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Rye Castle – 22nd August 2015 (Louise)

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Rye Castle ghost hunt 22nd August 2015
Rye, East Sussex

Rye Castle is an interesting Venue, albeit small the activity and atmosphere is different on every occasion, which makes it one of my favourite places to visit.
Only having one group made the ghost hunt more interesting as the guests had all got to know each other before I started my table tipping and glass work session in the Women’s Tower. This meant that the guests were much more comfortable, willing and not afraid to encourage spirit to come forward

Women’s Tower
Table tipping and glass work
At the start of each session, I split the group of eight guests into four so everybody had a chance to participate in each activity. Some of the guests had already done table tipping so were eager to get started.

Group 1
The first group of guests on the table immediately started to encourage spirit and the table begun to move straight away. Movement was slow at first, but with a bit more encouragement the table started to spin and carry out random movements having us running around in circles.
One of the guests then asked spirit if they could possibly walk the table, and to our amazement the table started walking towards the door, up the steps and into the courtyard. All guest were shocked by the way spirit seemed to keep stopping the table as if to work out how to move the table in the right direction to negotiate the steps.

Group 2
With the second group, we had some light movement of the table, but it was quieter. I then asked spirit if they would like to communicate to us by using the glass instead of table tipping. We asked spirit to move the table to the right for a yes answer, and to the left for a no answer. Spirit agreed to speak through the glass work. Some of the guests didn’t want to participate in this activity, but were more than happy to watch.
Once again asking spirit to move the glass left or right for yes and no answers the glass moved immediately. We had a male spirit come through who told us he was a guard at the tower and looked after the ladies, and told us he very much enjoyed his job as he liked making the ladies laugh.

Very enjoyable sessions with some amazing table tipping, can’t wait for our next visit

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Rye Castle ghost hunt – 22nd August 2015

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Rye Castle ghost hunt 22nd August 2015
Rye, East Sussex

Each visit to Rye Castle has involved a different experience for us and our guests, tonight was no different.

Since there were few guests we didn’t split them up and therefore held three sessions, the first a tech and gadget session in the keep, followed by a table tilting and glass movement session and finally a séance session back in the keep.

The first session saw the guests get lots of communication on our various gadgets plus there we lots of unusual smells smelt by the guests at different times.

The table tilting session was most unusual since the table was moved from inside the Woman’s Tower out onto the gravel of the old exercise yard not once but twice!

The séance session we were joined by a spirit called Carmichael aged 52 and he stated he was a Jailer. The room seemed to be very busy with various spirit, but they were not interested in us and various people picked up on this strange phenomena. During the séance however many people were moved, including arm movement but also some people were pushed and swayed.

All in all this was a very interesting ghost hunt with activity which hasn’t been experienced before, namely the table tilting, which we hope to repeat on another ghost hunt at the Castle.

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Rye Castle – 25th April 2015 (Kym)

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

Rye Castle (Ypres Tower) ghost hunt 25th April 2015
Rye, East Sussex

Area: Women’s Tower/Prison
Equipment: Writing Planchette, Glass Work, Table Tipping, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums

Group B – We started with table tipping, and could feel the table trying to move.  Some guests were feeling a tingly sensation under their hands whilst touching the table.  Two guests felt they were being touched on their shoulder at the same time.  But with only slight movement we switched to glasswork.  Ted (curator) was sensing a familiar female spirit nearby, and he was being pushed/pulled throughout, but with no movement on the glass we tried the writing planchette.  Again had no movement on the planchette but could feel the table gently moving again.  Whilst asking for the table to move, Ted & I could sense it was a child trying to move it.  As not much more movement we tried the pendulums & dowsing rods.  Everyone was able to ask spirit some questions, and yes it was a small boy aged around six.  He knew the female spirit, was a mother figure but not his mother.  Ted had the names Emma & John given to him.

