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Pluckley Screaming Woods – 24-8-2012

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt – 24th August 2012

Given that the rain had been lashing down most of the evening I wasn’t expecting for Pluckley Woods to be busy, it was with various groups of people in the woods, some were camping & drinking and lighting fires, some were doing what we were; ghost hunting.

For whatever reason one group of people thought that they would follow us, however they were not dressed for the occasion and gave up after about 20mins after they had walked through a lot of mud!

I walked to my normal starting point as this is one of the most active areas within Pluckley Woods where we more or less instantly had very high levels of KII activity and high levels of communication via our electronic equipment. We were also joined by a spirit by the name of Jeffery or Jeff who was about 33-34 years old with light brown short hair wearing green coloured trousers and a check shirt. He told me that he was a woodman. The guests were then able to communicate with him via the devices.

The second location, once again there were high levels of KII activity and various guests all thought that they had seen shadows on the path. Given that there were a lot of people in the woods I set up the laser grid so that any movement could be monitored easily. There was also a female spirit energy present, her name was Elizabeth and she was dressed in summer attire possibly from the early 1900s. However she did not want to talk to me.

The third location we held a séance and although some people of the group did not participate, those that did felt the spirit energies in the form of gentle arm movement and some gently pushing. Mark (guest) had to step out of the circle as he felt sick. The spirit energy that was responsible for this was called Marc who was French aged in his early 20s. He was quite a cocky but laid back person who was able to move people quite easily and usually very unexpectedly.

Towards the end of this session we all heard the sound of a cry, although it didn’t sound like an animal. After we finished the séance I held an EVP experiment because we were hearing various noises in the woods, some sounded like footfalls but the majority didn’t.

The best of the ghost voices (EVPs – Electronic Voice Phenomena) can be heard at:-

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt in Pluckley woods with some excellent spiritual activity felt by the guests.

Spiritualist Medium
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Wychling Woods ghost hunt 13-1-2012

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Wychling Woods ghost hunt – Friday 13th January 2012

In the past these woods have been so very scary, but with the time of year, January many of the trees that on previous occasions looked menacing are now bare, however this didn’t have any great bearing on the ghost hunt, as this area is very haunted, and the nearly full moon gave the whole woods an eerie feel. The temperature however was not to our liking as it was about -4 degrees Celsius.

After leaving the cars and entering the newer woodland area we stopped at a nominal point and started with our first séance, we were joined fairly quickly by a male energy who was in his early 20s, with dark hair and of a stocky build and dressed in what I would call fairly normal farm hand clothing. He gave me his name as Marc Bradbury or Braybury and he passed over in the early 1860s. Marc then proceeded to walk around the circle and started to move a few of the guests arms, very gently and also pushed a couple of the guests also very gently.

Another energy made herself known to me, a young female energy aged about 25 and seemed to be from the Victorian era (based on her clothing), but she was very shy and did not seem to want to get involved with us. Many strange noises were heard at this location, although many of them sounded like normal woodland animals, there were one of two noises which sounded more like footfalls and whistling. The area is known for its strange whistling sounds.

After walking back through the woodland we arrived back at the Church and ventured into the woodland behind the church, I was hoping to find the particular area where we had so much activity the last time I visited these woods, but because of the lack of tree cover and the combination of the moon light I was unable to find this area. I however used my K2 EMF meter to locate a suitably active area that was fairly free of undergrowth and small trees and we held our second séance.

After a while an older gent stepped forward, he seemed to be dressed well, wearing a three piece black with pin stripes suit and gave me the impression that he was of a man of importance, like a Mayor or Councillor. He was in his early 50s, mostly bald and had a well groomed beard which was salt & pepper in colour. He did not interact with the group, but ushered the words “You are playing with fire” to me. From this statement I deduced that he may have been a religious man and this sort of activity did not meet his approval.

There were also a pair of male twins that stepped forward, these gents were in their early 20s and I had the impression that they could have been very mischievous if they wanted to be. Many footfall sounds were heard here, the majority of these sounds came from behind me and although I am used to hearing animal sounds in woods, some of the noises sounded like much bigger animals than the usual rabbits, foxes and badgers. Even though the woodland and undergrowth cover was light I and the guests did not see any eyes, which was quite unnerving. The temperature was getting to the guests and subsequently the group split up, with the majority of the group heading further into the woods.

