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Pluckley Screaming woods ghost hunt – 8-10-2011

Whilst we were preparing ourselves in the car park another group of intrepid ghost hunters set off, we waited until they had walked out of our sight before we too set off I mention this because of what happened 3 hours later (keep reading to find out!)

We made our way to our usual spot, I go to this particular area because it is a general “hot spot” of spiritual activity. We started with a séance after my EMF metre showed a lot of activity. A male energy made himself know to me, he was about 20 years old a tall gentleman of slim build called Phillip and he looked like a farmhand from the 1930s. At first there was some gentle arm movement amongst the guests and then various cold spots were felt by various people. At the same time that some of us were feeling cold spots, both Alice & Georgina (guests) were feeling incredibly hot and Georgina had to be placed in the centre of the circle for her to cool down.

All the while we were hearing footfalls (it wasn’t the other group they walked in a completely different direction). These footfalls sounded like a lone person, too big for an animal, but as soon as one person heard the noise it stopped.

A male energy also joined us, he was about 60 years old and seemed to be trader, as he was pushing a wooden cart laden with fresh produce (vegetables and fruit). This energy didn’t seem vert talkative and proceeded on his way without interacting with the group.

At this point I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experiment, the results of which are still being analysed.

We then moved further down the path, but unfortunately it started to rain, although we did not get wet as the trees provided sufficient cover from the rain. In this location we saw lots of shadows but unfortunately we didn’t hear anything because of the amount of rain masked any noises from the wood. Whilst here we were interrupted by the other group who seemed to be walking the entire circumference of the wood on the red path, which takes about 2 hours to walk.

Our third location was in the area in which I (and others) have heard several spiritual whistles, I say spiritual because some were heard audibly and some were only recorded on my digital recorder, as we didn’t hear them at the time, but the recorder did. In this location we heard many noises some of them sounded very heavy as if a large object had fallen, however since it was still raining it was very difficult to pinpoint where exactly the noises were emanating from. The EMF activity in this location was very high, with a general pulsing through the various lights, this seemed to correspond with the noises heard within the woods.

At one point we all heard a very loud cracking noise followed by a very heavy thud, which some guests felt through their feet. Once again at this location we also heard various footfalls alongside the heavy sounding noises.

As we were walking out of the woods as the rain became too heavy for us to continue, myself & John (guest) were at the back and to both of us it felt like we were being followed out of the woods.

When we got to about the halfway stage (halfway to the car park) we met the other group who had decided that they were lost and had obviously decided to wait for us (on a crossroad) to ask for directions, which I found very amusing, because we could have walked on a different path and they would have been waiting a very long time and it also highlights a very important point, getting lost in such a big wood as Pluckley isn’t a very sensible idea especially on cold and wet nights. Or with people who don’t know how to get out of the woods! We visit all of our locations in the day time so that we know exactly which way to go.

It was a productive night and although the spiritual activity was mooted somewhat (due to the weather) many orb photographs were captured by the guests and we have several EVPs which may be cleaned up enough for the results of the questions to be heard properly.

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