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Pluckley Screaming Woods – 27-4-2012 (Paranormal Investigator)

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt – 27th April 2012

Arriving at one of the recognised spots, deep within the woods, where paranormal activity and past investigations have occurred, we briefed the guests on the basic use of various pieces of equipment, associated with “ghost hunting”.

The night was probably the quietest and stillest ever encountered without a breath of wind and clear, starlit sky with the beginnings of the new moon cycle. All in all, these conditions present an excellent opportunity to procure EVP recordings and remain totally aware of the surrounding environment. All that could be heard from the outset were the calls of owls in the distance!

Embarking on the “investigation” trail, several members of the group, armed with KII EMF Meters, Pro Ghost Meters, and similar equipment, noted readings from the outset, ranging from a mere 0.2 milligauss )mG) on the MEL Meter to a constant red light reading, simultaneously, on three separate KII meters.

These readings were of particular importance as there is absolutely no possibility of any background Electro Magnetic Field influence arising from electrically generated apparatus or power lines etc, so far into the woods themselves.

The Ovilus PX unit, a piece of kit specifically designed in the USA for “digitally dowsing” the surrounding atmosphere and environment, containing a pre supplied, vocabulary of approximately three thousand words, was also being utilised by members of the group.

Enabling spirit or astral presences, to “communicate” via this digital vocabulary, using full words, or even phonetically, the unit offers a great opportunity to support and substantiate other evidence gathered from equipment being used in tandem.

An excellent example of this liaison, on this particular vigil, was highlighted when the Pro Ghost Meter identified a “contact” and subsequent questioning by the guests, seeking a simple yes/no response. Establishing the name of the contact as “Tom” and the possibility that this contact was a highwayman, originally from the Leeds/York area, the Ovilus produced words such as “horses”, “York”, “Tom” and more.

Strangely enough, on this occasion, a PSB-7 unit, scanning white noise frequencies a short distance away, also blurted out the name “Tom” simultaneously! Coincidence or not, the resulting information and responses proved convincing to our guests who continued to make intermittent contact with “Tom” throughout the course of the vigil in this spot.

Most surprising of all, whilst using the Ovilus PX, the surname of two of the guests was called out from the unit clearly astounding all present! There is no explanation for this anomalous happening.

Grouping together for an hand held vigil and séance, myself and Carl remained outside of the Circle and moved off, approximately three to four hundred yards in another direction.

Carrying out several EVP’s, calling out as we walked, the resulting data appears to hold little of interest. Simultaneously, photographs were taken with no apparent anomalous results.

During the séance, we all clearly heard cows mooing in the distance, a strange occurrence to record, as the possibility of hearing this, so far into the woods, with any surrounding fields far too far away, is extremely unlikely, in view of the stillness of the night, absolutely no wind whatsoever and total quietness.

The sound ceased as quickly as it had started and was not recorded further for the remainder of the vigil.

I broke away with a small group (mother, daughter Sydney, father, and their son, who remained in the background and did not appear to want to participate,) and engaged in a very short EVP. As the recording was replayed on the spot, clear, class A audible whispering, of a female voice, could be heard saying “Aah! It’s Cold” and then almost immediately afterwards, “men are in the village”. Subsequent downloading and analysis of this EVP has resulted in some heated debate of the content and has now been posted on the GHE website.

Whilst the guests were taken to other areas within the woods, and calling out, EVP and photography continued, there does not appear to be anything further of any major interest from my perspective resulting, though my colleagues and, perhaps the guests, may well have provided something in the interim?

Paranormal Investigator
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Pluckley Screaming Woods – 27-4-2012 (Psychic Medium)

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt – 27th April 2012

It was touch and go whether this ghost hunt would take place due to the weather, as all week it rained very heavily throughout Kent, however on the night, the weather was absolutely perfect; no wind, no rain and very quiet.

After walking to my familiar starting point, we gave the majority of the guests some electronic equipment to use to investigate, as there were several spirits in the area.