Group A – We started with table tipping and the table started rocking immediately.  Asking spirit to move the table to show a yes & no, we established the spirit was a male jailor.  He was the nicer jailor, who didn’t like the other jailor.  The table would move however we asked, lifting a particular way, spinning, and walking towards the door when asked.  We asked spirit to lift/move the table to show us where is was standing, and it lifted towards the corner of the room next to us.  Asking spirit if he would like to communicate with us using the glass or writing planchette he chose the glass.  Again the glass started moving straight away, in very fast circles around the table.  We asked spirit to take the glass towards where he was, the glass now moved towards the door.  Ted commented he often stands in those two places when here.  The jailor answered a few more questions:  he worked in the main building in 1840, the women’s tower was built when he was here, and he was scared of the other jailor who was his boss and not nice to the women.  He was aged 34 and died of natural causes, and was buried in Rye church graveyard.  He was married with no children.  We asked spirit to draw using the glass, his first initial.  He drew what looked like a M or W.  Moving the glass to yes he confirmed it was the letter M.  We asked spirit to try and tell us his name and one guest had the name Matthew, the spirit confirmed this was his name.  We then tried the writing planchette and the pen/planchette started moving in lots of random circles.  We asked again for spirit to draw his initials, which looked like M – O or D – S.  Louise (guest) was feeling unwell during this and had to sit down, and didn’t start feeling better until she left the area.  We did try table tipping again, and again had lots of tipping and spinning.  We also tried pushing the table back down when it was lifted up, and with all taking it in turns was amazed by the strength we had to use to push the table back down on to the floor.  When Ted tried he was unable to push the table back down.  This amazed us all, and we could not believe the power/force behind it.

I love Rye Castle – a fantastic venue, with something different happening every time we go!

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Rye Castle ghost hunt – 25th April 2015

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

Rye Castle (Ypres Tower) ghost hunt 25th April 2015
Rye, East Sussex

Given that this event was our first at Rye Castle for 2015, we were very keen to see if it were comparable with previous visits. If anything it is more active now than it used to be but now the improvements and building work have finished for the time being and maybe the spirits are happy with that.

As with all our events I like to vary the types of things we do in each group, so this time around we had three sessions for the guests to participate in, one with me holding séances, one with Wayne & Paula holding a tech session and another Kym in the Woman’s Tower.

Upstairs of the Keep I held the séances sessions and we were joined by Godfrey, a 56 year old portly gentleman wearing a three piece suit who repeatedly jingled the money in his pockets to inform people that he was rich. Godfrey was from the 1830s.

There was also another male spirit called Freddie who appeared from time to time. Freddy was a more modern spirit as he was dressed in a more modern fashion of just an open necked shirt and plain/grey trousers, aged in his early 20s.

Many of the guests in the first group felt their arms and hands being moved by the spirits and being pushed and pulled to the floor and the circle being pulled and twisted towards the cell that has the graffiti. I moved the least as people seemed to move around me, with those opposite me being moved more often.

During this session we all heard what we thought was the main door to the keep being closed or slammed. Considering the outside gate was locked and the other group were in the lower ground floor of the keep it was a bit unnerving, so Ted (Rye Museum custodian) went to investigate. He found nothing out of place or unusual.

Many guests saw a face on the headless mannequin or thought they saw a face at the window, this wasn’t a person as we were on the first floor and about 20 feet above ground level!

Also whilst standing in a particular spot near the window many guests felt the unfathomable experience of being “sucked” into the wall.

Odd lights and strange noises were heard as the session continued, but none of these had any obvious or explainable answer at the time. We will have to see if they happen at future events at Rye Castle.

The second group didn’t get anything like the activity of the first group because either they didn’t encourage the spirit to do anything or just took the mickey out of the spirit. Godfrey was present but became disinterested and left. After 40 minutes I ended this session as it was pointless continuing.

