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Red Lion hotel hen night 9-3-2012

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Hen night ghost hunt at the Red Lion Hotel, Colchester – 9th March 2012.

As a team we were thoroughly looking forward to returning to the Red Lion as it was a brilliant ghost hunt the first time around, this time we were hoping for more of the same. We also came prepared with more of our kit, this time four infra-red remote cameras, which our guests can control throughout the night.

Colchester is a very interesting place, not least because about 30mins before we started a group walked by outside dressed as Cavaliers, random and strange!

The Hen party group had not done anything like this before and my introductory talk didn’t help matters when I told them that we would be predominately in the dark, some guests became scared at this.

However once we spilt into two groups, one heading for the haunted bedrooms, the other into the Parliamentary Restaurant and bar. Each group had a range of electronic kit, namely K2 metres and our ghost communicators, alongside some of our less technical kit, bouncy led balls.

After a while a young male energy 8-9 years old made himself known to me, he was dressed in a smart suit with knee length trousers, not a school uniform and he was from the 1850s and as I said at the time he would have grown up to be a gentleman as he was from a well to do family.

I also sensed another male energy who I met on our last visit, he was a grumpy old bugger as I put it. He mainly stayed near to the bar or public toilet entrance. The guests enjoyed their time communicating with the energy. The energy however didn’t like me the first time and he surely didn’t like me this time. The energy was about 70 years old, fairly short wearing a flat cap and smoking a pipe. Whilst Michelle was communicating with him and asking him to touch her, another guest who was in the restaurant felt a touch on her elbow. During Michelle’s questions I recorded some audio and a very clear EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena, a.k.a. ghost voice) was recorded.

One of the guests proclaimed his name was Robert. When asked if this was true the communicator responded with a “Yes” answer. The guest in question (Julie) stated that the energy held her hand when we were in the restaurant and that it was a pleasant experience for her. Although at this point Julie was rather tearful.

We also started using the writing planchette and some writing did occur, although the results were not conclusive. All the while Michelle was communicating to the spirit via our ghost communicator.

Our communicator device also flashed quite a lot which we have never seen before. The energy asked if I would move further away, which I duly complied with.

The energy also stood very close to Michelle and during this time our camera was out of focus, as soon as the energy stepped away from Michelle the camera refocused. Although when the energy returned and stood beside another guest (also Michelle) the camera went out of focus again.

Many guests saw a shadow within the restaurant which due to the lighting could have only come from within the restaurant (as the lights were outside on the wall) at the same time everyone heard a sound, although we have no idea what it could have been. Also one of our motion sensors was set off when no-one was near it.

Many guests commented that they felt uncomfortable in the ladies toilet, this seems to be a recurring feature of the ghost hunts that we have undertaken at the Red Lion hotel.

After a short break we headed for the cellar, which is one of the most interesting cellars I have encountered. On speaking to the manager he hold us that there is reputed to be a tunnel which goes to the Castle from these cellar, whether this is true or not remains a mystery.

As usual when a person walk heavily on the gratings outside the noise reverberates throughout the cellar, and when this happens all the guests jump!

A male energy was fairly quick to join us, his name was Archie de Marquis and he proceeded to give the guests some sense of his presence in the form of gentle touching and moving the guests arms.

Many guests felt pins and needles in their arms, cobweb sensations around their faces and numbness throughout their arms.

All in all a very enjoyable evening for the guests and us.

Spiritualist Medium
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Pluckley Screaming Woods private ghost hunt 28-1-2012

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Pluckley Screaming Woods 28-1-2012

We get many requests to hold ghost hunts, not just at many of our outdoor locations but also indoors for birthday parties and hen nights. This visit however was a surprise ghost hunt as a Hen party. The night did not disappoint.

There are a number of ‘hot spots’ within these woods where the spiritual activity is greater than in other areas and I always start in one of the most active areas.

After some very high readings on the K2 metre we formed a séance circle and I described a spirit energy that had followed us onto this path, this turned out to be Emma’s (the hen) God Father who was called Tom. He however stepped back to allow the spirit energies who were present to interact with the guests.

The first was an energy called Philip aged in his early 20s with ginger hair and pale skin, he proceeded to gently push and pull the guests and move some of the guests’ arms.

We were also joined by a female energy called Anita 34 years old who was dressed in a Edwardian style, she gave the group little attention although she smiled whist Philip moved the guests.

After this séance I conducted an EVP (ghost voice) experiment and one of the guests had a very clear answer after their question, you can listen to it here

In the second location, which is also a very active area Emma heard someone clear their throat just behind her and to her left. Since I was the only man present she knew it wasn’t me because I was in front of her. We were joined by a young male energy, his name was Patrick and he was 7 years old and dressed in 1980s attire. It transpired that he was a runaway child. This information was gathered using our ghost communicator. Michelle (guest) also felt he rucksack being tugged.

There was also an unwelcome angry energy present, he stood about 6’ tall and had dark black hair with a square looking face. Since he seemed likely to cause trouble we moved on.

Whilst at our next location I set up our laser grid, which has proved very popular with the guests, probably because when this is on the area is well lit! Several people saw a 3’ high mist traversing the grid, and although I could not confirm it but a few guests suggested that it may have been Patrick, the spirit we met earlier as we were just a few hundred metres further along the path. The K2 metre also acted very strangely. During this session I tried a whistle experiment and although no whistles we heard out loud, we all heard footfalls in the woodland immediately to our left, this did not sound like a person walking in the woods but more like someone dragging something.

Our fourth session was on our way out of the woods and we held a final séance. A spirit by the name of Basil McKinley or McKendrick joined us. He was Scottish and told me that he worked as a Butcher in a shop in Tenterden and Headcorn. He was a fairly portly gentleman of 44 years old who was wearing a white shirt and vest, brown corduroy trousers and black boots. Patrick also re-joined us. However there were very few movements however the majority of the guests at this point were rather cold.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and Emma will not forget her Hen party anytime soon.

Spiritual Medium
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