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Fort Amherst – 21-03-2015 (Kerry)

Fort Amherst ghost hunt 21st March 2015
Chatham. Kent

Location: The Cave
Equipment: Ouija and table tilting.

Session 1 – Group C (VIPs)

We began the session by splitting the group so that some were on the Ouija and the others around the table. As soon as we placed our hands on the table it began to rock gently and the movement gradually got stronger. When requested to do so, spirit tilted the table up onto one leg and did a complete rotation. I came off the table at this point and asked spirit to try and walk the table down the two steps beside us, which it did to the guests amazement. We continued encouraging spirit to walk the table and it continued walking towards the barrels and tried to manoeuvre between two of them. It was a bit of a struggle as there wasn’t much room between them, but spirit seemed very persistent and eventually managed to squeeze the table through! The table then started picking up speed and continued walking down into the tunnel. Kym and I started calling out asking spirit to bring the table back, but the table just kept going! After a while the table did stop walking and started rocking from side to side quite violently as if in protest. It seemed it didn’t want to go back to where we started, and just wanted to keep going! We continued asking spirit to bring the table back and after a while it started walking back up the tunnel, re-tracing its steps, and took the table right back to where we started. The guests were amazed by what they had just experienced.
Sue was with the other guests on the Ouija table and they connected with a male spirit of 71 years, although they were unable to get a name. Sue sensed this man had breathing problems. He was never married, had no children, and he used to do maintenance work at the fort. After giving this information it became clear that he did not wish to communicate further.
The guests then swapped round so the others who were doing the table tilting could try the Ouija, and a male spirit by the name of Alan came through. He was 34 years old and died in 1904 via a gunshot to the head, his right temple. He said he was a civilian and not a soldier, was shot by his friend and was sad that his life had ended so early.
Before our session ended we thought we would try asking spirit if they were able to move one of the large barrels in the same way it had moved the table. So we gathered around one of them and placed our hands on the top and to our amazement the barrel started rocking from side to side, gradually getting faster and making lots of noise. Our time was up after a short time so we thanked spirit for their cooperation and finished the session.

Session 2 – Group A

Unfortunately on this session we didn’t get much activity. The group was split once again, and we had no movement from the glass at all on the Ouija, so a couple of the guests moved over to try the table tilting. There was a slight rocking on the table initially but even with all our encouragement it was difficult to get much more movement than that. Although the table did eventually tilt up on two legs and held this position for a while. The table then moved back to its starting position and there was no more movement. The guests who hadn’t tried the Ouija decided to have a go, and again there was no movement on the glass for quite some time. It was only about 10 minutes before the end of the session that the glass started moving, but we were unable to get any information as spirit only seemed interested in randomly moving the glass around the table.

Session 3 – Group B

Once again at the start of this session there was no movement on the Ouija so the guests decided to try the table tilting. The table took a while to move, but it eventually started to rock gently. The guests were very quiet so I kept urging them to join me in encouraging spirit to move the table. When everyone started to join in, the table started moving faster and spirit seemed to respond better to the noise we made. Whenever everyone went quiet the table would slow down and stop moving. We eventually managed to get spirit to spin the table on one leg and walk the table down the steps.

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