One of these spirit energies, a male energy by the name of Tom, a soldier from the Second World War gave a group of guests’ lots of information via our ghost communication devices, a spirit box and spoke the customers surname via an Ovulus. Which the guests found very surprising, as did my team and I.

Other guests were also getting activity via our K2 EMF meters and our other ghost communicator.

Many guests took photos and photographed many orbs or light anomalies. As a group we heard many footfalls in the woods and at various time saw strange lights.

After moving from this area we held a séance and the male energy from the first location joined us, as did another male energy, who did not give me his name, but he was about 57 years old, quite tall at about 6’4” and was wearing a Royal Navy uniform and the insignia of a First Officer. Both these energies tried to move the guests but nothing was actually felt by any of the guests.

At this location various noises were heard, many of which sounded similar to someone approaching, but no-one ever arrived. Both Marc & Carl (team members) walked further down the path as they were keen to do some EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiments. As they were returning to walk back to the group (they stayed within a visible distance) we all heard a very loud crack deep inside the woods, considering there was no wind, we ruled out anything falling from a tree and since we saw no lights assumed no human was responsible. (I find it very hard to believe anyone could walk through the trees and plants of these woods without a torch).

Whilst in this location we conducted a group EVP with some of the guests and a response was clearly heard at the time. This sounded like a female voice saying “It’s cold” and then a few seconds later “Men in village”, however when this EVP was analysed the first part sounds like something different and currently our experts cannot agree on the actual words spoken by the female voice. As soon as we can establish what exactly is being spoken we will add this to our ghost voice page on the website.

From here we moved to a location that I do not often walk into, mainly because I find it a very uncomfortable area, the woods here do not seem very welcoming and the first time I came here I felt hands around my neck. However since this was a big group I felt that there was a certain amount of safety to proceed. This was definitely a good idea because the photo below was one of many that I took, however this photo was the only one with a mist formation. To us the mist formation has form and looks as if it is formed from the ground upwards. In the full sized photo there are many colours within the mist, namely blue, orange and reds. This is undoubtedly one of the best mist formations pictures that I have ever taken.

Strange Mist formation in Pluckley Woods

Strange Mist formation in Pluckley Woods

I conducted another EVP experiment in this area, which was recorded by all the team (three people) and two of us had spirit voices recorded, however one of the answers to the question posed, we cannot establish what the exact words spoken say. However there is a good response to a guest’s question, you can hear this at:-

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt and some good quality photographs and EVPs recorded.

Apart from myself, Carl & Marc who are experienced Paranormal Investigators were in attendance. Marc has also written a report.

Spiritualist Medium
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Red Lion Hotel – 14-4-2012 Part 3

Friday, April 27th, 2012

The Red Lion Hotel, Colchester. Essex – 14th April 2012

Ever since our first ghost hunt at the Red Lion Hotel back in January 2012, we as a team thoroughly look forward to visiting the Red Lion Hotel in Colchester and every time we go more activity and unexplainable episodes are experienced by us and our guests. So our expectations were high, but we were not disappointed.

My designated area for the evening was the cellar, the first group of people were all new to ghost hunting, however spirit energies came forward to provide them with some evidence. We were first joined by a male energy called James, he was about 28 years old and of a slim build and a round face, he gave me the impression that he was a religious man and connected with the church. He gave the year as 1930. James started to use his energy to move us, by gently moving the guest’s arms. Lucy (guest) felt a very odd sensation in her arm, like pins and needles and goose bumps. Kristein (guest) also saw lights and shadows at the other end of the cellar.

Carolanne (guest) said she felt child energies and had the desire to sign patriotic Vera Lynn songs from WWII. During this time I was being swayed left to right, which I didn’t notice until one of the guests mentioned it to me.

When I was calling out for spirit to copy a whistle, some of the guests heard whistles whilst I was talking and one guest heard a whistle in repeat of what I asked for. Audible sound played an important role during the ghost hunt and after a beer barrel was tapped, everyone heard footsteps within the cellar. At one point we all heard a strange groaning sound which I thought came from our remote cameras, other guests however thought it came from outside. On inspection of the footage recorded from this session the groaning sounds more like it actually came from the remote camera than outside.

