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Red Lion Hotel – 29th October 2015 – Steve

Friday, February 26th, 2016

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 29th October 2015
Colchester, Essex


The first two sessions were using kit and gadgets in the haunted bedrooms.

My séances sessions were held as usual in the cellar, the first group had the most activity and all hands were lifted and manipulated. The spirit responsible was called Henry, 46 years old and from 1810-12 when he was Hotel Manager.

The second group didn’t have as much movement although there was some swaying and rocking.

Towards the end of the night we were all in the Restaurant using a combination of Writing planchette and Ouija board and met a boy aged about 8 years old who was drawing various shapes and objects for the guests.

Another excellent ghost hunt and we hope to return in 2016

Psychic Medium
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Red Lion Hotel – 29th October 2015 (Kym)

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 29th October 2015
Colchester, Essex.


Area: Cellar
Equipment: Ouija & Table Tilting
We tried the Ouija, but unfortunately no movement, however with the table tipping it started rocking very gently, with creaks and taps coming from underneath.  After seeing a shadow walk past the tunnel Adam (guest) stood there and could feel alot of coldness around him.  When he stepped away the coldness stopped, when he stepped back the coldness was there again.  Then we all heard a whistle next to us.  With the second group we again had some gentle rocking on the table, and guests could feel a coldness between them, when Jasmine (guest) moved the coldness moved with her.  Then she had a cold blow in her ear which made her jump a little.  With the Ouija the guests communicated with three slaves from Nigeria, the first one called Zaf year 1243.  The second was called Nag, but was killed by the third spirit who was Alf the slave master.  Then another spirit stepped forward who knew one of the guests.  His name was Nev, and knew Joanne (guest) from childhood, which left her quite emotional.

Area: Rooms 6 & 7
Equipment: Dowsing Rods & Pendulums, Glass Work, Scrying
With both groups we learnt how to use the dowsing rods and pendulums and was able to communicate with the spirits there.  We tried some scrying too.  With the second group using the glass to communicate with spirit, we had a young boy with us.  The boy was drawn to Jasmine (guest) in particular, and said he would like to do some drawing with us using the writing planchette.  So we moved down to the restaurant to try and was amazed with the drawings that came through, the first in particular was the number 8 which we believe was his age.
Some guests were trying the Ouija again and were talking to another slave called B9
Paranormal Investigator
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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 3rd October 2015

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 3rd October 2015
Colchester, Essex

Due to the management at the hotel this event did not go as smoothly as previous events and we had to use public parts of the hotel that we would not normally use for the ghost hunt. That said the information and activity experienced by the guests was relatively normal for the venue.

The first two sessions that I undertook were using our ghost hunting equipment and gadgets, all guests had communication with various spirits including a spirit box where voices were clearly heard answering questions asked by the guests. [A spirit box is a device that scans radio frequencies in reverse at 100ms]

The following two sessions I held séances in the cellar of the hotel with spirit happily and capable of moving the majority of the circles. Some people were pushed, swayed and gently rocked, some people had to be asked to be moved whilst others were moved whether they asked or not. Some of the guests were pulled by their arms to the floor, whilst other were raised high above their heads.

Some people were not moved at all, but these guests did not speak for the entire session. Therefore nothing happened to them.

All in all this event ran as smoothly as we could manage given the difficult circumstances the manager of the hotel had enforced on us. The majority of the guests had great paranormal experiences which left some of the speechless.

Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 13th February 2015

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 13th February 2015
Colchester, Essex

Being a Friday night, yes Friday the thirteenth we were hopeful for some great activity, we really wanted the episode with the light bulb to happen again. The light bulb incident happened on a private Hen night ghost hunt in January at the Red Lion Hotel. A group were sitting in the Restaurant to start to use a Ouija board when we all heard a metal “ping” sound and then one of the light bulbs from the chandelier fell and landing on the lap of someone participating in the Ouija board session. What was noteworthy is that the light bulb in question was a bayonet type bulb, which means it has to be pushed down and twisted before it comes out and that the bulb was undamaged and worked perfectly afterwards.

There were less guests than a normal ghost hunt at the Red Lion Hotel so the plan was to hold four sessions with guests.

Both my sessions in the cellar we were joined by a familiar spirit, a drayman, Michael about 57 years old and from a time when the hotel was a very busy place. We were also joined by a shy female spirit energy who did not give her name. She was dressed in Victorian clothing and seemed to be a Lady.

