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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 1st August 2015

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 1st August 2015
Colchester, Essex

We always enjoy our visits to the Red Lion Hotel as the team members are usually different which means that the activities are different and the level of paranormal activity is also different.

This particular visit we held sessions throughout the whole event as opposed to letting guests have a free reign session as we had a small group so we held four types of activity.

My first set of sessions were in the cellar for séances. There were two spirit present although the strongest in energy terms was Alex, aged 27 who was a very well-to-do man in the town, dressed smartly in a light grey three piece suit. The other was a drayman who loitered about in the tunnel part of the cellar. He was an older gent who generally stayed in the background.

Alex however was able to lift the guests’ arms and manipulate peoples’ balance. Alex pushed, pulled, sway and generally moved everyone in the first group séance circle around the room. Some people, myself included were pulled to the floor by our arms on more than one occasion, whilst others were tangled by their arms into the centre of the circle. The second séance group did not have the same enthusiastic movement, but they still experienced their arms being raised and some light movements in the form of slight pushing and wobbling. The second group however jumped every time someone walked on the grate on the pavement.

The second sessions I conducted a Ouija board session, the first group had loads of response and a sensible conversation with a local person, however the second group didn’t have any movement at all, so we took the Ouija board into the cellar where there was some good communication, but inevitably the grate on the pavement was walked on much more vigorously which made some of the guests try to vault the Ouija table!

All in all this was an excellent ghost hunt with lots of paranormal experiences encountered by the guests.

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