One of the guests had with them an ovulus and a ghost box, these are used to try to get spirit to talk through these machines, however there were spirit around, namely a young boy called Anthony who was about 6 years old, but the results of the ghost box and the ovulus were extremely subjective. I also carried out EVP experiments but there was no spirit voices recorded.

Once again an interesting ghost hunt, but due to the weather being very cold we will return to this location later in the year to see whether the spirit activity will increase and be as productive as last year.

Steve Moyle
Spiritualist Medium
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Oldbury Hill Fort – 5-11-2011

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

Oldbury Hill Fort 5th November

After losing sight of the main path and trekking up the embankment we walked into the woods and stopped at one of the many crossroads as the EMF Metre I was holding was showing high levels of spirit energy. I decided we would hold a séance at this spot.

Within a matter of minutes there were lots of child energies around, one made himself known to me, he was called Simon and was quite tall and about 12-13 years old. He was also skinny and stood about 5’4”. He wore a hessian shirt and what looked to be home-made shoes tied together with twine. This energy made Tony, Steve and Brett (guests) feel very cold. Everyone else heard many footfalls for all directions, but the majority we heard in the direction that we had just walked. When we were walking to this spot I commented to Sean that it felt like we were being followed and he agreed. Also during this séance some guests heard horse hooves and other noises which all sounded like someone creeping about in the woods.

A male energy also made himself known to me and he seemed to be from 1860s, he also gave me the impression that he was a technical man as he held plans and surveys. This energy called himself Peter and he was a strict man. Upon his arrival Steve, Tim and Kerry (guests) all heard footsteps behind them and also some strange lights. Noises we also heard behind Lynn (guest) and Sean that sounded like mumbling and whisperings.

During our EVP experiment some people heard horses hooves again and on playing back the recording two strange knocks we heard after a guest asked their question (this is still being analysed) which no-one heard during the EVP experiment.

After this I set up the laser grid and asked spirit to walk through the grid, the first time this happened the mist seemed to come towards us, much to the amazement of the guests, unfortunately I didn’t see it properly as I was talking to a guest at the time, but I did see the tell end of it. I also noted that no one was smoking at the time. Many shadows we also seen within the grid and guests walked into the grid to see if they could sense anything. However when they had all come back to the group we all saw another mist come from behind us “walk” into the grid and then “evaporate” about half way in the visible light.

From here we moved deeper into the woods and found ourselves standing in the Medieval cart tracks, whilst EMF activity was high here and at one point we all heard some whistling, spirit activity was generally quite low. We decided to split into two smaller groups and make our way back towards the cars.

My group stopped at a small outcrop of stones which was extremely high in spirit energy the EMF Metres was constantly on Red (the highest).

We started a séance here and a female energy called Lily immediately made herself known to me, she was about 40 years old and wore a simple dress, she had long brunette hair, her daughter appeared almost instantly and she had almost white blonde hair. I asked whether they would push the guests and they complied pushing the two Steve’s (guests) backwards, which they found very interesting as they were both facing downhill and this was unnatural, but it was also very forceful and neither of them knew when it was going to happen, this continued for a few minutes. There was also some gentle arm movement between Brett and Kerry and Tim and me. At one point Brett was pushed towards the two Steve’s and he also commented that he felt very relaxed and comfortable. We then moved the circle around just to see what would happen and almost instantly Tim and Kerry (who were now standing where the two Steve’s were previously standing) were pushed backwards and the two Steve’s were now being pushed forwards and backwards.

When I announced that we should be making our way back to the others a great sadness was felt, mainly from the spirits but unusually Brett felt very tearful and at one stage her was physically crying and as he said the spirit seemed reluctant for us to leave. Just as we were about to go Brett felt a touch on his shoulder which surprised him.

I then questioned whether the spirit should not be sent on, as they seemed very sad and I wondered whether they needed help in crossing over. We asked them many questions and they responded by lighting the EMF Metre. But the responses were inconclusive as they wanted to stay and were reluctant to cross over.