Most of the guests felt their arms being moved on command when we were holding a séance. Some guests also felt cold spots and heard odd noises. On one occasion I asked for spirit to make a noise and immediately we heard a very loud noise, it wasn’t anything paranormal, as it was from the high street, but just happened at the very point that I asked for it. When I asked for the spirit to push or move people, the spirits obliged and several people were pushed, swayed and pulled backwards.

The following two sessions I held tech sessions in room 7. These sessions I used lots of our electronic ghost hunting equipment like KII meters, Ghost Pro meters, a Mel meter and a Spirit Box.

Both sessions we have lots of KII and communication via the Ghost Pro meters, plus fluctuations on the Mel meter, both in terms of electromagnetic energy and temperature.

The first group however everyone’s Christian name was spoken or repeated via the Spirit box, along with many different answers to the questions asked. These answers were immediate; sometimes before the person asking the question had finished asking! With the second group the spirit only spoke one name; Dean and a few answers to questions.

This was a very enjoyable ghost hunt and we look forward to returning over the coming months.

Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Red Lion Hotel – 22nd November 2014 (Kym)

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Red Lion Hotel 22nd November 2014
Colchester, Essex

Area: Rooms 6 & 7
Equipment: Scrying, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums

Group D – We started with scrying in room 6, and instantly guests that were taking it in turns to sit in front of the mirror and those standing behind were seeing an older man, moustache and beard, droopy eyes and cheeks, and whilst the first lady was wearing glasses everyone saw them disappear.  Some were seeing icy blue eyes.  One guest felt a cold breeze past her face but nobody moved to cause it.  We then moved to room 7 to use the rods & pendulums so we could connect with the spirit more, and everyone had movement.  However just before this, whilst standing in the room, some heard a noise on the bed, similar to someone sitting down on the bed.  Some sat on the bed and it felt cold in the middle, and they were feeling movement or vibrations next to them.  We asked spirit to point all the rods (four of us holding them) to wear the spirit was, and all pointed to the middle of the bed.  We then heard scratching on the wood at the bottom of the bed.  One guest sitting on the bed asked spirit to touch her, the rods moved round to touch her.  When we all asked spirit the same questions we were all getting the same answer on our rods & pendulums.  One guest (Sam) her pendulum was moving very erratically, large fast circles, but her arm was totally still.  She was feeling a static energy going up her leg and through the arm she was holding the pendulum.  Then shortly after it was completely still.

Group E – Started with scrying and again were seeing an older man with a beard and moustache.  One guest was suddenly surprised to see the face go dark and the eyes bright white with dark circles around them.  The eyes seemed to be looking straight at her which unnerved her slightly.  Then the face seemed to change to a boy then a young male.  When using the pendulums/rods the spirit said he was from 1700’s, age 40, married and lived in Essex.  One guest noticed whilst holding the pendulum, each time she moved the pendulum towards her very slowly, the pendulum swayed away from her.

Group F – Again started with the scrying and were seeing an older man with a beard.  He had grey bushy eyebrows and a dark moustache.  Initially the moustache was described like hitler’s, but then started drooping down the sides.  The eyes were flashing bright green and white every so often.  Almost witch like.  Then the face started drooping on the left side, then on the right side.  One guest sitting in front of the mirror was feeling very tingly on her face.  The forehead suddenly seemed very large then disappeared.  One guest felt very sad, wanting to cry.  In room 7, whilst using the rods & pendulums, it seemed the spirit of Alice was with us.  She answered questions, one being that this was the room she died in.  Asking to point the rods to where she was standing, all pointed to the door.

Group A – Again in the mirror all were seeing an older male with a beard and a moustache.  White eyes too.  One guest thought she saw a woman wearing something on her head that made her look like a nun.  In room 7 everyone had their rods & pendulums moving, the rods pointing to the window this time to show where Alice was standing.  Asking if her killer was in the room with us now, answered yes.  Asked to point rods to wear he was standing and they all pointed to the door.  One guest asked for his name and got William in his head.  Asking the pendulum to confirm this was correct – yes.

Group B – Again in the mirror we were seeing an older man, described similar as before, then suddenly we saw what looked like a nun.  In room 7 we had Alice with us again, and asking to point the rods to where she was standing they pointed to between the two chairs the two ladies were sitting in.  We then heard a noise in the bathroom, the door being open, and asked spirit to point the rods to where they had made a noise and they pointed to the bathroom.  Asking spirit to point the rods to where they were going to make a noise next, they pointed to the bed, but we didn’t hear a noise.