There was also a female energy present, she was rather nervous and about 16 or 17 years old who had long ginger hair and wearing a very flowery summer dress.

When I asked spirit to make someone smile, Lucy started to laugh out loud, which is exactly what I asked for in my head, as I felt the energies would be able to make people laugh for no real reason.

A Second World War soldier was also present, his name was Matt but that is all the information he gave me.

After we broke the séance circle, myself and Lucy found it quite difficult to let go as it felt that both of us were “stuck” together with an invisible force.

During this session, many noises, footfalls and whistles were heard all within the cellar, the electronic equipment; K2 and Ion meters all registered high levels of activity.


The second group to the cellar felt completely different to me, the energies that were here in the first session had moved on and a male energy by the name of Alfred came forward, he was local man, aged in his late 60s, with greying hair, quite a stocky build who wore a flat cap and was what I would call a typical granddad type. He told me that he tendered an allotment which was straight down the high street. One of the guests (who lived locally) confirmed that this information is correct.

During the resulting séance, strange creaking sounds were heard by all, as if someone was walking on creaky floorboards, however there are no floorboards in this area. Many lights were seen by the guests as well as cold spots.

Alfred did attempt to touch and move some of the guests, however not all guests felt his energy. As I explained to the guests that Alfred would not have touched women (the group was all female) in his physical life and therefore he took those values with him into his spiritual life.


The third group to the cellar once gain had a completely different feeling and we were almost immediately joined by a First World War soldier, whose name was Captain Timothy West, standing about 5’11” wearing round spectacles and sporting a moustache. He was 22 or 23 years of age and carried a crop or stick and wore brown leather boots. Timothy happily started to move the arms of the guests, mainly backwards but would only push the male guests, forwards, backwards and from side to side. Many guests including myself had pains in our ankles which I attributed to Timothy as he was the only spirit energy present. Many of the guests felt cold spots however after about 30 minutes Timothy left us and the cellar felt completely flat. I then decided we would enter the cellar of the coffee shop since this area felt very active on my first visit to the Red Lion Hotel.

Once everyone was seated comfortably in the coffee shop cellar, we all heard a sound that resembled someone crushing a plastic bag. Whilst in this area guests and myself were asking out for spirit to copy rapping sounds and some responses were heard by everyone. Our K2 meters detected lots of activity and during an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena – a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment the K2 meter registered highly after every question that was asked, however at the time we heard nothing audible. However on analyses of the recordings many voices were heard, the best examples can be heard below.

Then we heard what sounded like someone rifling through a box of crisps, knocking the box over and running away. I sent Sean (cameraman) up to the coffee shop as I envisaged that someone had entered the coffee shop and was stealing the produce, I followed Sean and the both of us expected to see someone in the coffee shop, or at least the door open. However when we opened the door to the cellar, there was nothing out of place, nor any boxes knocked over, nor in fact any crisp packets within the establishment. One of my team members was outside at this time and on speaking to him he was stood outside for the last ten minutes and saw and heard nothing that could have been responsible for the sounds that we heard. In video footage for this instance the clarity of the sounds we heard is very audible and on watching this you can probably understand our reaction; that someone had broken into the shop.

All of the guests felt the need to leave the cellar and follow us into the main coffee shop.

From this point on we then had a 30 minute window where we allowed the guests a free roam of the hotel, many of these guests re-visited areas in which they felt the most activity or participated in an activity that they enjoyed the most. Three guests and Sean re-visited the cellar to the coffee shop to see whether the spirit energies could re-create the sounds that we heard moment earlier, however after 20 minutes they returned as nothing was heard.

Once again a very successful ghost hunt at the Red Lion Hotel and an evening where all guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves and experienced all manners of the spiritual activity that the Red Lion Hotel can offer. It is an exceptionally spiritually active hotel and we as a team are looking forward to our next visit in August 2012 and subsequent visits later in the year.

