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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 30-11-2012

FORT BORSTAL 30th November 2012

Group B
Myself & Jo were in the Officers Mess area, and started with a seance circle.  Immediately spirit made themselves known on the Ghost Pro’s and KII’s, by moving guests with gentle swaying and arm movement.  We heard a whistle, and one of the guests reported seeing a white shadow in the corridor.  As the spirit got used to moving us, we all ended up being in very different positions to when we started.  We then tried some glass movement which proved successful, but just as we were starting one of the guests watching had her arm moved up.  We established the spirit of James was present (he had made himself known to us previously) and some of the guests had established the name Greta from a spirit they were communicating with through the Ghost Pro.  Jo stayed in the first room with some guests and continued with a séance circle. A young girl called Emily made herself known, enjoying moving the guests arms, and they had the urge to sing Ring O Roses and Oranges & Lemons.

Group C
Our second group was very large, and we started with 17 persons doing a séance circle.  Many guests were gently swayed, and some had their arms moved.  We then split up into smaller groups, with myself staying with four guests and continuing with a séance circle.  We had gentle arm movement and being pushed.  We heard what sounded like a male burp/growl next to us, and one guest had her hair tugged several times.  Jo assisted a group doing glass movement – they had a female spirit called Sam aged in her thirties.

Group A
Again we started with a séance circle, and had some arm movement and swaying.  We also heard an unexplained noise in the corridor.  We then split into smaller groups, with myself with a group doing glass movement.  We established James was still with us, and seemed to enjoy taking the glass to the edge of the table.  He continued to do this throughout and would also take the glass all around the edge of the table, quite rapidly at items.  The KII and Ghost Pro that were under the table were lit up constantly.  I then took some of the guests back to base while Jo stayed behind with some guests that wanted to try glass movement and table tipping.  Jo & guests had a very active session with table tipping.

Free Session
For the last session I took a group of guests to the Caponier for a ouija board session.  The spirit that came forward said they were called Emily age 9 and needed help to pass over.  However when I got Steve to help, he said the spirit present was a male called Geoff age 79 from 1944, and that he was tricking us.  Geoff also said he was the ‘Emily’ from the earlier séance session.  Just a reminder that spirits like to play tricks on us too. Great night again at Fort Borstal and look forward to returning.

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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