Group C – With our last group of the night, we again started with scrying.  Some being slightly sceptical saying our eyes are seeing things, but were surprised when they started seeing the face changing.  They were again seeing an older male, described similar to the previous sessions.  We then moved to room 7 and used the rods & pendulums to communicate with spirit.  Again we had Alice with us, saying she was pregnant by the Judge, who had killed her by beating her to death.  Two guests had decided to stay in room 6, and using a a mug turned upside down on a small table they tried some glass/mug work.  They had a male spirit called Hugh, who didn’t like women.  The mug continued to moved around the table, with just the two of them touching, even with their fingers turned nail side down.  They were very surprised it even worked with a mug!

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 27-12-2013 (Kym)

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 27th December 2013

Area: Bedrooms 6 & 7

Equipment: Ouija Table, Writing Planchette, Table Tipping, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums

With my first group we all started on Room 6, and all guests had an opportunity to try the rods & pendulums.  All were moving, to guests requests, and they swapped around to try both.  We then tried the writing planchette, but with only little movement I split the group.  Some stayed in room 6 and tried scrying in the mirror, whilst the others went to room 7 and tried the Ouija table.  The glass started moving, so we asked if spirit could try an experiment with us.  I had number cards, and I asked a guest to choose one card, not show to anyone including himself, and we asked spirit to take the glass to the matching number on the table.  We tried this three times, and although the glass moved to numbers, close sometimes, but none were correct.  The spirit did confirm she was Alice who often visits us on the ghost hunts here.  In room 6, guests were seeing an older female in the mirror, wearing glasses, and with grey curly hair.  Back in room 7, the glass was continuing to move, and we were asking the spirit to take the glass to the oldest person, the youngest, the guest with a dog, and the guest with the most children – all were correct.  The glass seemed to move in often random ways, lots of twists and turns.  The guests also thought of shapes for the spirit to draw with the glass, and to their surprise it did.

With my second group we started in room 6 using the rods & pendulums.  After lots of movement, we tried the writing planchette but no movement this time.  Some guests went to room 7 to try the Ouija table, others stayed in room 6 to try scrying.  Changes were seen in the mirror by guests.  Room 7 – the glass started moving very quickly.  It spelt out the name Carly – which was the name of one of the guests on the table.  The spirit spelt his name as Nunc, from 1474, and was married to Carly in a previous life.  Asked if she was a good wife the glass moved first to no, then to yes.  They had 3 children – 2 boys and 1 girl.  They were married for 23 years.  We asked spirit to move the glass with only Carly’s finger on it, and it moved slightly twice.

With my third group we again started in room 6 with the rods & pendulums.  Lots of movement was experienced by all.  They tried the writing planchette, but no movement.  Then all went to room 7, and had slight movement from the glass at first.  After a while the glass moved faster, and kept moving to K & L.  This was one of the guest’s initials.  It then kept going to the word GO then the letter S – this was her dad’s initial – was the spirit telling her to visit her dad?  We then asked spirit to move the glass in rapid circles, asking the glass to stop & change direction several times, to which it always responded.

Now the free session, and with some guests saying they wanted to try some table tipping, I joined some guests in room 7 to try this.  After a very short while the table started creaking, and very gently lifted up one side, staying there until we asked the spirit to take the table back down.  When we asked for the table to be lifted again, it very gently lifted up and held the table in place again.  At this point Steve (medium) came in and told us we had the spirit of Margaret with us, she had been a school teacher in life.  Asking if she had done table tipping before, she said yes at Kelvedon Hatch with another ghost hunting group.  With a lot of encouragement Margaret was able to move the table to our request, lifting, twisting, spinning, changing direction always at our request.

A fab end to the night – and 2013!