After we finished our controlled sessions the guests were allowed to investigate on their own and use our ghost hunting equipment. Many went back to the Women’s Tower or sat quietly in the keep to see if spirit would interact with them. Some interesting photos were taken by guests and some felt spirits presence.

Once again another interesting ghost hunt with lots of guests feeling and sensing spiritual and paranormal activity.

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Rye Castle ghost hunt – 27th September 2014

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Rye Castle ghost hunt 27th September 2014
Rye, East Sussex

As usual I headed to the first floor of the Keep with half of the guests, the other half were in the Women’s Tower.

The séance that I held started well with lots of arm movement however this didn’t progress into anything else, normally I would expect the level of physical activity to increase to push and pull people, but this didn’t happen. Some of the guests ventured into the Cells in the corners of the room.  In one was a female spirit energy that had lost her child (baby) whilst imprisoned.

Many of the guests felt their ring finger being pulled and those guests who stood by the main window didn’t feel comfortable.

At various times some guests smelt lavender and something they described as an “old” smell. When I stood by them I could smell pipe tobacco.

Within the cell many people felt an odd or strange sensation in their hands, which I had hoped would result in someone being touched but alas this didn’t happen.

The second group was predominantly female and this brought a different type of spirit to the room during the séance.

Lots of movement was felt by the guests, with Courtney (guest) being bent backwards over the map table and having her arms and shoulders stroked by other hands of the guests.

Other guests were twisted like ballet dancers and generally moved and pushed or pulled. Once again Ted felt uncomfortable and had to move within the room. Although this time I could see why as the spirit energy had changed from an affectionate gentleman who liked “good times” to a gentle female spirit energy who called herself by many names until she chose Maggie as the name that we should use to call her. For whatever reason Courtney then felt emotional for this spirit.

A little later in one of the Cells another spirit energy was present and was able to touch people’s hands, I wondered whether this was the same spirit that had made the other group’s hands feel odd. However Courtney felt her bum pinched.

Once again another enjoyable ghost hunt with lots of paranormal activity felt and experienced by the guests.

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Rye Castle ghost hunt – 27th August 2014

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Rye Castle ghost hunt 23rd August 2014
Rye, East Sussex

After splitting the guests into two groups, I headed upstairs to the first floor of the Keep, the other headed into the Women’s Tower.

After starting a séance we were joined by a spirit called Paul, who I described as being a local rogue, aged in his late 30s and of a large build, shaven head and a scar on his left cheek.

There was also a young spirit of a soldier who did not interact with us.

During the séance the guests had their arms moved and were gently pushed and pulled. A couple of occasions the people either side of me were pulled to the floor.

Towards the end of the session I noticed an older female spirit had entered the room and at this point Ted (the Museum Guide) had to leave the room as he said he felt odd.

The second group experienced some more arm movement; lots more than the first group although there was no pushing or being pulled to the floor.

During the séance we all heard some odd noises and saw strange lights within the room that upon investigation we could not find any explanation for these oddities.

After this we all headed into the garden (the old exercise yard) to do an experiment with a Spirit Box (a device that scans the FM radio frequencies in reverse at 100ms). Many of our questions we all heard an intelligent answer.

Some of the guests after this session held Glass and Table tilting sessions, other ventured on their own throughout the Keep to try their hand at ghost hunting and to take photos.

This was once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt with all the guests experiencing paranormal activity in some form.

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Rye Castle (Ypres Tower) ghost hunt – 28-9-2013

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Rye Castle private ghost hunt 28th September 2013
Rye, East Sussex

We as a team were heading back to Rye with a sense of uneasiness because the first event that we held here this year was an action packed amazing experience for everyone who was present, then we returned a month after that and whilst the level of activity was still interesting it was nothing like the first event. So we were a little cautious in getting our hopes up. However since this was a private event, the majority of the people have been on a ghost hunt before we didn’t have to show the guests what to do, they knew. This however didn’t prepare anyone for what happened.

Whilst half of the guests headed into the Women’s Tower with Carl, I stayed in the Keep with the other half.

