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Landguard Fort – 19th December 2015 – Steve

Friday, February 26th, 2016

Landguard Fort ghost hunt 19th December 2015
Felixstowe, Suffolk


This was our last ghost hunt of the year and we were hopeful that it was going to be a good event, we were not disappointed.

I chose one of the magazine rooms for my séances. These room often have spirit who want to be noticed or what to let people know that they are present.

The first group had loads of paranormal activity with people’s arm being moved on command and sometimes at the will of the spirits. People were also forced and pushed to the floor and unable to get up.

The spirit responsible for this was a Second World War Army soldier called Toby approximately 24 years old. There were also two Ladies present from the same era who were Radio Operators, although the ladies were in the Navy.

The second group to the same area also have lots of paranormal activity with people being moved quickly and being shoved across the room as well as lots of arm movements.

Some of the guests including myself at times felt dizzy and disorientated but this was not caused by any movement.

This was an excellent ghost hunt and we look forward to returning in 2016. All the guests had some form a paranormal activity experience in either of the sessions that we held.

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