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Oldbury Hill ghost hunt – 5-4-2013

Oldbury Hill Fort ghost hunt 5th April 2013
Sevenoaks, Kent

Oldbury Hill is always an interesting place because whilst it is close to the main road it is also so tranquil once within the confines of the Fort. A few days before this event the team members that were going to be present walked through here in the day to familiarise themselves with the paths. On this day we also found one of the Neolithic caves by accident.

After ascending the rather steep incline into the Fort we made our way to one of the more interesting crossroads.

After handing out some of our ghost hunting equipment to the guests and explaining its use, several large spikes of EMF (Electromagnetic fields) were showing up on our KII meters as well as some communication via that equipment. A guest told me that he could see a male spirit energy approximately late 50s wearing a grey RAF coat tied at the waist with twine. This spirit also had a dog with him, also on a twine or rope lead.

I was also aware of two other male spirit energies, one was about 22 years old and of a stocky build, the other was in his 50s wearing a large brown coat (Jonathon Creek style) and a flat cap.

After experimenting with a laser grid, as in the past this has proved to be very successful at this location, although nothing extraordinary was seen on this occasion, we moved to another part of the woods where activity is usually quite high.

Here I decided to hold a séance as this would be an ideal way to show all the guests that spirit energies were amongst us. I asked for the spirit who was named Alfred and aged in his late 30s to move the arms of the guests and to push people gently. Alfred proceeded to lift the arms of several guests and about three quarters of the guests felt some arm movement, although it took a while as we were a large group. Alfred was also able to push some of the guests, although Kayleigh who was standing on my left received most of the attention and was pushed and pulled throughout the séance.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt where the majority of the guests felt spirit energy move them in some way.

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