We conducted another EVP experiment during which many sounds were heard in the surrounding woodland and all in the direction of where these two energies were standing.

Our walk down the hill from here was uneventful and we were not too far from the other group.

A very enjoyable evening with a lot of physical activity and definitely a very interesting place which we intend to return to when the weather warms up.

Spiritualist Medium
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Bicknor Church & Woods – 4-11-2011

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

Bicknor Woods ghost hunt 4th November

On moving into the woods we started holding a séance to build the enrgy and almost immediately a male energy joined us, his name was Marcus and he passed in 1843, he was wearing a purple shirt, like a (Hollywood impression) pirate’s shirt. He gently moved Russ’ and my hands and gently pushed Gavin. During this time we all heard many footfalls along the pathway, which spooked many people since we had left a torch on the path was clearly visible and nothing was seen. Another guest Ben saw lights in the distant wood and from time to time we all heard the sound of mumbling, like women chatting.  The EMF Metre was left outside the circle and on many occasions this was showing high activity. Many cold spots were also felt by various people in the group, since it wasn’t a particularly cold evening and there was no breeze to speak of these cold spots seemed to be much colder than the breeze could have caused. Marcus (the energy) moved the hands of Mike and Tammy much to their amazement. After the séance Ben felt unwell and drained.

Whilst we were moving to the next location a strange buzzing was heard overhead, there seemed no reason for this. It felt like something flying overhead but no-one saw or heard anything.

At the second location whilst we were standing in a circle, many of the guests felt huge blasts of cold air, which was not caused by the weather because deeper into the woods there was little wind. After a while I and Ben both felt a sharp pain in our right knees, I didn’t sense a spirit who was responsible for this as it just seemed to come from nowhere. Also in this location we all heard footfalls and once again no explanation could be offered for this as there were torches left on and nothing could be seen to create the noise.

Once we rejoined the main path the EMF Metre was constantly showing all lights lit, the resultant energy was a female energy, she told me that she and her family passed in 1908 by suicide. Although she was now very happy and she made some noises around us, however whilst some of us could hear the footstep sounds, not everyone could hear them.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt at Bicknor and this is one place that does not seem to disappoint with regards to spirit activity.

Spiritualist Medium
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Pluckley Screaming woods ghost hunt – 8-10-2011

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Whilst we were preparing ourselves in the car park another group of intrepid ghost hunters set off, we waited until they had walked out of our sight before we too set off I mention this because of what happened 3 hours later (keep reading to find out!)

We made our way to our usual spot, I go to this particular area because it is a general “hot spot” of spiritual activity. We started with a séance after my EMF metre showed a lot of activity. A male energy made himself know to me, he was about 20 years old a tall gentleman of slim build called Phillip and he looked like a farmhand from the 1930s. At first there was some gentle arm movement amongst the guests and then various cold spots were felt by various people. At the same time that some of us were feeling cold spots, both Alice & Georgina (guests) were feeling incredibly hot and Georgina had to be placed in the centre of the circle for her to cool down.

All the while we were hearing footfalls (it wasn’t the other group they walked in a completely different direction). These footfalls sounded like a lone person, too big for an animal, but as soon as one person heard the noise it stopped.

A male energy also joined us, he was about 60 years old and seemed to be trader, as he was pushing a wooden cart laden with fresh produce (vegetables and fruit). This energy didn’t seem vert talkative and proceeded on his way without interacting with the group.

At this point I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experiment, the results of which are still being analysed.

We then moved further down the path, but unfortunately it started to rain, although we did not get wet as the trees provided sufficient cover from the rain. In this location we saw lots of shadows but unfortunately we didn’t hear anything because of the amount of rain masked any noises from the wood. Whilst here we were interrupted by the other group who seemed to be walking the entire circumference of the wood on the red path, which takes about 2 hours to walk.

Our third location was in the area in which I (and others) have heard several spiritual whistles, I say spiritual because some were heard audibly and some were only recorded on my digital recorder, as we didn’t hear them at the time, but the recorder did. In this location we heard many noises some of them sounded very heavy as if a large object had fallen, however since it was still raining it was very difficult to pinpoint where exactly the noises were emanating from. The EMF activity in this location was very high, with a general pulsing through the various lights, this seemed to correspond with the noises heard within the woods.

