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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 13th February 2015

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 13th February 2015
Colchester, Essex

Being a Friday night, yes Friday the thirteenth we were hopeful for some great activity, we really wanted the episode with the light bulb to happen again. The light bulb incident happened on a private Hen night ghost hunt in January at the Red Lion Hotel. A group were sitting in the Restaurant to start to use a Ouija board when we all heard a metal “ping” sound and then one of the light bulbs from the chandelier fell and landing on the lap of someone participating in the Ouija board session. What was noteworthy is that the light bulb in question was a bayonet type bulb, which means it has to be pushed down and twisted before it comes out and that the bulb was undamaged and worked perfectly afterwards.

There were less guests than a normal ghost hunt at the Red Lion Hotel so the plan was to hold four sessions with guests.

Both my sessions in the cellar we were joined by a familiar spirit, a drayman, Michael about 57 years old and from a time when the hotel was a very busy place. We were also joined by a shy female spirit energy who did not give her name. She was dressed in Victorian clothing and seemed to be a Lady.

Most of the guests felt their arms being moved on command when we were holding a séance. Some guests also felt cold spots and heard odd noises. On one occasion I asked for spirit to make a noise and immediately we heard a very loud noise, it wasn’t anything paranormal, as it was from the high street, but just happened at the very point that I asked for it. When I asked for the spirit to push or move people, the spirits obliged and several people were pushed, swayed and pulled backwards.

The following two sessions I held tech sessions in room 7. These sessions I used lots of our electronic ghost hunting equipment like KII meters, Ghost Pro meters, a Mel meter and a Spirit Box.

Both sessions we have lots of KII and communication via the Ghost Pro meters, plus fluctuations on the Mel meter, both in terms of electromagnetic energy and temperature.

The first group however everyone’s Christian name was spoken or repeated via the Spirit box, along with many different answers to the questions asked. These answers were immediate; sometimes before the person asking the question had finished asking! With the second group the spirit only spoke one name; Dean and a few answers to questions.

This was a very enjoyable ghost hunt and we look forward to returning over the coming months.

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