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Pluckley Screaming woods ghost hunt – 24-9-2011

Pluckley screaming woods ghost hunt 24th September 2011

We started our session in virtually the same place as we usually do, as this particular area has never really failed to provide spiritual activity. Although we had to wait (in complete darkness) as there were a group of people who had followed us from the car park. Nothing unusual about this, but most people are ill prepared to walk this far into the woods without fear of getting lost. We on the other hand know exactly where we are going and more importantly know which way to get out of the woods. After 10 minutes or so they too turned back and we didn’t see them for the rest of the night.

Shortly after starting a séance circle a male energy by the name of Ted (Edward) joined us, he began to move the arms of the guests gently at first and as they (the guests) got accustomed to the idea, Ted also began to move more people. It was a still night and unusually we heard very little animal noises. However when I asked for spirit (or Ted) to make a noise there was a definite and loud cracking noise which scared one or two of the guests. Instantly and instinctively they had to put a torch on to see if they could see anything, but as always nothing looked out of place or moved. Various people commented that they could see lights, which could have been from the group of people trying to find their way out of the woods. We also heard definite footfalls and as ever no-one approached. However some of the footfalls sounded like someone crashing their way through the woods, however I ruled out a real person because no light was seen in this direction and I don’t believe you could find your way around those woods without a torch.

We conducted an EVP (ghost voices) experiment, there were two very clear answers posed by people present. You can hear the questions and the answers that we believe are being spoken.

After a while and much photo taking we moved on to an area which I have heard (and guests) a female scream and seen many strange shadows. Whilst we were in this area many noises we heard, none of them sounded like animals or humans. A general mumbling was heard by various people, but the direction could not be placed by anyone.

Our third session was held in an area in which I (and guests) have heard strange whistling noises, although this time we heard nothing and by this time many of the guests were feeling cold, as a mist had descended on the area and was now adding to the spookiness of the woods.

Once again a very enjoyable event for all and one in which every guest had some physical evidence of their own.

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