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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The Star Hotel ghost hunt – 25-10-2013 (Kym)

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

The Star Hotel, Alfriston – 25th October 2013

I was in the main room with the Ouija table, trying glass movement/Ouija/writing planchette and table tipping.  I started with my first group using the Ghost Pro & KII, however as they seemed to be lighting up very erratically we choose not to use them (later when chatting to other team members they all experienced the same).  With no immediate movement with the glass on Ouija table we did a séance circle to build the energies.  I started to feel a heavy weight on my right shoulder, I asked spirit to do this to others and immediately it left me and moved to a guest.  Others were swaying and one guest felt a cold breeze behind her (no windows open).  We then tried the writing planchette and to our surprise it started moving.  I went elsewhere in the room and drew a circle with a line through it, asked spirit to copy this with the guests and it did.  When asking spirit to copy another picture, it seemed to want to play and do his own thing.   We asked spirit to take the planchette to the edge of table to show where he was standing, and when it did guests could feel cold between them.  The planchette then started lifting on one corner, and when the guests looked the side that lifted up was where most of their fingers were.  Asked spirit to lift it higher which it did.  We then asked spirit to draw the number of how many human females were in the room – it drew 4 – correct.  Asked spirit to draw the number of human men in the room – it drew 3 – correct.  The planchette started moving in rapid circles, and when guests took it in turns to ask spirit to change direction, the planchette would stop and change direction every time.

With my second group we tried the writing planchette and had slight movement.  We tried table tipping and again very slight movement.  We then tried glass work and it started moving very gently, we felt possibly a female or young girl.  We tried asking her name and age but just got the letter A and 5, 6 or 7.  I had been thinking of the name Annabel, Julie (guest) had been thinking of the name Alice.  Then the energy seemed to change and the glass started moving faster around the table.  We received no definitive words but the spirit was willing to move in rapid circles and stop and change direction when anyone asked.

With my third group as we had no movement on the writing planchette and glass, we held a séance circle to build some energies again.  The guest to my left started swaying, then I did too and we seemed to be swaying at the same time in sync.  Then she started feeling a heavy weight on her right shoulder.  Her hand was being pulled to the floor.  This continued until her hand touched the floor, and however hard she tried, she was unable to pull her hand off the floor.  We asked spirit to move us back up, and after much asking we were standing upright again.  Then we started feeling the pull down again, we fought against this, which we found extremely difficult, and eventually spirit seemed to give up and move away.

At this point Steve and his group joined us as the free session had now started.  We all stayed in this room and tried the writing planchette again.  Steve could see the spirit of Jeremiah with us, wanting to draw for us.  The spirit was able to draw for us a balloon with string, and a triangle, which Steve had asked for.

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Red Lion hotel hen night 9-3-2012

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Hen night ghost hunt at the Red Lion Hotel, Colchester – 9th March 2012.

As a team we were thoroughly looking forward to returning to the Red Lion as it was a brilliant ghost hunt the first time around, this time we were hoping for more of the same. We also came prepared with more of our kit, this time four infra-red remote cameras, which our guests can control throughout the night.

Colchester is a very interesting place, not least because about 30mins before we started a group walked by outside dressed as Cavaliers, random and strange!

The Hen party group had not done anything like this before and my introductory talk didn’t help matters when I told them that we would be predominately in the dark, some guests became scared at this.

However once we spilt into two groups, one heading for the haunted bedrooms, the other into the Parliamentary Restaurant and bar. Each group had a range of electronic kit, namely K2 metres and our ghost communicators, alongside some of our less technical kit, bouncy led balls.

After a while a young male energy 8-9 years old made himself known to me, he was dressed in a smart suit with knee length trousers, not a school uniform and he was from the 1850s and as I said at the time he would have grown up to be a gentleman as he was from a well to do family.

I also sensed another male energy who I met on our last visit, he was a grumpy old bugger as I put it. He mainly stayed near to the bar or public toilet entrance. The guests enjoyed their time communicating with the energy. The energy however didn’t like me the first time and he surely didn’t like me this time. The energy was about 70 years old, fairly short wearing a flat cap and smoking a pipe. Whilst Michelle was communicating with him and asking him to touch her, another guest who was in the restaurant felt a touch on her elbow. During Michelle’s questions I recorded some audio and a very clear EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena, a.k.a. ghost voice) was recorded.

One of the guests proclaimed his name was Robert. When asked if this was true the communicator responded with a “Yes” answer. The guest in question (Julie) stated that the energy held her hand when we were in the restaurant and that it was a pleasant experience for her. Although at this point Julie was rather tearful.

We also started using the writing planchette and some writing did occur, although the results were not conclusive. All the while Michelle was communicating to the spirit via our ghost communicator.

Our communicator device also flashed quite a lot which we have never seen before. The energy asked if I would move further away, which I duly complied with.