At one point we all heard a very loud cracking noise followed by a very heavy thud, which some guests felt through their feet. Once again at this location we also heard various footfalls alongside the heavy sounding noises.

As we were walking out of the woods as the rain became too heavy for us to continue, myself & John (guest) were at the back and to both of us it felt like we were being followed out of the woods.

When we got to about the halfway stage (halfway to the car park) we met the other group who had decided that they were lost and had obviously decided to wait for us (on a crossroad) to ask for directions, which I found very amusing, because we could have walked on a different path and they would have been waiting a very long time and it also highlights a very important point, getting lost in such a big wood as Pluckley isn’t a very sensible idea especially on cold and wet nights. Or with people who don’t know how to get out of the woods! We visit all of our locations in the day time so that we know exactly which way to go.

It was a productive night and although the spiritual activity was mooted somewhat (due to the weather) many orb photographs were captured by the guests and we have several EVPs which may be cleaned up enough for the results of the questions to be heard properly.

Spiritualist Medium
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Hucking Estate woods ghost hunt – 10-9-2011

Monday, September 19th, 2011

The first event here, albeit a private event was a very scary night with lots of activity, we were hoping that this event would be similar. Although a little disappointing that it wasn’t quite so scary it was however very fruitful in terms of evidence captured by guests and team in the form of photos and EVP recordings.

The first session was held in the same place that we had the coin incident from the first investigation (Read the first report A male energy by the name of Tomas joined us, he was a woodman and he began by pushing Nicky, Tabitha and myself, making all us feel  like we were on a boat. During this time many footfalls were heard in the surrounding woodland, as if someone were approaching but never arrived. Lights were seen by many guests and the EMF metres recorded a lot of spirit activity. One of the guests (Graham, had his jacket tugged). However only half the group were getting any sensations so we split up into two smaller groups.

After we allowed several minutes for the other group to walk away from us, we held another séance in the same area. Almost immediately we all heard various strange noises and strange lights again were seen, some of these were very bright & although we cannot rule out that it could have been from the other group, the direction of these lights seen were not where they were supposed to have been. A younger male energy joined us, about early 20s about 5’ in height and of a stocky build with short cropped black hair. He was wearing a white/cream granddad shirt and had leather patches on his trousers. Possibly he could have been a Farrier. This energy had no problem in moving many of us and once again Tabitha and myself seemed to be standing on very unstable ground as neither of us had any balance.

After leaving this area we decided to try to walk through the woods to where the other group were, however this proved (like last time) rather difficult as the woodland paths seem to be non-existant at night!

When finally we joined the other group on one of the main pathways of the wood (this is an area which was very active in the day time) a male energy who was called Marcus joined us, he was 37 years old and lived nearby. When asking what year he was from several EVPs were recorded, the best you can hear at

From here we walked over to where the pond is supposed to be and once again another energy joined us, I however was at the back and left Kym and Graham asking the questions as they were getting responses on their EMF metres. I was concerned with two male energies, one of which was called Edward. What concerned me is that they had followed us from earlier, but would not approach us. This I thought to be weird, as I could easily sense and see them, yet the still would not approach. It was only after a long while, as the majority of the guests had walked on to another spot that the motive of these male energies became apparent.

They were not there for our benefit they were there because they were collecting another spirit energy, someone who near us who shouldn’t have been there, or who have broken a spiritual law. As we (three guests and myself) continued to walk down the path I had the distinct impression that these energies were to collect a spirit energy that had latched onto a guest of mine.

Again when we finally caught up with the rest of the group, after getting slightly lost and disorientated by the trees, the motive of these two energies was very apparent. They were definitely apprehending another spirit energy, whoever this energy was I have no idea, but my spiritual guide turned up for protection.

As we were walking out of the woods towards the car park, my guide informed me that these two male energies had completed their mission.

Once again a very unusual ghost hunt, the EVPs recorded are very clear and many of the photographs contain some very bright and distinctive orbs. All in all an enjoyable ghost hunt. A place we will return to in 2012.

