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Old Police Cells Museum ghost hunt – 13-9-2013

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

The Old Police Cells Museum ghost hunt 13th September 2013
Brighton, East Sussex

The first time that we came to this venue for a ghost hunt was so good we had to revisit it, just to see if the same sensations were experienced.

This time one group had both the male and female cell area to investigate through a one hour session and I took the lower washroom and un-renovated areas.

Starting in the library part of the building, although to call it a library is not right, more a dumping ground for all the things the Town Council don’t know what to do with. We came across a spirit energy who called himself Titan. He was about 5’ tall with grey hair on the back and sides and a small beard and in a way reminded me of a gnome.

Whilst we were in this area some odd noises were heard but little else, I was hoping for some movements like the last visit, but no-one felt anything. Moving back to the washroom and as soon as we entered the far end of the room where the toilets were situated a large male spirit energy came to join us. His name was Adrian and he was a muscular 6’5” policeman from about 1870s. You would not have messed with him! The person who was standing nearest to where Adrian stood felt cold shivers. Asking Adrian to make a noise didn’t unfortunately happen although when asking for him to move people, the only person to be moved was me, which slightly defeated the point of asking.

Many photos were taken and various light anomalies or orbs were photographed. Lots of communication occurred on our electronic equipment and some odd levels of KII (EMF) energy were detected.

The second group to the washroom felt uncomfortable in the library part and one particular guest felt that we should not be in this room as she felt extremely unwelcome. Another guest (who had chosen to wear a policeman’s uniform since visiting the male holding cells in the first session) felt odd and changing cold spots in certain parts of the room. The rest of us tried to find a breeze or at least feel it but none of us could feel what the guest felt.

Once again lots of electronic communication enabled the guests to get some answers to their questions and the strange levels of KII still existed but not in the same areas or rooms seen by the first group. The high levels of KII seen with the first group in the toilet and washroom area had now moved into the library area and the end of the store room.

After everyone had visited the cells and washrooms we all went upstairs to the council chamber room, as I hadn’t visited this room before and whilst we all felt some strange sensations within the room, the level of spirit activity was minimal. It was not due to the amount of spirits as there were two prominent spirits; one was a cleaner from the turn of the 20th Century and the other was a Security guard from 1980s called Derek Jacobs, who worked part time as a local builder.

But neither of these spirits seemed to want to interact with us and touch us. They did however make some noises but unfortunately the rain was louder in this room as the rain lashed on the windows making hearing anything other than the rain very difficult and always left us questioning whether it was spirit or the weather that was responsible for the noises.

We are looking forward to 2014 when we will return to see whether the first ghost hunt or the second ghost hunt activities can be repeated. Plus we will bring some of our hearing enhancement equipment to try to hear the strange noises that we have heard on both occasions.

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