As a sub note, I usually do not sleep after a ghost hunt, as we have a lot of equipment to pack up after our ghost hunts, but this was the first time that I decided I would actually have some sleep (3.5 hours) and as I was lying in bed the bed seemed to jump or jolt, which I thought to be strange and just as I was about to fall asleep I heard a female energy whisper in my ear “Hello”, had I not been very tired I would have investigated this more, but I shall leave this until our return in August. My room was room 10, which is a known haunted room, allegedly the room of the resident ghost Alice Millar.

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Red Lion Hotel – 14-4-2012 Part 2

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012



Notes arising from the group investigations carried out by Marc Weston of Rooms 7 and 10 respectively.

Room 7 – First Group

After an initial, short briefing on the kit provided and its usage and perceived benefits etc, protection for all present was administered and a re-iteration of “investigative protocols” given with regards photo flash and personal/environmental experiences, sensations etc

Within minutes of entering the room and “settling” the clients down, several complained of “seasickness” and “a feeling of disorientation”. This was attributed to the unlevel floor surfaces within the room, effectively creating a slope running away from the bathroom entrance doorway, the door remained closed throughout the vigil. All lighting was out and as much artificial, background light source reduced or minimised to the best of my ability.

From the outset, people were acknowledging temperature changes and fluctuations both apparent and actual within the room. Checks made with a laser beam type thermometer and monitored constantly via the MEL Meter actually indicated a rise in temperature when clients were suggesting that a temperature fall had occurred. A strange anomaly to say the least! This aspect featured throughout the night, associated with all groups in this particular room/area??

One lady requested I monitor her surrounding ambient body temperature, head to toe. At her forehead a reading eight (8) degrees Celsius higher, was recorded compared to her feet/ankle area, where she complained of a “blast of chilled air” No explanation could be identified for this effect. No windows or doors were nearby to create/cause draughts and attendees standing either side of her recorded no variations in temperature or other sensations whatsoever?

Shortly afterwards, guests sitting on the bed edge, adjacent to the wardrobe reported strange “sensations” emanating from the wardrobe itself. MW advised those present that previous vigils in this room had always had similar sensations originating and emanating from the wardrobe area and specifically the corner of the room adjacent.

Within seconds, two individual reports were made alleging the sight of a black mass, moving at low level, “growing” from the corner. Indeterminate in shape and form, several guests suggested that the black mass was indeed exhibiting a human form though this cannot be confirmed or corroborated.

The K2 EMF Meter, held by a guest sitting on the bed edge adjacent to the wardrobe and the corner of the room in question lit up simultaneously. MW attended with an MEL and registered a reading of 3.3 on the EMF Scale, concurring and corroborating that “unknown, unexplained, EMF activity” was indeed underway. Further inspection confirmed that no electrical circuitry or apparatus etc was present or evident in the immediate vicinity.

Simultaneous reports followed from a gentleman advising he was experiencing a “numbness and tingling sensation” throughout his body. He then complained of sharp pain in his chest area and specifically, beneath his lower rib cage lower right hand side as if experiencing a “hard prod by someone or something, maybe even an attempted stabbing?” This cause discomfort and “concern” for a few minutes, until the effect/sensation passed.

A suggestion by MW to utilise a laser grid, to ascertain possible “activity” in the area identified proved fruitless, as new batteries installed less than an hour previously failed immediately when the unit was activated. A guest who had brought his own laser grid pen along, offered to enable his unit to be used, subsequently to also advise that his batteries, too, had also completely depleted without any explanation.

The EMF Ghost Meter proved exceptionally popular with the guests and numerous contacts were recorded. Yes/No questions resulted in “confirmation” that the astral presence/spirit evident during the Q&A sessions was indeed Alice Millar and a gentleman called “Julian”?

A, EVP exercise was undertaken and participated in by all present. Data and resulting details are still not fully analysed and will be forwarded onwards accordingly once identified and properly categorised, etc. Playback immediately afterwards indicates some possible response data

With minimal, additional activity and photography, identifying various orbs, physical “sensations of touch” likened to “an insect or spider crawling on my face”  the vigil was terminated and all present relocated to Room 10.