Spiritualist Medium
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Bicknor Church and Woods – 2-9-2011

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Scott and Debbie walked and stood alongside the road and within a matter of minutes they were both virtually running back. Apparently they had heard something similar to footfalls along the adjacent lane. According to Scott it sounded like someone jogging. Needless to say there was no-one jogging and there are no houses near here.

As soon as everyone else started to walk away I too felt uneasy and had the unusual urge to look behind me, even though I knew that I would not see anything physical.

Scott and myself heard a noise similar to that of a plastic bottle being dropped on the road and then a few moments later Scott & Graham heard an unusual sound but they likened it to an angry swan.

Walking through the woods was an eerie experience, as these woods aren’t walked very often and the woods themselves seemed to watch us, it was a very strange experience, just walking everyone was on edge and apprehensive.

I stopped at a spot because my EMF metre was pulsating, never going any further than the orange light (which is halfway). Everyone stopped and took some photos, some had orbs, but most didn’t. Then I asked out for the spirit who was affecting the EMF metres (we had three) to make a noise, within a very short amount of time, we all heard a noise, it is hard to say what it sounded like. Then I asked again but for the spirit to make it louder and more or less instantly we all heard another noise and it was definitely louder. This process continued for several minutes of asking spirit to make louder and louder noises, until we heard something right beside us which made everyone jump!

As an experiment I shone the laser grid down the path, I wanted to see whether this could be used outdoors (as it is very successful indoors), whilst I was doing this the EMF metres were still pulsating and Graham was trying to photograph the laser light. Almost instantaneously Graham and I asked if anyone was smoking because the both of us saw a mist formation pass us (from the group behind) and head into the laser lights (which in hindsight was the opposite direction that our cigarette smoke was going). Scott and Laura built up the courage to walk down the path in the same direction that we had seen the mist, and almost immediately they came back, apparently they heard a noise, like footfalls and wanted to return to the relative safety of the rest of the group!

As we continued to ask spirit to make a noise I became aware of a male energy, his name was Jerome and he was wearing modern clothing (1960s) he stood about 5’5” and was roughly 60 years old and sported a bald head and round spectacles. To me he looked like Ghandi. I then asked if he could do something different or make a very loud noise. I saw the tree opposite me shake and then something fell out of the tree right beside everyone, but it made no noise. I tried to shake the tree but it didn’t move. (and like I said earlier, it wasn’t windy)
From here we walked further down the path, this time it didn’t feel quite so bad as before, although I came to an abrupt stop when I heard a growl. I thought it could be an animal but nothing moved in the woods, but it sounded like it was right beside me.

Once again Scott and Laura ventured off into the woods and once again came back in such a short amount of time, in fact the path out from where there had ventured wasn’t a difficult path, but because Scott wanted to get out quick he just bulldozed his way out through trees and branches, which was very amusing to watch. They had to get out of there because they had heard footfalls which according to Scott & Laura sounded human.

Whilst we were talking photos in this area we all noticed that it seemed misty, when our torches were shone upwards it seemed there was a mist above us. During this period many orbs were photographed and I captured a very strange mist on my camera (photo added to ghostly gallery )

Scott suggested that we should go to where he and Laura heard the footfalls, within a matter of minutes after asking spirit to make a noise we all heard similar footfalls and yes it did sound like a person, but it also sounded like someone venturing through a wooded area, however when I investigated and looked behind the very old tree that was blocking our view (the same spot Scott & Laura chose) I was expecting to see a fairly thick wooded area, but to my surprise it was completely open for about 50 yards and when I shone my torch nothing moved (if it were an animal).

I decided that we should do an EVP experiment at this point, as we hadn’t done any all evening. However this was not the right time, as I cannot play the recording because there are so many expletives and laughing, because everybody could not complete this simple exercise without laughing. However as we were playing back the 3 minute recording the EMF metres were once again pulsating as if spirit found it just as funny as we did.

After calming down and I continued to record short clips after asking spirit to make a noise, Graham exclaimed that he had just heard a growl and it sounded more like a person than an animal.