During my explanation of the room, as there are two cells in two corners and a balcony which overlooks the courtyard I was standing on the balcony explaining to the guests the metal prongs which stopped anyone from climbing the walls. I was using my torch to show some of the guests where they were and undoubtedly shone my torch into the women’s tower skylight. However Carl came out of the tower as they had seen a light above them (which was my torch) but they had also saw a light shine up the staircase, which could not have been me because the entrance to the staircase is 90 degrees from where I was standing.

Back inside the keep we were joined by a spirit called Tommy or Thomas, quite recently a spirit from 1988 aged in his 50s and quite broad shouldered and well built.

Whilst using KII (EMF meters) and our electronic communicator meters we all noticed a strange “ball” of energy in the room, it seemed to start about 2 feet off the floor and extend to about 7 feet above the floor and was approximately 8 feet in diameter that suddenly “arrived” at the same time as Tommy. It was also centred in the room right over some of the display cases, which although had an electrical supply, these were all turned off as I checked to make sure. There was no obvious explanation as to why this ball should be there as we have never had something like this happen before and as quickly as it arrived it disappeared. It was only after talking to Ted (the Museum guide) later in the evening that he suggested the tie ring. The tie ring was in the centre of the room and prisoners were tied to this ring when there was no room in a cell.

Tommy though was able to say several words on a spirit box (a device that scans the FM radio bands at 100ms in reverse) including “Tom” and answered some questions posed by the guests.

After a short break I demonstrated what I had done in the first group with regard to the torch as those in the Women’s Tower were a little confused how my torch managed to shine up the staircase and no matter what I pointed the torch towards the light never shone up the staircase, which sort of proves that it wasn’t me. Although no-one had any idea what they saw the first time as my torch looked completely different apparently and according to those who saw it my torch wasn’t that bright either.

The second group to the Keep we still had Thomas present and once I started a séance circle he was able to move people’s arms very easily. He also pulled Darren (guest) downwards and backwards so that he was resting on the table behind him in an awkward manner. Tom also pulled Mark, Darren, Esther and me to the floor by our arms, then without any warning pulled Jo down as well. Once we were on the floor we were all still being moved and twisted although Darren remained in an awkward position much to his delight [sic].

Eventually we were allowed to stand back upright and more or less as soon as we got to our feet, Esther and Jo were both moved in a swaying circular motion. Others of the group had our heads pushed down by other people’s hands and arms and Darren had his head and ear “stroked”. My hands were pulled in opposite directions which was quite painful and also pulled behind other people’s backs. Whilst this was amusing for us it was also fun for the spirit energy as he smiled throughout the session obviously enjoying what he could do with us.

After another break I headed with a group to the Women’s Tower as I wanted to see if the same sensations and noises that I had heard on previous ghost hunts happened again.

On the top floor everyone felt the same swaying and pushing sensation. No matter where anyone stood, everyone felt the same sensation and that was being pushed or pulled towards the corner of the room by the only window. This is exactly what happened when we first visited earlier in the year, which was just after the tower had undergone some building work. Whilst we were here we all heard a familiar noise, footsteps. However like the previous time I visited this tower the footsteps sounded like someone walking on a wooden floor and since the tower is detached from anything else this sound still remains a mystery.

Darren felt a female energy at the bottom of the stairs was too afraid to enter the building, so we went downstairs to see if this would make any difference.

Since we were all in the small downstairs room no-one was expecting to hear the sound of a person walking on gravel (which is what is in the garden, the previous exercise yard) but that is exactly what we heard, someone approaching, but no-one did. Then we all heard a stone thrown into the Women’s Tower which landed a few steps in. We checked but no-one was outside nor on the balcony to the keep. Immediately after the stone being thrown we all heard the sound of water being poured from a jug as we heard a “glug glug” sound plus several bangs. Darren and Mark went to investigate upstairs as they thought that the noise came from upstairs, however they didn’t stay long because they kept hearing footsteps and other noises that we didn’t hear nor make because we were standing still.

