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Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt – 23-7-2011

Pluckley Screaming Woods – 23rd July – Private Ghost Hunt

After walking deep into the woods we stopped at a familiar path (to me), one which has surpassed all our expectations on previous visits to Pluckley woods.

Using my EMF (K2) Metre to show the guests that spirit energy was around, I waited until the energies were close to us before starting a séance.

The first séance a female spirit by the name of Natasha (Tash) stepped forward, she was in her late 20s and about 5’5″ in height. She had long ginger hair and fair skin and was wearing a white dress. She gave me the impression that she was from the 1860s and she was a farmer’s daughter. Almost immediately Nicky (guest) was being gently rocked and mine and Tabitha’s (guest) arms were being moved. After several minutes of Nicky being gently pushed the energy moved around the circle and gave Tabitha the same treatment. A male energy made himself known to me, he was called Tom McBride, aged in his 50s and was about 6′ tall. He was Tash’s father and a well-built gentleman with a very square looking face and what I would call salt & pepper hair colour. Between the two energies they began to firmly push or pull various people although both Laura’s (guests) had very little movement at this time.

During this séance various rustling noises were heard and Tabitha kept looking over her shoulder as she thought she could hear some foot falls of people approaching.

At the end of this session I conducted an EVP experiment and then everyone started taking photos, some of these pictures feature in our Ghostly Gallery

After a short break we proceeded to walk deeper into the woods, to another location which has proved to be active on our other Pluckley ghost evenings.
At this location I suggested that we conduct a séance first to build up the energy and then use a Ouija board.

A male spirit who was aged in his late teens eventually stepped forward, he seemed quite shy and had the appearance of someone who lived rough. His name was David and once he gained confidence he was able to quite forcibly move Laura (who was on my left) with ease. He also moved everyone’s arms and at one point when Tabitha was feeling itchy our arms moved to where the itch was, much to the amazement of Tabitha. At this location many noises were heard, one particular noise which was not paranormal in any way was a cub fox or small mammal calling out, it was a very persistent squeak. During the séance however we all heard a growling noise, which is something that I have not experienced in these woods before, this growling was very close to us and mainly scared everyone. When I left the circle to search for the source of the noise it stopped. Also during the séance various cold spots were noted by some people whereas the person standing next to them noticed nothing. After all movements ceased I decided to set up the Ouija board.

Very quickly an energy came forward and started communicating with us, he was very capable in the use of a Ouija board and knew exactly what to do (which is fairly rare). As he was spelling his Christian name, Nicky told everyone that she knew what it was and to her amazement she was correct. His name was Frank Tanner who lived on the Isle of Man, he was 27 years old when he passed in 1960 and he committed suicide by jumping into a path of a train (on the mainland). His suicide was due to money concerns. He was married to Rita and had 4 daughters. During this session we all heard a noise which we had no heard all evening and when asked Frank said it were he who was making the noise. I asked him to make the same noise again and although quite quiet we all heard the noise.

I asked Frank a question that I have been meaning to ask spirit on a Ouija board for some time. The question was ‘What were you doing immediately prior to this?’ His response was sailing and when I asked where, he gave no answer, in fact he basically told us he couldn’t answer and it was a secret, or something that we do not need to know until it is our turn. It was all very interesting.

After we had finished the Ouija board Tabitha said she could hear a faint whistle or flute, most of the other guests also heard this, but I only heard the last incarnation of this sound. Strangely the direction of this sound was the same direction that we heard the female scream from our March (2011) event and we were in more or less the same spot in the woods.

On the way park to the car park I stopped in a different part of the wood, this part seems to watch you and generally people feel very vulnerable here. Quite quickly the EMF Metre showed us that there was indeed spirit energy about and I suggested holding a séance. Since no torch was on it was extremely dark and Laura (to my right) seemed to have longer hair than she actually had, Nicky and Tabitha also commented on this. Nicky also said that I looked much broader in the shoulders and had an ‘Afro’ hairstyle. At one point Laura felt that I was looking into her face and quite close. I hadn’t moved. A male energy was responsible for the rather violent movements felt by Nicky & Tabitha. He seemed an angry man who was intent on causing trouble, he was aged in his late 20s and came across as a mischievous person. During this séance I had become deaf in one ear, which was not nice since everyone else could hear foot falls and rustling, I could hear it but since deaf in one ear could not locate which direction the sound was coming from. After a short while I suggested we end the séance since the energy had generally stopped moving people and not much else was happening.

Another excellent ghost hunt in Pluckley Screaming Woods, which rarely fails to deliver spiritual activity in some form, although I have noticed that smaller groups here generally get much better results.

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