As we were leaving the woods we all took many photos, I however had captured a red orb, which although as far as I know doesn’t mean anything, I have rarely captured a red orb, often they are white (or grey), blue, green and yellow.

This was an amazing ghost hunt, as the level of spirit noises and general spookiness of it all was truly brilliant, we especially liked the footfalls as we know that we were definitely the only people there and we saw no animals.

Steve Moyle
Spiritualist Medium
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Pluckley screaming woods ghost hunt – 20-8-2011

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

After an eventful start to the evening, eventful because of the strange nature of the people who were in Pluckley, who clearly had no respect for the people that actually live there.
Once into the woods, we walked far enough that we would not be disturbed by the gang of teenagers roaming the woods in search of ghosts!
I stopped in the usual path, where my EMF metre was generally going nuts, many of the guests started taking photographs, and most of them captured at least one orb. There was an unusual photo taken of me and beside me a mist had formed, that was not seen by the naked eye (and no one was smoking).
The area which I always go to rarely fails to deliver and this was no different, within a matter of minutes a male energy made himself known to me. He was 5’6″ in height and in his early 20s, with short brown hair and a stubble beard. He was a quiet energy and it took him a while to tell me his name, which was Trevor. Trevor proceeded to walk around the circle and then stopped just behind Dean (guest) where he gradually started to move people. He started moving the arms of myself & Kellie (guest), very gently at first but as the energy gained confidence he moved us with greater force. During this time a Kellie also felt an unusual cold sensation that only affected the back of her legs, I too felt this coldness, but only on my ear. (It was a still night and quite warm)
There were numerous noises, but unusually the woods were quiet of what I would call normal woodland animal sounds, it was if all the animals were hiding. These noises all sounded like people approaching and at one moment both Paddy (guest) and I heard foot falls in the same direction. Had I not been here before and thus know the layout of the paths I would have expected to see someone as it was that loud. There were other noises which I haven’t heard in these woods before and that was the sound of something falling. I don’t know what it was, but it was sizeable enough to make quite a lot of noise and rattle the sanity of the guests.
Trevor was also making Dean feel itchy, as Dean had the cobweb sensation around his face and neck, which is always a good sign that the spirit energy is near.
Just as Trevor was increasing the level of movement Alison (guest) jumped forwards, as something had brushed up behind her and that made her jump somewhat!
After this we walked slowly down the path, I gave Dean one of my EMF Metres and I held the other one. I encouraged spirit to walk with us and they did not disappoint as more or less on command lit all the lights to the highest level, but just as someone tried to take a photo of the lights the energies would back off. Trevor was also following us, although he was not responsible for all the EMF activity along the path. Dean also asked spirit to light up the EMF metre and to his initial surprise they complied.
At the second location, which on previous occasions has been marred with constant animal noises this time was exceptionally quiet, there was absolutely no animal noise at all which in itself was a little eerie. Another male energy by the name of Mr Knight stepped forward, he was in his early 60s quite a stocky build and about 5’10” in height. He sported a very bushy beard which matched his full head of hair and was what I would call salt & pepper colour. He seemed to be dressed as a farmer, although he did not give any personal information about himself. Once again we all heard various noises, but none of them sounded like normal animals. Again we all heard foot falls, Paddy even heard horses hooves, which is odd because there are no fields particularly close by. Various lights were also seen (the moon had risen, but was low in the sky) in the heavy woodland opposite me. This is a dense part of woodland and before we started the séance Lee, Mark & Richard (guests) had witnessed something move in front of them, which moved some branches and they were swinging quite freely. But we all saw an archway of light appear in this part of the woodland and more lights further down the path. The energy stood virtually behind Kellie and she complained that her arms felt very heavy as if she had been carrying heavy shopping bags. Dean however was being pushed forwards and backwards by the spirit and Dean had his jacket tugged at one point. There were other energies around us, but very few of them came close enough for me to get a description of them. One of the oddest things to happen was a crack noise that we all heard right above us in the trees, we all looked up but saw nothing, but whatever it was landed quite a distance behind us. To me this is odd because it if were something falling then I would have expected it to have landed near us because it wasn’t windy and things generally fall straight.
After conducting an EVP experiment many people took more photographs, but the strangest photo was captured by Lee. In the photo it looked like a shape of a person (a torso but no head), Lee had thought he had captured one of the guests, but no-one was wearing white, and generally everyone was standing together, but the figure in the photo was alone. Unfortunately none of the EVP recordings are audible enough to work out what is being said, however we had three EVPs recorded.
The third location is where previously I had captured whistling noises and I was hopeful that we might hear the same noises. I asked the spirit to make a noise and when they finished to light up the EMF metre. We didn’t hear anything, but several times after I asked a question the EMF lit up.
Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt at Pluckley screaming woods and some very interesting photos captured by the guests, some of which are on our ghostly gallery (
Spiritualist Medium
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Kings Wood ghost hunt – 5-8-2011