Room 10 – First Group.

Guests had fewer places to sit in this room and immediately noted a far colder temperature in this room. MW pointed out the window was open and that the heating had been turned down.

Those seated on the double bed, almost immediately began reporting “vibration and movement within the bed itself and throughout its fabric” Photos taken simultaneously illustrated orb activity above and among the guests being affected by this “phenomenon”

Several attempts at using the scrying mirror were made but insufficient background light proved almost impossible. An alternative solution to utilise the large, mirror on the rear of the room entrance door proved better and those attempting to incite activity had little to report other than “strange sensations” and a sense of disorientation.

The connecting cupboard space between the adjoining room 9 was occupied by several guests with a white noise generator running in the background and guests armed with an EVP digital recorder to assist with question/answer sessions. This data is still to be downloaded and properly analysed.

Participants of this EVP activity reported feeling strange sensations throughout their time in the cupboard and “physical contact/ touching” which was totally unexplained?

Tapping/knocking was heard collectively to the rear of the double bed headboard, where the exposed, glass fronted wall surface, is situated. This was achieved by request from MW and also voluntarily, and without request.

Strange “noises” were apparent, emanating from the adjacent en suite bathroom area, but these were discounted, as previous investigation has established the position of a boiler room, at roof top level, adjacent to the bathroom as the accepted source of such activity.

Room 7 – Group Two

The second group to participate in a vigil in this room/area appeared to be more analytical and ken to engage in contacts via the EMF Ghost Meter. From the outset, all emphasis was placed on the area in the corner of the room and the adjacent wardrobe unit. I must add that nothing was said about the previous groups findings and activities at this juncture, yet independently, the second group identified with and voiced very similar thoughts about the corner area and the wardrobe.

K2 meter was indicating amber on the light scale for lengthy periods, supported once again by MEL readings and temperature monitoring in support of the vocal claims of various guests.

Several claims were made by guests sitting on the bed, on the opposite side to the corner area, of “breezes” and a blowing effect” on their hair/facial areas. MW checked and confirmed that the windows were unable to open at all and that there was simply no apparent physical reason or explicable, logical explanation for this effect.

From the outset with this group, the EMF Ghost Meter exhibited unusual and extraordinary performance, rarely seen previously, though a similar occurrence was recorded during the last investigation at this site. Intermittent and sporadic flashing of the meter lighting, in response to questions was evident. Contact was apparent almost continuously, even to the extent that during mobilisation between investigation room areas, the meter continued to remain engaged.

One particular guest appeared to engage with the meter in a “special” manner. Questions to the responding light indicated that once again Alice Millar was present and with us? Questioning, indicated that she had died carrying an unborn child, was exhibiting “distress” “anger” and “was seeking help and assistance” We were told that her child had not joined her in the spirit world?

Two guests embarked on a mission to resolve and help the contact in her plight and MW was asked to provide assistance with moving the spirit on towards the light and reunite the contact with her unborn child. MW explained that better and more professional personnel had engaged in similar endeavours though several centuries without success. Indications are that Alice Millar is totally “grounded” and will haunt the building for eternity.

The group were collectively convinced that something or someone was “hiding “ in the wardrobe. Attempts were even made to enter the unit and close the doors to seek better clarification, etc, on the situation. This was not possible. However, throughout their endeavours, those involved, achieved amber readings on the K” meter

One gentleman advised that he had experienced a strong sensation of “something rushing bay or past him, resulting in a tingling sensation throughout his body. MW commented that he too had similarly felt a “rush of activity” simultaneously, culminating in a tingling sensation throughout his body also and a strong feeling of nausea. This sensation has been experienced by MW in this room and this area, on previous vigils, with other groups.

