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Rye Castle ghost hunt – 26-4-2014

Rye Castle ghost hunt 26th April 2014
Rye, East Sussex

Rye Castle is one of those special places, were it seems innocuous during the day time, but at night things aren’t quite what people expect. That’s why we like it!

Normally all guests are split into two groups, one group in the Women’s Tower, the rest with me in the main Keep, but this time we held a larger séance in the main keep first.

We were joined by Charles, a provincial bobby (countryside) who wore a large cape and carried a storm lantern and Clive who was a local petty criminal aged in his early 30s, wearing a white granddad shirt and green woollen trousers.

The séance started with gentle arm movement, which is what I asked for and then spirit took this to another level by twisting our arms with other people and pushing people off balance. Many of the guests who asked to be moved, touched or pushed got their wish come true as spirit was able to move everyone eventually by pushing them forward and pulling the guests backwards.

At the end of the séance a familiar feeling was felt by everyone in the room, this is something that we have witnessed a few times before, but this feeling is getting more frequent. It is the feeling of being unstable when standing up, after a while all guests had to hold on to something or lean on something as standing unaided felt odd and many reported that if they didn’t they had the sensation that they would fall over.

Anyone who was standing near to the front window felt the sensation of being pulled into the wall, whether this had anything to do with the general sensation in the room remains a mystery.

Half of the guests stayed with me the rest headed into the Woman’s Tower, those with me went into the mortuary part of the tower, and this is now the lower part of the tower.

Some unusual noises were heard, although we all heard them we couldn’t explain what it actually sounded like, the noises were just plain odd.

Whilst I was talking to the guests a World War Two soldier joined us and it would seem just to listen to what was said because he didn’t interact with us. Going upstairs to the main keep into one of the old cells we met a fairly short male spirit his name aptly was Dicky who had been persecuted for killing a chicken. The guests in this cell were able to feel his presence.

Going into the Woman’s Tower one guest reported feeling a tightening sensation around her neck and throat and feeling dizzy. When I stood in the same spot I too felt much the same although the sensation of being dizzy was more prominent. As the session progressed the sensation of feeling dizzy, unsteady and general swaying became more pronounced.

There were two spirits present, one a young female spirit aged in her late teens and a male spirit who took a dislike for me. Whilst we were here in the tower we heard a strange breathing noise, like someone who had difficulty trying to breathe or someone taking their last breath. When I asked for the spirit to touch or move people Katie (guest) felt nauseous. When we were in the lower part of the tower we all heard footsteps on the concrete steps leading to the upstairs and walking across the floor above us, we were the only people in the tower at the time and the tower doesn’t adjoin anything.

At the end of the evening all the guests were in the keep whilst Ted, the museum guide was locking the Woman’s Tower and we were watching on the CCTV. There was a chain that when put in place across the room seemed to sway, nothing unusual in this, but it took a very long time to stop swaying and then when it nearly stopped, it started swaying again. We wondered whether this was due to Ted shutting the door and creating a draft, but as we watched the swaying get more pronounced Ted walked into the Keep. This continued for at least 5 more minutes before coming to rest.

Once again a great night and our first for 2014 at Rye Castle, hopefully the rest of our ghost hunts at Rye will be just as active.

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