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Having previously held a ghost hunt at Kings Wood, I knew  how much walking was required to get into the interesting part of the wood.
After our route march I stopped at a location which was close to where the balloons were launched during WWI but because the ground was covered in ants & we found an ant hill about 2′ high no-one really wanted to stay here, so we walked a little further and stopped for our first session.

This was an areaof woods that I haven’t visited before, but our EMF (Electromagnetic Field) detectors were flashing constantly of spirit activity. However whilst the metres were flashing, as soon as anyone took out a camera or an audio recorder the lights on EMF stopped and all remained spiritually very quiet. However unperturbed we took photos and investigated the area of woodland that I had suggested we stop at.

I then decided that we should hold a séance to try to encourage spirit to come forward. During the initial stages there were lots of odd noises, but they didn’t sound like trees or birds, it wasn’t very windy either but the noises were high up in the trees. A male energy made himself known to me, he looked a bit like an Action Man, by that I mean his face was a bit featureless it looked plastic. However he proceeded to give gentle movement, but when I asked for spirit to make a loud noise Debbie (guest) screamed because someone had just blown or whispered in her hear and that startled her a bit!

Nevertheless we carried on and although the male energy I could clearly see wasn’t a malicious energy, there were shadows moving in the background and we all heard foot falls in the background which was unnerving because you couldn’t walk 2′ in these woods without making a noise. As I requested the energy to do something else, Graham (guest) became startled because someone had also just whispered or blown into his ear. The general feeling was that of apprehension as if something was going to happen but we didn’t know when. The male energy that I could see was about 6’2″ and seemed older than what you would expect a soldier to be, he was wearing army fatigues and had a tin hat with webbing on top, exactly like a camouflage soldier Action Man. Scott (guest) then exclaimed that someone had touched him on the leg, there was a tree branch behind him but he said he wasn’t standing near that and even if he were it wasn’t strong enough to feel what he had just felt. With this I decided to break the séance since very little was actually happening apart from noises coming from deeper inside the wood. Scott investigated and came back to tell us that there was an
interesting tree that we should investigate, we followed and yes it was an interesting tree, in fact two trees which had grown together and interwoven themselves which each other.

This spot also once again seemed to be highly active with spirit energy but when a camera came out the activity just stopped. Whilst standing near to this tree I suggested an EVP (Electronic Voice
Phenomena) experiment. I have never heard so many people forget what they wanted to say, it was the funniest EVP experiment in the eight years I have been ghost hunting, unfortunately the recording I’ll probably never be able to publish as the language is certainly adult in every way. However in amongst the sensible questions there were 5 spirit voices captured the best one can be heard at

From here we moved on to the older part of the wood, one which coincidentally doesn’t have a lot of visitors because it is very deep
into the woods. Once we stopped the EMF metre lit up like a Christmas tree, but as soon as a camera was turned on it stopped. From what I felt at the time it seemed that the women & children spirit were inquisitive but the males were calling them back, as we were outsiders & that is pretty much how everyone felt, as if we didn’t belong. Scott & Debbie went for a stroll and came back very quickly as they heard an odd noise. According to Scott it sounded like someone banging something wooden on a metal railing. The rest of us were about 50 feet away and we heard nothing, although we did hear a fairly loud
noise between us and Debbie & Scott, which they didn’t hear. This sounded like something being dropped from a reasonable height.

