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Fort Amherst ghost hunt – 21st March 2015

Fort Amherst ghost hunt 21st March 2015
Chatham, Kent

This was our second visit to this fort and we were hoping for the event to be just as active and interesting as the first event we held back in December 2014. We were not disappointed and the activity here only make us enthusiastic to return.

This time around the tech group were in the radio rooms at the bottom of the tunnel as this is the quietest area and the second group halfway up the tunnel and my group in the upper gun floor.

All of my sessions the same spirit was present, a young lad aged about 29 from recent times 1981 was the year given, who was a local lad who worked on building sites. Whether he worked at Fort Amherst is not known as he didn’t want to give his name. He was approximately 6’ in height, of an average build wearing a white T shirt and jeans and DM boots. For whatever reason the boots seemed to be more important but unfortunately why was not established.

The first group contained our regular ghost hunters, some of which are sceptics the male spirit was able to manipulate some people easily and lifted their arms and pushed and swayed them, whilst a couple of the sceptics felt their arms tingle, this was the first time that either had felt this sensation and they found it interesting as they could not explain or find a reason for the sensation. Several times Anita (guest on my right) was pushed backwards.

The second group also felt their arms being manipulated but it became apparent that the spirit wanted to do more and started to push people, sway them and gently rock them. A guest next to me could feel his knees twitching to the point that spirit wanted to make him touch the floor. On the other side of the circle another guest had the same sensation. After a lot of encouragement from the rest of the group both Curt and Darren were kneeling on the floor, however it was Darren that felt to full effect of the spirit and he ended up face down on the floor!

However the spirit tried to push Curt, me and Sarah (who was on my right) to the floor, it nearly worked although we were able to stay on our feet. Other guests in the group were not affected unfortunately.

The third group, were all our VIP guests for the night and because their group was the smallest they had more unique activity happen to them. The male spirit started by pushing and rocking everyone as well as moving the arms of a few. The best part though happened about 15 minutes into the séance. I was encouraging the spirit to do something to Jamie (as he booked the event for his friends). It took a while but eventually the spirit touched Jamie twice, once whilst other activity was going on, and again when Jamie was trying to explain what happened the first time around! Watch what happened at

There was also a female spirit present during the session although she didn’t interfere, she just watched and tittered when something funny happened. She was from the Victorian period because of what she was wearing, although she too did not give me her name.

This was an excellent ghost hunt and we as a team hope to return to the venue later in the year.

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