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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 31-10-2012

RED LION HOTEL 31st October 2012

I was using the coffee shop for the evening, and started with the ouija board and writing planchette.  We had some small movement with the writing, but nothing with the ouija so we amalgamated into one group and tried glass movement, with some of the group going down to the cellar of the coffee shop.  This was successful with Alice Millar identifying herself to us.    I asked Alice to draw a circle which she did.  Then the guests took it in turns to ask in their head for shapes to be drawn which Alice duly obliged.  The guests were also asking Alice to take the glass to certain people around the table which she did.  We did notice the KII would light up when questions were asked as if responding with a yes.

In my second group four guests wanted to spend time alone in the cellar, whilst the remainder tried the writing planchette.  Alice identified herself as being with us still.  We had a lot of random writing on the paper, nothing legible.  The guests were all taking it in turns to remove their fingers, the pencil still moving around the paper, even with just two left.  The guests downstairs were hearing noises around them, and with many random names being asked to spirit present, they established the spirit was called Barry, liked to be known as Baz.

For my third group three female guests chose to go downstairs, whilst the remaining guests tried the writing planchette.  Alice was no longer with us, but a male energy had stepped forward and tried moving the pencil a little.  Whilst this was happening the girls downstairs had a fright and came running upstairs screaming – they had heard a scratching noise next to them.  We finished the session with all of us going down to the cellar for a short while.

For the free session at the end, two female guests wanted to go back to the coffee shop cellar which we did.  We had the spirit of Baz with us and managed to ask a few questions.  Baz was in his forties and worked as a chef at the hotel cooking breakfasts.

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
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