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Charlton House ghost hunt 31st January 2015 (Kym)

Charlton House ghost hunt 31st January 2015

Area: Cellar
Equipment: Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Writing Planchette

Group B – We started by using the dowsing rods & pendulums, and each person had lots of movement from the start, we were also hearing noises near us, but couldn’t ascertain what.  We asked spirit to point the rods to where the spirit was standing and they pointed towards where the noise came from.  We explored the area for short while, and whilst all standing in one area we heard a male breath next to us twice, asking the rods to point where the spirit was standing, they pointed towards where we heard the noise.  We tried the writing planchette and had some gentle movement at first, then the planchette started moving in a very fast circular pattern, changing direction and speed when asked.  The planchette would lift up on the corners too.  We asked spirit to move the planchette to places on the paper to indicate yes & no, and was able to answer a few questions.  He was male and drew the number 8 for his age.  But we felt the energy was too strong for a boy.

Group C – Started with rods & pendulums, and all were moving.  Asking questions we had a male and female spirit.  Rods again all pointed to where we felt the spirit(s) were.  With the writing planchette we had again random circles, and when requesting spirit to show the planchette a yes & no, confirmed a child again.  Were feeling cold touches on our hands when touching the planchette.  We kept hearing noises, similar to someone walking over a metal manhole cover.  In a different part of the cellar there is an air event to outside, unsure what was on the outside though.  However, we did feel the noise came from near us, and there were manhole covers in the cellar.  I walked with one guest to a different part of the cellar and we felt extreme cold next to us, but this was not near the outside vent.  Then after a short while it moved away from both of us.

Group D – Using the rods & pendulums we picked up again on a male & female spirit, and again after a short while all guests went to explore the area.  With the writing planchette the movement was alot more gentle.  We asked spirit to draw the number of guests touching the planchette – it was four – and the number 4 was drawn.  With another guest (not on the table) drawing a shape on paper, we asked spirit to copy it, with the guests touching the planchette not seeing what was drawn.  It was a circle in a square, however only a circle was drawn.  Tried again with a triangle, but planchette just drew lots of random circles, etc.  Guests tried with just touching the planchette with pinkies and it continued drawing all over the paper.  The planchette also kept lifting up many times too.

Group A – Started with rods & pendulums, and again a male & female spirit were with us. Louise (guest) went to sit in a small area that had stairs going to no-where.  She started feeling very sad, wanting to cry.  They were picking up on a male spirit that had raped women.  All went to explore, and two guests came running back as they heard footsteps behind them but no-one there.  Julie (guest) went to check and she heard the footsteps behind her, again no-one there.  We tried the writing planchette and it started moving.  Didn’t receive anything legible, except lots of random writing.

With the controlled sessions finished, all guests and team went to explore the whole building.  Initially I went with some guests and team to the loft, although spirit were present, I felt there were too many people there to get any evidence.  I then went to some upstairs rooms and watched some table tipping.  The table was moving alot, and we asked spirit to take the table back to Jo (team), who had been in that room earlier.  She was downstairs, and although spirit did try to ‘walk’ the table down the stairs, the steps were too slippery so the table ‘walked’ to the lift!  After coming out of the lift, the table was promptly ‘walked’ to Jo!  I then joined some guests in the library, and noticing a chair standing randomly in the middle of the room, I asked if the guests wanted to try ‘moving’ the chair.  We stood and kneeled around the chair and immediately it started rocking, very gently.  With the chair being padded and on a higly polished floor, we all felt it was impossible for anyone to make it happen.  Then we asked spirit to slide the table, and twice it did just that!
Again a fab night at Charlton House – looking forward to the next one!

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