Several members of the group attempted scrying in the cosmetic mirror on the side table but no major effects were noted or recorded, however, when MW engaged in this practice, within seconds, he withdrew, noting “distortion and a black, hollowing effect, surrounding his eyes in the mirror face”

Another gentleman reported a “tickling sensation” to the side of his head and neck, very gentle but deliberate. Some time later, in the Tudor Room, during debriefing, this same gentleman advised MW that immediately after this vigil, he had gone to the WC and noted in the mirror, his necklace had turned in a full 180 degree half circle. He always fastens the necklace with the clasp uppermost at the rear of his neck. Without him knowing or feeling anything, and without this ever having happened before, this had clearly happened simultaneously with the “tickling effect” he had encountered in Room 7, earlier.

Room 10 – Group Two

Within minutes of entering the room, and at the specific request of MW for spirit to assist with audible footsteps or similar, within this room, all present clearly witnessed and experienced five (5) distinct and very audible footsteps, which appeared to traverse the room from the entrance doorway to the bathroom door area, at a fast running pace.

Most astoundingly, was the obvious mechanical pressure arising from this activity which physically created movement and “springing” of the timber floor area, which shook, as each individual step was heard, and appeared also to move/increase as the rhythm and pattern of the developing phenomenon unfolded. Everyone was left speechless at this “contact”

MW immediately followed up with grateful thanks to spirit for accommodating his request and asked for it to be repeated. Immediately, a large, loud, single bang/noise was heard in the corner of the room by all present, once again causing a ghast of amazement. No further audible noises were recorded during this particular vigil.

Two separate couples entered the cupboard space, awash with white noise and armed with a digital voice recorder. No data has yet been analysed arising from these encounters.

One female guest, emerging from the cupboard,, complained of “something touching her neck” likening the touch to that of a female human hand. When questioned, she stated she found the experience “unpleasant”.

During debrief in the Tudor Room, this same female guest, whilst recounting her experiences to me, asked if I had just exhaled deeply? Her husband, standing behind her as she sat on a chair, also confirmed he too had heard a lengthy exhaling sound.

MW assured the couple that he had not done anything resembling what had been heard/encountered. This episode remains unexplained.

Room 7 – Group Three

Accompanied by Carl Hutchinson on this occasion, filming with IR equipment, the group entered the room and immediately noted the “oppressive” atmosphere apparent in the room. Several also advised they sensed a “blowing effect” or “draft” on their faces and heads. MW once again confirmed that no windows were presently open.

As MW commenced calling out, reports of hair and face touching resulted and the EMF Ghost Meter was actiove throughout and responding well to questions, specifically those aimed at Alice Millar, the purported source from previous vigils.

MW took photos randomly which illustrated several large orbs above guests seated on the four poster bed. Filming everything in real time, Carl gave an elated squeal of amazement as filamentous orb activity was identified and tracked moving across the heads of guests on the bed. Several examples of such activity were successfully recorded.

Carl assisted in requesting spirit “copy” noises made over several minutes, knocking, tapping and whistling were all included. On one single occasion, though the outgoing whistle was two tone and in two parts, a single, monotone response was heard by everyone present and hopefully captured on the camera footage arising from, this vigil?

Tapping, within the fabric of the flank wall, in the area adjacent to the closed bathroom door, was heard clearly and on several separate occasions. All at the request of both MW and Carl. All guests witnessed and noted this phenomenon.

An EVP exercise was undertaken and data remains to be downloaded and fully analysed. Initial playback to guests suggests some vocal response does appear to be present.

During the various phenomena encountered in this vigil. MW, monitoring with a MEL Meter, once again recorded levels as high as 3.3 simultaneously, two (2) K2 Meters indicated amber readings, all of this data collection is clearly recorded and evident on the film footage captured during the vigil.

Once again, the focus appeared to fall upon the wardrobe unit and the room corner previously identified by both earlier vigils and by other investigations of these premises earlier this year.

Room 10 – Group Three

Contact gained with the EMF Ghost Meter was maintained once again as the group relocated from room 7 to room 10 and the strange “behaviour” of the meter continued once again, as previously described.

Ironically, no similar, audible evidence or data appears to have been gathered on this occasion, despite the previous groups encounter and apparent success. Knocking was recorded however, on several occasions, emanating from behind the bed, head board, area.

An EVP exercise was conducted and data remains to be downloaded and analysed.