As soon as they came back down to join the rest of us both Carl & Ted thought they heard the footsteps on gravel sound. Although most of us thought it sounded like it was raining, however when going outside it wasn’t raining or windy.

Back in the keep once again lots of KII spikes seen on our meters plus lots of electronic communication.

There was a soldier present in the room, but not a uniform that I have ever seen before. He was wearing a bright red jacket with a white belt (similar to a Boer war soldier) and a black fez style cap. It is the cap that puzzles me because it didn’t look like it belonged to the rest of the uniform.

We recorded a spirit box session and EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voices) but on analysis nothing tangible could be heard.

This was a great ghost hunt with lots of strange and paranormal occurrences for the guests and it also had a familiar feel for us, because we have investigated here five times previously and every time we have similar activity, not necessarily the same activity from the previous time but something that has occurred on a previous visit happens in a similar way or the experiences of the guests happens again. We cannot wait to investigate here again in 2014.

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Rye Castle ghost hunt – 20-7-2013

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Rye Castle Ypres Tower ghost hunt 20th July 2013
Rye, East Sussex

This was the first ghost hunt that we held at Rye Castle since the building work has been completed. The location has always been one of our favourites since activity has often been strange and unexplainable but this ghost hunt was exceptionally active.

My group started on the first floor of the Keep and within a matter of minutes after everyone had settled down we were joined by a male spirit energy called Marquis de Rocforte, who was French and aged in his mid-50s wearing a purple jacket (three quarter length) with brass buttons, white shirt, white stockings and black shoes with buckles, he also wore a hat similar to an Admiral Bicorn Hat. He looked to be an important person. We have since found out that this uniform would have been worn in the Napoleonic era by “Payeur Général de la Garde”.

There were also two children aged about 10 years old playing noughts and crosses in one of the cells.

Levels of KII (EMF – Electro Magnetic Fields) were also very high with sporadic spikes.

One of the guests (Audrey) was French so she started to ask questions in French and I relayed his answers, after several questions Marquis de Rocforte tipped his hat in a very Royal fashion. Audrey noted that her arm felt as if it was being held and many of the guests also noted that she was standing in an awkward way. Audrey also felt as if something was being pressed into her hand, like a coin.

Many guests could smell cannabis and near to Audrey the smell of stale alcohol could be smelt by some. The more we talked about the spirit energy the more the KII meter showed high levels of EMF. Another guest Michelle felt a touch on her shoulder whilst she was standing in one of the cells.

I decided to finish the session with a séance to try to get some of the other guests to feel the spirit energies, however the only person who seemed to be affected in a painful way was me, as my arms were moved into some very painful positions, other guests were gently swayed and pushed.

The second session, we would normally swap groups so that all the guests spend time with all of the team, but because the first group to the Woman’s Tower had experienced something unusual we decided not to swap the groups to see if my group felt the same sensations as the first. That way both groups were going into a new location “blind”.

As soon as we entered the Woman’s Tower it had a strange oppressive feeling, we have visited this location several times before but this was the first time I have felt this heavy feeling. Within a matter of minutes everyone in the group was either swaying or rocking gently. It didn’t seem to matter where people stood the feelings were the same. This has never happened here before. Some of the guests who were standing in front of the window (with their backs to the window) were pulled backwards towards the window, those guests who had a wall behind them were pulled backwards into the wall. It was a very strange sensation as this is the area that had recently undergone building work and the floor was perfectly level. I was standing near the door and on more than one occasion I was pushed into the door.

Quite early on in the session we all heard a “Whooo” sound, which because of the way the place is orientated this noise could not have come from outside the Ypres Tower grounds, it had to come from within the courtyard and no-one was in the courtyard.