The energy also stood very close to Michelle and during this time our camera was out of focus, as soon as the energy stepped away from Michelle the camera refocused. Although when the energy returned and stood beside another guest (also Michelle) the camera went out of focus again.

Many guests saw a shadow within the restaurant which due to the lighting could have only come from within the restaurant (as the lights were outside on the wall) at the same time everyone heard a sound, although we have no idea what it could have been. Also one of our motion sensors was set off when no-one was near it.

Many guests commented that they felt uncomfortable in the ladies toilet, this seems to be a recurring feature of the ghost hunts that we have undertaken at the Red Lion hotel.

After a short break we headed for the cellar, which is one of the most interesting cellars I have encountered. On speaking to the manager he hold us that there is reputed to be a tunnel which goes to the Castle from these cellar, whether this is true or not remains a mystery.

As usual when a person walk heavily on the gratings outside the noise reverberates throughout the cellar, and when this happens all the guests jump!

A male energy was fairly quick to join us, his name was Archie de Marquis and he proceeded to give the guests some sense of his presence in the form of gentle touching and moving the guests arms.

Many guests felt pins and needles in their arms, cobweb sensations around their faces and numbness throughout their arms.

All in all a very enjoyable evening for the guests and us.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

We are able to organise private parties for any special occasion, please see our website for details.

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Red Lion Hotel, Colchester ghost hunt – 21-1-2012

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 21st January 2012

Ever since this venue had been booked for a ghost hunt my team and I were anxious to investigate this amazing location, a building which has plenty of history and known ghosts and the very fact that just about every room that we were staying in had some interesting history, usually macabre.

After many guests (and team) enjoyed another kind of spirit at the bar, for nerves obviously! We started by splitting the guests into two groups, one group stayed in the Tudor Room, the other, my group headed into The Parliament Restaurant where we let the guests use our equipment which consisted of K2 meters, dialogue meters and a tricorder, many hotspots were detected and spirit generally stepped forward to be noticed, the dialogue meters proved to be quite active and spirit was able to communicate with guests through basic yes and no questioning.

After a while I suggested that we hold a séance to try to get spirit to come forward and give the group some form of personal evidence. After a short amount of time a young boy called Timothy aged about 6-7 years old came forward, the group had already detected him via the tricorder and our other electronic equipment. Timothy was wearing a smart suit with short trousers, not a school uniform, and by his appearance he looked as if he came from the 1810s. He also brought his Sister with him, called Mary but she was rather shy. However between them they managed to move the arms of some of the guests. Hot and cold spots were also felt by the guests, but generally the energy seemed only to interact with those nearest to the kitchen.

There was also another female energy present, she was about 23 years old and was very shy, and she emerged from the kitchen area and stayed within an invisible boundary from the kitchen door to mid-way into the restaurant. She did not interact with the guests, but she could see that Timothy and Mary were interacting with us.

Throughout the séance I could sense a male energy sitting near the bar, he appeared to be very grumpy almost angry and he appeared to be dressed in clothing which I would associate as being from 1920s – 1930s. He did not want to interact with the group and stayed in the same place, muttering to himself.

After we broke the séance circle I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experiment, which was stopped mid-flow due to a very noisy crowd making their way along the walkway just outside, but after we re-commenced the experiment there were two EVPs recorded. One which has been added to our website as it is very clear and the other which we cannot establish what exactly is being said.

You can listen to the clear one at

Many guests wandered over to where this disgruntled gentleman appeared to me and our electronic equipment picked up his energy. Some of the guests also photographed orbs in this location.

During this part of our investigation I set up the laser grid in the hope of seeing a spirit manifestation, as we have had some success with this in the past; however nothing notable happened at the time.

Some photographs were taken of the ceiling in the area which separates the bar and the restaurant and someone noticed that there seemed to be a woman’s face looking down through the window, but alas this turned out to be a mannequin! However during this time many people photographed what seemed to be a patch of brickwork on the ceiling, there was no brickwork. At the time the photographs looked very real however on examining the photos that we took and those taken by some of the guests we can conclude that it wasn’t brickwork, it was the wooden beam, which although doesn’t look anything like brickwork under certain circumstances the wood of the beam is reflected in the flash, which lightens the wood and since the beam is etched this looks like brickwork because the beam is out of focus. A mystery solved!