Photos taken, and film footage taken by Carl on IR Camera, need to be scrutinised, though initial observations did exhibit orb activity in the room over the bed head board as on previous occasions.

Vigils and EVP exercises within the cupboard space ensued, and Carl advised that he would join someone in this area and film accordingly. Minutes later, Carl emerged to advise that his battery power had completely and unexpectedly drained to zero despite full and complete charging!

Reports ensued of touching and feeling incidents once again within the confines of the cupboard space, and, on this occasion only, despite the presence of white noise being generated at floor level, “strange noises” were heard in the cupboard space?

Carl confirmed the above.

The vigil ended and a basic free for all, access all areas ensued for guests for which no feedback, formal recording or notation has been provided.

Marc Weston
Paranormal Investigator
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Red Lion Hotel – 14/4/2012 – Part 1

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012


WOW – what an amazing night with so many experiences for everyone;

1.  Group B
For my first group for the evening we started standing in the Bar & Restaurant, and immediately the EMF lit up showing spirit present.  We started hearing noises so sat down at tables to reduce our sounds and asked out to spirit to copy our taps.  As this seemed inconclusive we started a séance circle.  Some guests felt they were being pushed or pulled including myself.  Using the EMF to answer our questions all we could determine was it was a female energy.  Sean was filming and had to return to base for a new battery (which should not happen as it was a new battery) and immediately the guests started to feel movement, sensations and coldness.  A guest opposite me saw a shadow move in front of her, and myself and another guest started feeling a tightness in the chest and difficulty breathing.  I then started feeling very lightheaded and thought I was going to faint.  After unsuccessfully being put in the circle to recover I had to step away from the circle.  Feeling much better I observed the guests within the circle and guests were continuing to feel unusual sensations and coldness.

2. Group C
For my second group of the evening we remained in the Bar & Restaurant.  Again we had spirit showing us they were present by lighting the EMF.  We tried a séance circle but as nothing was happening we broke hands and moved to different areas.  We had little movement on the Ouija Board so tried glass movement on a table.  Four guests sat around a square table with their fingers placed lightly on an upturned glass.  By asking questions on the EMF we determined this was a male energy and immediately he started moving the glass around the table.  Guests were asking the spirit to draw shapes (ie. square, zig zag & triangle) on the table and move the glass to specified areas on the table which the spirit did.  The glass was moving around the table very fast.  We also asked spirit to twist the glass so fingers were tangled up, to which spirit did.  Whilst this was happening Carl who was filming started feeling sick and dizzy and asked me to continue filming whilst he stepped away.

3. Group A
Just before we started, my third group had heard a breath in their ears whilst in the Tudor Room on break so we decided to start in this room.  We started with a séance circle and immediately we had spirit present.  I felt like someone was holding my lower arm and asked spirit to do this to others or move my arm but had nothing more.  We then decided to try glass movement on a table, and it wasn’t until all the guests had put their fingers on the glass did it move.  I kept my finger off the glass, and all the other guests took it in turns to do this with the glass still moving, however often the glass would move to the person without their finger on the glass and wait until they had done so. We asked for shapes to be drawn which spirit did (ie. squares, triangles, zig zags & the number 8).  We then specified to spirit different sides of the table as a yes & no, and asked spirit questions.  We determined the spirit was female, a teenager, had brown hair & blue eyes, lived in Colchester but had never been to the Red Lion Hotel.  She had passed over within the last 100 years.  She liked having her hair made pretty.  She had no friends but had brothers and sisters.  Whilst asking her what things she liked to do, many of the answers being no, we asked if she liked dancing, with this question the glass flew so fast to no it went off the table and smashed on the floor.  We got another glass and apologised for upsetting her.  We then asked if she wasn’t able to dance and it went to no. We then asked if she liked to draw and she said yes.  One of the guests asked if her name was ‘Alice’ (a known spirit of the Red Lion) and as the glass moved to no I had the name Polly in my head, I asked spirit if this was her name and got yes.  We asked Polly if we should go to the Bar, replying yes.  We moved to the bar area and tried the writing planchet, a device similar to a Ouija Board allowing the spirit to draw.  With this Polly was able to draw a picture of a house for the guests to take home, along with a heart and a kiss.  We then tried the glass moving again and whilst we were starting this I was telling the guests of a previous event where the glass was being moved along the edge of the table, around the corners and underneath the table, and amazingly Polly attempted this.  She managed to move the glass around the whole of the rectangular table on the edge, even trying to move the glass under the table.  We thanked Polly for her fantastic efforts and finished for the evening. An amazing night – a fantastic venue – one of which I can’t wait to return to.