I was describing a female spirit energy to the group who had just “popped her head in” her name was Daisy, approximately 40 years old who had piercing eyes although the left hand side of her face was disfigured (either by a stroke or a scar). Whilst I was describing her Carl (GHE team) suddenly exclaimed he had just seen a face, below is his account of what he saw.

I started to feel very strange, all the hairs on my arms and neck started to stand up and I had goose bumps on my arms. Then something caught my eye and my attention was drawn to the door. This is when the following event happened;

The room was nearly in total darkness with only a little light coming in through the window from the moon. As I looked in the direction of the doorway a women appeared at the doorway and took three steps in to the room and looked straight at me for a moment and then stepped back out of the doorway out of view. I was taken a little by surprise and couldn’t really talk for a moment and I was trying to get Steve’s attention and when I finally did, I stuttered that I had just seen a women walk into the room. After a moment I started to calm down and explained in more detail what I had seen.

The woman was about 5ft6 to 5ft8 in height and had very wild looking white hair. She had very gaunt face and you could clearly see her cheek bones sticking out, she had dark eyes which were set back in to her face, her expression on her face was very strange which scared me a little. She was wearing a white smock which was very dirty. The sleeves were short and it came down to her knees, it was all ripped and in tatters. The women had nothing on her feet and her skin was pale and dirty, her nails on both her fingers and feet were dirty and long. When she moved she did not make any sound. No one heard anyone or anything come up or down the stairs, which are normal so noisy is anyone moves on them. It was like looking at someone in daylight and she was so clear and solid.

I was a little shaky after the experience and took me several hours to recover fully. But with this in mind I can’t wait to go back and investigate again.

Just after Carl had seen this, noises could be heard on the staircase and footfalls outside on the gravel to which I stated to the group that it was so loud it must be a person. It was. It was one of the members of the other group who asked that I come with them as they had an issue with one of the guests that needed my urgent attention.

As I arrived back at the main Tower one of the guests was being carried out of the building by two people, she was totally oblivious to what was happening and erratically shaking with spasms and fits. This particular guest had something similar happen to her before at this location and on that occasion had to be manhandled out of the Tower, this time she had to be carried out. The guest was being affected by a particularly nasty spirit energy who in the past would have easily murdered women with one hand by strangling them. I decided that we need to move this guest further away from the Tower as the spirit energy was able to use the Tower as a source of energy, further away he would not be able to. The spirit gave me his name as Terry the Terrible, which obviously wasn’t his name. The guest kept repeating the name Frank, even when asked who she came with, the only name she uttered was Frank. All the time she was still shaking violently, although not as bad as when I first arrived on the scene. During this I was administering what I would call emergency healing to push the nasty energy out of the guest, which was working, but as always it takes time. Within 10 minutes the guest was fully back to normal although very shaken and dazed, probably wondering why she was outside on the grass. The guest described the sensation of what it felt like, which in her own words were “like being pushed down inside”. This is typical although thankfully not common of what it feels like when a nasty spirit energy pushes our own energies aside. This is something that I have come across before but thankfully not too often.

After this all groups had a break before we embarked on our free session, this is when we let our guests use our equipment and venture throughout the venue to hold their own ghost hunt.

I went back to the Woman’s Tower as my session was cut short and I wanted to see if the same spirit energies would do something. On entering the upper floor the now usual swaying and tipsy feeling returned and with the people present I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. All four recordings had spirit voices in them, but when this was analysed by our experts none of the words spoken could be understood, this is unusual because we can usually identify at least one word, but on this occasion we have four recordings with words, but we cannot understand any of the words. During the EVP experiment Jamie (Guest) had trouble speaking and she sounded completely out of breath, Carl felt unwell (as usual here) and had to leave. Marc (GHE team) who was downstairs heard some random noises which he thought was us, but we weren’t moving or making any noise. When asking for the spirits to make a noise everyone heard mumbling but could not decide on which direction the noise came from and then we all heard something drop, on investigating this, I found a small stone on the middle of a step of the staircase, which I am fairly sure wasn’t there before as I’m sure someone would have noticed it. I joined Marc downstairs to hear some of the noises he was hearing and those noises were odd but neither of us couldn’t decide where or what we were hearing. Jamie (Guest) & Ted (Museum staff) quickly joined us as they said it was too freaky upstairs.

