as just outside the doorway our next group could already sense spirit. A couple of the guests were being prodded by “unseen hands” and when they questioned Steve (GHE team) he told them that there had been the spirit of the “house master ” standing in that spot all evening and he keeps prodding people. All of the group where taking photos in and around the area before we went into the Seymour Room where the guests carried on taking photos as they were capturing many unexplained lights, orbs and the odd mist here and there. Ghost pros and K2s were being used by the guests that weren’t taking photos but they were having photos taken of them while they were trying to communicate.
Michaela captured 2 very bright anomalies located against the ornate woodwork which actually looked like light bulbs but clearly were not.
Free time

We (Wayne and Paula) joined with Louise (GHE team)  and the female guest and her boyfriend from Session 2 and went for a snoop around the building and eventually made our way to the room upstairs that Steve was using for all of his séance sessions, where we met Kerry (GHE team) and some of the other guests. We started to call out for spirit to copy our tapping and whistling but all was very quiet. After chatting about table tipping the huge table at Fort Amherst we decided to try table tipping with a large table that was in the room. The room is carpeted and the table has metal feet and was very heavy but we all gathered (probably about 8 of us) round the table and began to put our energy in to trying to get a spirit to move the table, which it did faster and faster the table then moved bit by bit across the room until it came to a standstill, then with no warning slid by itself in one smooth movement, amazing everyone, quickly back towards Kerry and Paula for about 12 inches.

Wayne & Paula
Paranormal Investigators
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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 7th March 2015 (Kym)

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 7th March 2015
Colchester, Essex

Area: Room’s 9 + 10
Equipment: Scrying, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Glass Work

Group B – Started in room 9 by showing the guests how to use the dowsing rods & pendulums, and all were amazed by the movement they received.  Most had a male spirit with them.  Louise (guest) had the name Simon.  Asking the rods confirmed yes that was his name.  We tried some scrying but wasn’t able to see much change.  We then went to room 10 to try some glasswork and after while we did get some movement on the glass.  One guest Shane stopped touching the glass and started asking spirit questions in his head, and was amazed that the glass started moving much faster, and moving to where he was asking.  The spirit was a boy aged 12 called Simon.  He drew the letter S for his first initial.  He was with his mum, but not his dad.  His dad wasn’t very nice.  They had both been killed by the dad.  They had lived here at the hotel.

Group A – With the next group we again started in room 9 with the rods & pendulums and had lots of movement.  We tried some scrying but couldn’t see any changes.  We moved to room 10.  Whilst some guests were trying some glass work, others were taking it in turns to stand in the short corridor joining the two rooms.  Taps were being heard in the door to room 9 but no-one was in there.  We did get some glass movement when our time was up, stayed for a short while longer and the glass was moving around the table rapidly.

Area: Restaurant
Equipment: Ouija, Table Tipping, Writing Planchette

Group B – This group decided not to stay so I joined Steve in room 10 for the Tech Session.  We were initially using Ghost Pro’s & Mel Meter.  Also our newest member of the team, Tarquin the Boo Buddy Bear was with us.  It was noted when the bear said it was getting warm in here, the temperature on the Mel meter increased, but not by significant amounts i.e.. 73.4 to 73.9.  We then turned on the Ovilus and was receiving words that did seem to match the bear i.e.. Play time and the word “play” being shown.  We turned on the Spirit Box but had no words at all.  Throughout the ghost pro’s were lighting up and guests were asking various questions.  Some guests in room 9 came through asking if we had whistled, as they had been hearing whistling the room, but we hadn’t and had not heard the whistling at all.

Group A – This last controlled session we started with the four male guests on the ouija and Steve assisting.  I joined the remaining four guests on the writing planchette but had no movement at all.  On the ouija the spirit of Timothy was with them.  He was six years old and seemed to just want to play.  We then tried some table tipping and immediately the table started lifting.  The table then lifted on one corner and started turning, faster when we asked.  We then asked if spirit could take the table into the adjoining room to the bar, and the table started sliding, similar to skiing, towards the bar.  It then continued to lift and spin when we asked.

For the free session myself and Louise joined four guests in the cellar who had the ouija board.  They had a male spirit with them who had worked in this building in the 1400’s before it was the Red Lion.  He had died in the cellar of a heart attack.  They had heard him talking next to them before we had come down.

Fun night with some lovely guests!

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt 17-3-2012 (team two)

Thursday, March 29th, 2012


1.  Group C
We first went to room 10 and after taking photos, lighting tealights and having a general look around, we held a séance.  I immediately felt spirit behind me by extreme cold and being pushed and pulled.  Two guests next to me felt the coldness too.  We started hearing many different noises in the corridor; footsteps and faint whistling.  I then saw a shadow in the doorway, then a guest saw a shadow in an alcove in the wall and the tealight in the alcove flickered greatly at the same time.  Other guests were feeling ‘cobweb touches’ on their faces.  We then stood in the corridor with the laser grid on asking for spirit to come near.  We threw two led balls down the corridor and one seemed to rest against the wall then roll away from the wall and slightly back towards us.

2. Group A
We went to two upstairs rooms in the fort, but after nothing seemed to be happening we moved down to the corridor.  We set up the laser grid pointing down the corridor and two of the guests saw one of the red lights turn off then on.  We split up into two smaller groups along the corridor and asked out for spirit to make themselves known.  After not much being heard we walked down towards a smaller room, and just before entering a whistle was heard.  We stayed in this room for a short while before leaving.  I then took two members of the group to room 10 for a short while whilst the remaining guests visited the graffiti area.

3. Group B
I took this group to room 10 and after a short while started with a séance circle.  Guests were seeing different lights through the doorway into the opposite room, and again different noises were being heard. Jo (guest) started feeling very unwell.  She was feeling sick, hot and dizzy.  We broke the circle as she felt she needed to be sick – which she did!  After checking that Jo was happy to continue we stepped into the corridor and set the laser grid up.  Again we threw the led balls down the corridor but nothing happened.  We then decided to rejoin the other groups and just before leaving, whilst asking the guests if there is anywhere they may like to return to before the end, the lights on the K2 meter lit up for the first time that night.  We asked spirit if we should stay by lighting up the K2 – nothing happed.  We asked spirit if we should go back to the first room the group had been to that night and the lights on the K2 went on.  We then proceeded back to the narrow dead-end tunnel for a short while, but only heard just a few faint noises and whistle.

I would just like to thank all the guests for a great night and a special thank you to Paul for his generous hospitality throughout the evening.

Kym McMillan
Ghost Hunt Events

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