Whilst everyone was wondering around I decided to conduct an EVP experiment or two and whilst the actual words we cannot decipher the tone is of anger, which would back up my theory that we were somehow invading their privacy.

Although this was completely different to many of the ghost hunts that we undertake, not least because of the amount of walking, but the
reluctant nature of the spirits it was still enjoyable and I am hopeful that we can clean up the rest of the EVPs so that we can hear what the spirits were telling us.

Steve Moyle
Spiritualist Medium
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Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt – 30/7/2011

Monday, August 1st, 2011

After leaving the car park we walked deep into the woods and began a séance on a familiar path (to me). My K2 EMF (Electromagnetic Force detector) metre was showing everyone that there were energies present so after everyone had finished taking photographs we held the first séance. Within a few minutes a male energy by the name of Timothy stepped forward and began to give the guests physical evidence. Timothy was about 5’9″ and of slim build, with dark short hair.  He seemed to feel at home in the woods. He started by gently swaying Kerry (guest) to my left and moving the arms of Sandra (guest) to my right. Timothy proceeded around the circle but not everyone wanted to experience physical movement, so Timothy came back to Kerry and pushed her some more, much to Kerry’s amusement. During this session there were many noises of rustling and other normal woodland animals, but every time many of the guests were rattled by these noises.
After the séance had finished I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experiment to try to capture timothy’s voice. Unfortunately the results of this EVP experiment are inconclusive, there were some noises and possible voices but they are too quiet to analyse further.
The guests at this stage took many photographs, several of them captured bright spirit orbs.
From here we walked a little further into the woods, once again a familiar place to me. After taking several photos we formed another séance circle. Almost Immediately Timothy had followed us down the path and was starting to sway the people he swayed before. Although there was another male energy who slowly came forward, his name was Drake (which I assumed was his Surname) he was approximately 62 years old, about 5’7″ he had a very haggard looking face and was mostly bald, but had a little grey hair at the back. He seemed to be a fist fighter or prize fighter. Drake was a very strong male energy and he quickly started making people sway and rock, which was very similar to The Weebles (a TV show from the 1980s, the tag line of “Weebles Wobble but they don’t fall down!”) as I commented on this at the time. Even one of the guests who initially didn’t want to be moved or pushed ended up standing beside me and because I knew she would not be frightened if she was moved, spirit obliged and moved her arm gently and held it in a position that would have hurt if we tried to do this of our own accord.
From the next EVP experiment that I conducted there were several noises which when they are fully investigated may prove to be spirit voices, however one example was very clear in the initial response, the spirit in question did say something after answering the guest question but as yet we cannot work out exactly what is said.

From here we walked a little further down the path (I have never walked this far) the K2 metre was lit up like a Christmas tree and I immediately asked that the spirit(s) in question make a whistling noise, almost immediately we all heard two definite whistles, this did not sound like any animal I’ve ever heard so I asked again. This time the guests heard the whistle but I didn’t. I noticed that every time I asked the lights on the K2 metre went to the lowest light and when I asked my question, almost immediately the lights were pulsating, as if the spirit were letting us know that they had completed their quest. On the third attempt I also recorded this with my digital voice recorder and although we didn’t hear anything at the time, the lights on the K2 flashed away. Upon inspection of the recording you can clearly hear three definite whistles.

I also asked the spirit in question to make other noises and we all heard various noises, mostly what sounded like someone walking through the woods, although when a torch was shone in those directions nothing was seen and no animal ran away or made any noise. But because we were in a wood those noises could not confirm spiritual activity.
After the display on the EMF subsided I decided it was time to make our way back to the cars, however as we were approaching the main path I decided to step into a small part of the woodland which on previous occasions has made the guests feel strange and one in which they have seen shadows and movement. Within a matter of minutes everyone was not feeling too great, they all said that whilst they could see something they couldn’t be sure it wasn’t their eyes playing tricks, but they all felt the same; vulnerable and slightly on edge, as if they were expecting something but they didn’t know what.

All in all a very enjoyable ghost hunt in Pluckley Screaming woods with some excellent physical evidence experienced by the guests and the whistling noises were absolutely brilliant and also a first for me to record the unusual sound of a spirit whistling.
Spiritualist Medium
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