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Theatre Royal ghost hunt – 15th August 2015

Theatre Royal ghost hunt 15th August 2015
Margate, Kent

As a team we always look forward to investigate a theatre, it is one of those locations much like a library or hospital that is on most ghost hunter’s wish list.

Normally I investigate back stage but on this occasion I decided to use the bar area for my séances.

The first group there was some slight arm movement, this was due to the fact that no-one in that group spoke at all or asked spirit to do anything, so I finished the session early as it was pointless continuing.

The second group had lots of movement and pushed to the floor by their hands, the spirit responsible for this was called Godfrey aged in his early 60s and dressed for the Theatre in 1850s, he was also accompanied by his daughter called Laetitia.

Godfrey was also capable of pushing and swaying several of the guests.

The next two sessions I held on the top floor of the theatre. Mostly in the corridor but also in the seating area. This was a gadget and tech session. The highlight of these sessions was a spirit box session in the male toilets that proved to be very out spoken. The guests heard one of their group’s Christian names, then the age, followed by “hi” and “hello” and answered the question “how many of us in the room?” with “seven” followed by “how many men?” with “four”. I left the guests to see if the spirit would continue answering their questions. Which it did but after a while the guests became scared and returned to the base room.

Lots of guests reported seeing strange lights backstage along with shadows seen on the fly floor (the part of the backstage area used to lower the scenery and backdrops)

This was a very interesting ghost hunt and we look forward to returning in 2016

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