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Fort Borstal – 12-1-2013

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013


I was with Steve most of the night but a couple of highlights for me were; during our second session in the casement galleries I went with some guests to the opposite end to Steve and three guests.  We held a séance circle and initially most of the guests felt like they were being swayed, like on a boat.  Then some guests had some gentle arm movement, to their amazement.  All were enjoying the feeling, until one guest felt like a hand around his wrist.  This unnerved him somewhat and after calming down we realised our session had ended.

After our two controlled sessions I took a group of guests to the Officers Mess.  We tried table tipping but unfortunately only heard the odd taps under the table, however we did hear heavy footsteps in the corridor.  Helen (team) who was filming went to investigate but it stopped.  When she came back into the room we would hear them again.  We then decided to try a séance circle in the corridor, this was very enjoyable as all the guests had some gentle arm movement.  The guests would ask in their head for spirit to move their arms a particular way, and to their surprise they got what they asked.

I then went with a group of guests to the Caponier.  As we went in a group of guests were just finishing talking to spirit on the Ouija table, however when we tried only slight movement on the glass was felt.  But to our amazement we heard a stone thrown on to the ground next to us.  We looked for the stone and found one in a small gulley.  Just when we resumed with the Ouija table we heard another stone fall to the ground.  Again when looking saw a white stone next to the first one, and we knew that one had not been there before.  Then whilst trying the Ouija table again we heard a third stone being thrown onto the wet concrete, however after much searching could not find it.  Here is a photo of the two stones.

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