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Landguard Fort ghost hunt – 10-11-2012

LANDGUARD FORT 10th November 2012

After spending most of the evening with Steve I had the opportunity to take four guests to the Radio Control Room.  We immediately had spirit present on the Ghost Pro.  We asked spirit if he would like to communicate with us through the ouija board which he replied yes.  We had movement straight away, but very gently.  We asked for spirit to spell his name, but all we got was “yes” and lots of random small movements.  We tried the glass movement which again was very gentle and random.  Whilst doing this we were hearing noises around us which sounded like footsteps, voices and singing.  We were joined by three more guests, moved to a smaller room next door and continued having gentle movement with the glass.  After a short while it stopped and all guests split up and went off to explore the Fort. An amazing venue – too big to see everywhere in one night – can’t wait to return.

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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