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P-SB7 Spirit Box

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

Spirit Box SB7

P-SB7 Spirit Box ITC Research Device if used as intended it can enable real-time communication with spirits.
The idea and the research suggests that the generated white noise in the gaps of the radio signals enables spirits to talk to us and answer meaningful questions. These are often called Ghost boxes or Frank’s boxes too.

Gary Galka designed this version of the spirit box based on his own research and the tragic death of his daughter who he wanted to talk to from the other side. The ITC stands for Instrumental Trans-communication.

It is the white noise that’s important not the radio waves. We use the device on the FM band scanning at 100ms in reverse because as it picks up radio stations it picks up little snippets of voice, if we were scanning forwards then these could be misinterpreted (For example if you asked “What day is it?” There’s a far chance that one radio station may say the day of the week), this is still true in reverse but there is no chance that you would hear “Sunday” because everything is backwards.

The older models were better because they didn’t receive as many radio signals as the newer versions of the device. However the newer devices have noise cancelling built in on the FM band.
The spirit box really needs an external speaker to hear the responses clearly, or for the person to wear headphones.

The is a really useful and portable piece of kit and over the years we have had some really good responses to questions. For best results you can use a faraday cage or wallet which stops the radio waves from getting to the spirit box, so there is no chance you can hear anything that is broadcast on the radio. The best ever was when a customer asked “what’s my postcode?” and he received a full and accurate answer to which he replied “What colour underwear am I wearing?” Again he had an immediate answer, but this time he had to excuse himself and go and check. The spirit was correct!

There is an SB-11 a so-called improvement, but in reality it didn’t work as well, it was very expensive and not very portable due to its size. Many paranormal investigators and ghost hunters don’t use the SB-11, the SB-7 is the preferred device.

When we bought ours, they cost about £45-55 from either Amazon or eBay although you could buy them direct from ghost shops in the US (you still can, look at and the current price is anywhere between £65 and £75. Sometimes it can be cheaper to buy the item from a US store and have it shipped to the UK as some UK sellers have over-inflated the price due to the device being used on many ghost hunting TV shows.

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Pilgrims Way Woods ghost hunt – 10-8-2012

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Pilgrims Way Woods ghost hunt – 10th August 2012

The last time that I investigated this particular woods was several months ago and I had forgotten how steep the hill is to get to the woods since there is no easy way to get to these woods from either end. After we made our way up the hill, (which gave everyone more exercise than they were anticipating) and onto the disused road of Pilgrims Way I started to explain what had occurred here before and what sort of things the guests could expect, as we (Ghost Hunt Events) do not intend to scare our customers and what we do isn’t designed to be scary, but nevertheless people might get scared because of the location.

After entering the woods and finding a suitable place to sit against a tree I gave the guests some of our kit (a KII meter and a ghost communicator) to allow them to see when spirit energies were close to them and so that they may ask questions that have a yes or no answer.

A female energy joined us, her name was Charlotte and she was aged in her late 50s or early 60s. It transpired from the questions the guests asked that she was not from Kent and had no children nor married. When I asked whether she was here because we were she answered “Yes”. Which isn’t a great surprise to me as this often happens, spirit not related to the location often visit just to participate in whatever we are doing. When people ask why the most common answer is because they can.

There was also a male energy present, although his name I couldn’t understand but it sounded similar to Frank but could have been Framke which might be Swedish? He was in his late 50s and a stocky build and was a farmer.

The guests also questioned this spirit for some time as well as Charlotte. During the periods of questioning there were high levels of KII activity, as if spirit were walking amongst us.

Some of the guests also took photographs at this time and some had photographed light anomalies or orbs, but nothing more interesting than this.

I tried using my SB7 (a Spirit box – which is a device that scans radio waves at 100ms in reverse, so any voices we hear on this we can be sure that it is not being broadcast.) There were possibly a number of names called out on this device and a possible “Hello” but unfortunately there was a lot of radio stations and the usual static was interspersed with lots of snippets of music.

I decided that we should hold a séance so that all the guests would hopefully feel the spirit energies and be affected in some way. Almost as soon as we started there was a very bright white light flash behind where we were standing, which lit up the woods. It was similar to a very powerful camera flash, although no-one took a photo (as we were all holding hands) and there is nothing nearby that could cause this. This was the only time all evening that we saw this.

A male energy came to join us, his name was Timothy. He was 22 years old wearing modern clothing, possibly from 1970s era. He was of a slim build and had ginger hair and fair skin. As I asked him to push the guests I heard him announce to me (no one else heard it) who he was attempting to move or manipulate.

First he pushed Tia (guest) gently from side to side and then in an anticlockwise circle movement, which Tia found a little odd. Timothy then moved on to Natalie (guest) and she too was pushed from side to side and then in the same anticlockwise pattern. As I could see him move around the group I knew exactly who was likely to be next but thought better of announcing it as it would be a greater surprise to the guest when it happened. Suddenly Dawn (guest) too felt as if she had lost her balance and fell backwards, like someone had bumped into her, which surprised her. Both Tia and Natalie were still be moved when Dawn again felt another jolt backwards.

Tia also was pushed forwards and backwards much to her amazement as she was trying to keep still but Timothy was having none of that!

As we were about to finish the séance we all heard a loud noise quite close to us, it sounded like someone had stood on a twig and it had snapped. Since there was no wind and no animal heard rustling this noise was unexpected and anomalous.

After the séance I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment, where I asked all the guests to think of a question to ask Timothy, the more personal a question the more likely the spirit will respond.

After the guests asked their respective question I played the recording back and during this I noted that some of the questions had answers, on the second play of the experiment I pointed out where I heard the possible answers and also we all heard a very distinct “Hello” after I said my name to Timothy. On analysis of this recording there is also another “Hello” after I ask my question which was not audible at the time. You can hear this at

The guests questions also had answers and you can hear these at:-

Considering there were 6 guests and myself this was a very successful EVP experiment, with only one person not having a response after their question.

This concluded our ghost hunt at Pilgrims Way Woods and this is one ghost hunt which will be repeated in the future mainly to see whether we get as many or similar clarity of EVPs as we don’t often get more than one or two per investigation.

Once again the guests thoroughly enjoyed their ghost hunt and we made the long walk back to the cars but thankfully the walk was all downhill.

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