The second session we swapped the groups and my group headed into the café since the noise on the street had quietened down. We were assembled in the cellar of the café and although there were spirit energies present the activity was rather subdued. We did however hear some very loud bangs and crashes which sounded like they were emanating from right above us, but we know that we were the only people in this area. A male energy called David made himself known to the group via a electronic equipment, I could also sense him and he told me that he was involved in an RTA (Road Traffic Accident) in the 1980s. I thought that he was riding a motorcycle as he was dressed in leathers, but he answered via our dialogue meter that he was not on a motorcycle. What his fate was I do not know because he didn’t provide us with answers.

I found this café area strange, not because of the lack of spirit energy, but when I first visited The Red Lion this room seemed to be electric and I felt vitalised and full of energy, yet on the night the reverse was true, everyone including me felt drained and tired which was a huge disappointment as I was hoping for some great activity to take place in this room.

After this session we headed into the cellar which is situated on the other side of the public walkway. This was a very spooky place and the group was split. The majority of us were in the main cellar and a couple of guests were near to the beer cask entrance as the other group reported some strangeness when they were here.

A male energy joined us he was from Norfolk aged between 17 and 19 years old, called Phillip and seemed to be a very simple minded chap. He did not physically interact with the group instead we heard all manner of strange noises like groaning, whistling, loud bangs, knocking and all round weird noises. Every time something happened all the guests jumped, as these noises came with no warning and were not caused from people walking on the pavement above us, as we could hear everything that was happening on the street above, the noises in the cellar were coming from the floor or from within the hotel.

The group of people who stayed by the beer cask entrance heard and felt much more than they bargained for and on many occasions some very loud bangs and crashes were heard in this area and just after the noises the guests who were near that area screamed!

During this session a guest felt a party popper (which was stored there) hit his leg which made him jump! And two guests witnessed a Christmas tree (which was being stored) move in front of their eyes. Some of this session has been videoed and hopefully the noises especially the whistling have been recorded. Many orbs were definitely recorded.

The final session of the evening we allowed the guest to roam between the rooms, as my team were all staying overnight and we had the majority of the haunted rooms.

In room 7 which has many stories, a mist formation was photographed by a guest and an EVP was recorded, however the EVP is unintelligible and has been sent off for further analysis.

In room 6 we tried a scrying experiment and all guests who stood in front on the mirror could feel their features change, the spectators could see the results and on several occasions the spirit energy that people could see looked either scary or malicious which frightened some of the guests!

One of my team members who was staying in room 9 reported that when he entered the room the shower was on, much to his amazement. He was not responsible for this as when we arrived he just dumped his overnight bag in the room and then joined the rest of the group in the bar.

After the public investigation had finished, those who were staying in the hotel overnight, which included some guests as well as the team members decided to re-visit the cellar, as it was now much quieter on the streets of Colchester. As before some of us were near the beer cask drop and the rest of the group in the main part of the cellar. I stayed by the Christmas tree in the hope of seeing it move and to experience some of the noises which seem to be related to this old opening. We heard many strange noises here but during the séance which was being conducted in the main cellar I felt that there was an unwelcome spirit energy and although this energy was doing what was asked of him – gentle movements etc. – I felt that one of the guests would soon need my help. I thought I knew which guest it was going to be as this guest (who will remain nameless) has had a similar experience at another investigation of mine.

When I entered the room the guest that needed help was Andy, his partner Wendy was scared of him and said that she felt that Andy was looking menacing and threatening even though Andy was feeling generally fine, he could feel an unusual force or energy around him and I realised what was in progress and stepped in to help Andy, and ultimately Wendy! The spirit energy that was responsible was called Adrian Muller and he was able to push Andy with great force whilst I was standing directly behind Andy, which was probably just as well because otherwise I think Andy would have fallen over.

After giving Andy some much needed energy in the form of emergency healing and placing him in the circle the feeling that he had and his appearance to the group had changed, Wendy could now look at him without being scared!

This event was a huge success and the guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves, we as a team also had a fantastic night and we cannot wait to return to The Red Lion Hotel as I believe there is so much more to experience at this venue.

We have recorded many hours of video footage which is currently being analysed for audio-visual anomalies; any results will be published on our website in due course.

Our next public event at The Red Lion is scheduled for 14th April 2012 and tickets are available from our website.

This venue is also available for private events (birthdays, hen nights etc.), for more information please see our website.

I would like to thank all the staff, especially Warren the General Manager for making this event run smoothly and Jason the Night Porter who although sceptical helped us with the event into the early hours.

Steve Moyle
Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events


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