A little while later I went back to the Women’s Tower and joined three guests, who had a spirit box (a device that scans the FM radio frequencies in reverse at 100ms) and were trying to get spirit to say something. As soon as I entered the room everyone clearly heard “Steve” on the spirit box.

Asking various questions some of which were answered correctly, some were not (especially the number questions e.g. how many people in room).

On asking whether the spirit energies would like leave, I requested that they say Bye or Goodbye on the spirit box, we all then heard “Good” “Bye” as two separate words, spoken in a female voice.

This ghost hunt was one of the most interesting we have had at this location as the activity seemed to be non-stop and every guest (some more than others) felt real paranormal activity or heard something that they could not explain. The sensations felt in the Women’s Tower were the same for both groups and everyone felt the same sensations and physical movements. Certainly one ghost hunt that we will remember for a long time.

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Rye Castle ghost hunt – 21-7-2012

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Rye Castle (Ypres Tower) ghost hunt – 21st July 2012

We have held two ghost hunts at Rye Castle in the past and each time the level of activity increases nothing could have prepared us for what happened on 21st July. It was truly exceptional what the guests experienced.

We started with two groups, one group going up to the upper level, the other to the basement level. My group on the upper level had within minutes much KII activity and plenty of communication via our electronic devices and since it was still relatively light outside the room felt safe and generally comfortable.

To give the guests an experience of the spirits that reside within the wall of the Tower I decided that it would be pertinent to hold a séance, as this is the best way to experience spiritual activity.

We were joined by a male energy called Tony, he was aged in his mid-40s and quite a stocky build since he was about 5’8” in height. He was wearing a white shirt and brown or tan trousers but what struck me as being odd is that he had very shiny black shoes. The shoes did not look like they belonged to him. Tony was a happy spirit and I felt he would have been quite a character when he was alive, as his facial expressions hid nothing. He had a round likeable face although slightly bald. He seemed to be have no reason to be in the tower. If he did he didn’t tell me.

During the séance circle Tony moved the guests arms on request and did exactly what they asked, even when the guests did not voice their request.

We were also joined by Agnes a female energy who remained non talkative from the start. She was well dressed and aged in her late 40s.

Lorraine (guest) could smell sick during the séance which made her feel uncomfortable and then she could taste it as well which nearly made her physically sick!

Ted (the Rye Castle Museum guide) could also smell manure as did some of the guests including Lorraine. Ted also smelt roses but only in a certain part of the room, Jeff (guest) too also smelled roses.

There was also a Policeman or Peeler present. He only gave me his surname as Constable Peace. He looked about 30 years old but did not talk to me, just looked on for the entire séance, which not only involved gentle arm movement but also some swaying and for Rachael (guest) some much more forceful movement.

During this time we could see light flashing through the floor which we assumed was the other group taking photographs, however light would not have reached us from where they were (in the basement) and when we asked them after the session had finished they did not take any photos on the ground floor, which had they done so we would have seen. The light we saw has no rational explanation as light cannot pass through solid objects.


After a short break both groups swapped locations.

Once again on the upper floor we had excellent communication via our electronic equipment but this time very little KII activity. The room also felt different and most people noticed this. Both Ted and I had no explanation for why this might be.

Once again we were joined very quickly by a young energy. His name was Timothy Spratt, his father was a local fisherman and his mother was imprisoned in the Tower. He was about 9 or 10 years old and was dressed in what I would call a school uniform and had blonde hair.

There were also two female energies present, possibly sisters as they looked alike, aged about 20 years old and they just stood by the display cabinets and some of the guests saw shadows in that area of the room.

