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Toys hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt – 7-10-2011

Toys Hill near Westerham is the site of what was once Weardale Manor, a 145 roomed mansion sitting on a hill overlooking the Kent countryside.

It was a very gusty and cold night, but with some beautiful views of the night sky and moon. We made our way to the site of the Manor house, this is in the most exposed location, it is also the most active location and it didn’t take long for spirit to join us. The EMF activity started fairly quiet and then just as we had settled it really lit up and at the same time I had noticed a young male energy, who seemed to be dressed as a gardener come and join us. As soon as I pointed out where the Gardener chap was standing, one of the guests (Sam) felt immediately frightened, as she had thought that she had seen shadows in that direction and thus she crossed over to the other side of our small circle (we weren’t holding hands at the time, just standing in a circle). This energy was approximately 22 years old, fairly muscular and had a menacing look about him, although I believe this to be just a look not how he was. However Sam reported that she felt very uncomfortable when he was present.

Since it was so gusty noises were hard to hear however Nicky and I heard strange ticking noises that seem to emanate in the trees (pine) above us, what this noise was we have no idea, we heard it twice only.

Whilst we were standing quietly waiting for spirit to come forward (as it seemed they were cautious in approaching) all the guests could smell gas, like butane and then an older male energy made himself known to me, his name was Max and he stood about 5’9” in height and about 60yrs old. He was well dressed in a dark three piece suit and he told me that he was the head of the household, basically in charge of every staff member. He also informed me that the year he served in the house was 1908. Almost without warning Tabby (guest) started to run away and Nicky was following. When I asked why it was because Tabby heard a whisper in her ear and became frightened so she thought she would run! Nicky was running because Tabby was running!

After they calmed down and realised that what Tabby had just experienced was fairly unique and somewhat privileged the smell of gas returned and faded very quickly. I could not smell this and logically it could not have been carried on the wind because it was so gusty. I then asked spirit to repeat this smell (all the while I was holding my EMF metre) the lights on the EMF lit up almost instantly & then all the guests said that they could smell it again (I still could not). Sam commented that she thought it was the smell of something they smoked, and the lights on the EMF lit up then a waft of this strange smell came back. Whilst all this was going on Tabby and I heard some female mumbling noises further into the distance and Nicky also heard some “people” noises behind her, like walking and talking. Tabby also commented that she thought it sounded like someone walking their dog, but no-one ever arrived. It didn’t help when I commented that the direction of the noises was the very direction that we were about to walk towards!

I asked on several occasions for spirit to make a noise that we could hear, but alas we did not hear anything, then I thought that I would record the incident in case anything was recorded but due to environmental reasons we could not hear at the time. I also asked spirit to make the noise and then flash the lights on the EMF, this happened several times, although none of us heard anything at the time.

This is a response to one of my requests

Sam informed me later in the evening that she had heard a music box, no-one else had heard this.

By this time we were all feeling slightly chilly and I decided that a walk in the surrounding woods was in order, it would also take us out of the wind.

We walked in the direction of the Bat Tower which is an imposing tower which now houses bats, but since no-one really wanted to stand near this structure we kept walking into the woods to a place that I found very active when I visited back in August.

Whilst in this part of the woods which has some very old trees we all began taking photographs, as the energies around us seemed to be watching, the moon was also casting a shadow on the woods which also made it quite spooky however Nicky had an interesting photo of orbs all in a line seemingly getting closer to us, Tabby who hasn’t had a photograph of many orbs before was suddenly getting lots of orbs, most of these were looking ahead further down the path (where we hadn’t walked), one of which was extremely bright but well defined. Sam also had several interesting orb photos, one of which was a deep orange on top and white/grey below. It is the first time that I have seen a graduated orb photograph. I on the other hand took many photographs and none of them contained any interesting orbs or in fact anything other than woodland scenes at night.

We made our way around the circular path and started to climb a quite steep hill but stopped half way up as we all needed a break and my EMF metre was lit up “like a Christmas tree”. We were joined by a female energy who was in her early 20s and accompanied by her husband however her name was Antionette and she was French, she was unusually tall (I thought) about 5’10”, she gave me impression that they lived in the woods, as in their time, the 13th Century this whole area would have been a settlement. After asking several times for spirit to make a noise or give us a sign that they were still with us (as the EMF metre stopped flashing) we moved on.

We arrived back at the site of the mansion and the feeling at this location was different this time, we moved over to the area which I would imagine would have been the day rooms (looking out over the terrace) and it felt very serene and peaceful, however moving back under the pine trees where were had experienced so much before felt fairly normal (for the location) and the EMF metre flashed briefly, a cook by the name of Geraldine “popped in” she was in her early 50s but she didn’t seem interested in talking to me or interacting with the group.
We decided that it was too cold to continue and made our way back to our cars.

Once again a very interesting location and one which I will return to in warmer weather, as I feel that this location has much to offer on a night when it won’t be windy.

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