Ted commented to me that he felt uncomfortable in one of the corners beside a cell. I could feel the spirit energy that was responsible, although he posed no threat to us at this time even though he wasn’t a particularly nice person.

Once again I started a séance circle so that these guests could experience spirit activity and hopefully get some physical movement.

The movement started gently with simple arm movements to the majority of the guests. Many of the guests were amazed at this as they did not expect anything to happen!

I noticed a male energy that seemed to appear from nowhere step really close to the circle, the other energies that were present all disappeared and the movement stopped briefly then started again but with more force. The male energy gave his name as Benjamin and he made Claire (guest) feel very uncomfortable. All Benjamin told me is that he was the energy that Ted felt in the room earlier and that he hated women and used to murder them for fun. He was imprisoned briefly in the Tower for murder. Benjamin tried to twist my hands and Shelly’s (guest) apart, as Shelly was standing next to Claire and Benjamin thought he could get to her that way.

Many guests also felt very cold when Benjamin was standing near them, this felt like the sort of cold felt when opening a freezer.

Teresa (guest) who was standing on my left felt movement around her ear and hair, several minutes later her earring “fell out”, which given the way earrings are attached could not have been an accident as everyone was holding hands and no one touched Teresa’s ear.

The energy Benjamin was making many of the guests feel uncomfortable and we could all feel a force which was pushing us downwards. Ted had moved from where he was sitting because he too didn’t feel well sitting in that spot and moved to the other side of the room.

Many guests felt sensations around the back of the necks and their hair, I too felt a restriction around my throat. Shelly also felt pains and touches in her sides.

Then I saw my guide, this is something which I don’t often see, which is just as well because every time I do it means I or someone in the circle is in danger. Within a matter of seconds, after I had told the guests what I had seen I was just about to say “He’s Gone” when everyone in the room felt a huge relief and we were all able to stand upright. The atmosphere in the room changed from its thick nature when we started to a light an airy nature. The guests could not believe what they had just experienced, especially Teresa who was a sceptic.

After another short break everyone headed out into the courtyard and Women’s Tower. In the top room we have experienced much activity before and as we started Carl (GHE team) stood in the corner of the room that he didn’t like and an area which many guests have felt odd or strange.

Marc (GHE team) and myself were calling out for spirit to make a noise or to whistle. Carl heard some responses although he was wearing an audio amplification device, the rest of us did not hear those sounds.

Once again some of the guests were feeling sick. I had warned them that this may happen, as it has every time we have visited the Women’s Tower. Marc using his Ovulus had the male energy Tony (from the earlier séance) telling us to go outside.

I decided that this was the best opportunity to do an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. Everyone asked a question to spirit and when we played it back we could all hear a response after one of the guests questions. On further analysis we had six spirit voices after a question but during the analysis only four of those could be understood; you can hear them at:-

Ted by this time wasn’t feeling well (again!) neither was Carl and both had to leave the room. Marc decided that it would probably be a good idea to hold a séance circle to build the energy and get the spirit energies to do something. After a short amount of time there were energies present and people were feeling strange and odd sensations. Marc then asked if they guests were OK, but Teresa failed to answer. Marc said that her could feel her “going” and I stepped in to place her in the middle of the circle as she did not respond to her name being called out. Once in the circle she came back straight away although she felt very tearful and insisted that she leave the room, so I escorted her outside, where she remained tearful and she explained that she felt the despair and the emotions of the spirit energies that were held there.

This was undoubtedly the most interesting ghost hunt and the most activity felt by the guests that we have held at Rye Castle and I suspect that the reason for this is that we are not allowed to go back until 2013 because the Museum is having some major repair work on the roof of the Women’s Tower and the building will be closed for many months.

All the guests and Ted thoroughly enjoyed the experience, as did we because the EVP’s that we recorded here are some of the clearest that we have recorded to date.

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Marc – Paranormal Investigator
Carl – Paranormal Investigator

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