Paranormal Investigator
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Pluckley Woods ghost hunt – 6-4-2012

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Pluckley Screaming woods ghost hunt – 6th April 2012

After entering the woods and heading for my usual spot, one thing surprised me; the lack of any sounds at all. It was extremely quiet, probably the quietest I have known in these woods. This made the guests even more scared, since for most of them it was their first time.

Once we stopped walking, deep in the middle of the woods a male energy stepped forward, his name was Timothy, 27 years old, from 1870s that had a rough shaved look about him and he told me that he was a trader. One of the guests wanted to know whether she could feel him. I asked her to walk away from the group to the general area where he was standing after about 1 minute the guest came racing back to the group, apparently she heard the sound of footsteps behind her, the sound of crunching twigs and that was enough for her.

During the following séance Timothy stayed with us and was able to move the guests’ arms. There was also a female energy that joined us, her name was Bethany and she was in her early 20s but seemed to be shy or reluctant to join in.

During this séance some of the guests heard a growl behind them, which made some of the guests nervous. As I have heard growls before in these woods, I thought it best not to tell them this on our way into the woods as I didn’t want the guests to be too scared.

Many guests took photographs before and after the séance. Several of their photographs had light anomalies (Orbs) in them. One or two guests had some very unusual light anomalies, which were not the usual kind of perfect Orbs, but instead were rod shaped.

After the séance I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. Two of the guest’s questions had audible answers. You can hear the EVPs below.

Our second area a male energy by the name of Jake aged 34 came forward. Jake proceeded to answer many questions via our communication electronic equipment and the K2 EMF meter readings were also very high and consistent.

The third area was one which I don’t often go into, because even I find this area daunting, it doesn’t have a nice feeling, in fact it feels very oppressive and unnerving, but I didn’t tell the guests what I thought about it until after we had finished. Many guests also felt vulnerable whilst in this area. During the séance there was a very angry male energy present, he pushed many of the guests and rocked them from side to side, but I decided to stop the séance because I felt hands or something around my neck. I have felt this sensation before in this area of the woods!

Once again a successful ghost hunt where the guests experienced paranormal activity and communication with spirit.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Wychling Woods ghost hunt 31-3-2012

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Wychling woods ghost hunt 31st March 2012

Wychling is one of the strangest places I have ever visited, there is no village now, although I’m not sure that there ever was. The Church stands all alone in the middle of nowhere, hidden from view from the road and surrounded by woodlands.

These woodland though are definitely haunted and we have encountered many spirit people who have given no end of evidence of their presence. This visit was no different.

After walking around the church and graveyard we made our way to a very unusual feature; an archaeology dig, which we have seen progress over about 10 months. What this dig is to prove we have no idea, because it just looks like earth in the ditch, no walls or artefacts or in fact anything interesting to the lay person.

However this site does seem to bring out the spirits, whether this is disturbing something important or the ground was once something else we can only speculate.

In this area a female energy wearing a pink and white stripped dress came forward, she was about 20 years old and there were more than one of these energies, who all looked the same. The odd thing about them is that they were all wearing black top hats.

None of us could think of any trade where ladies wore top hats and in a strange way this reminded me of films depicting Voodoo villains, namely a James Bond film. Although I doubt that this image is anywhere near the truth.

This female energy however provided us with audible sounds and answered many questions via our communication equipment. Some of the guests also saw lights in the trees and further sounds heard in the distance. Although we had to put up with the sound of howling dogs from a nearby Kennel. At times though this howling sounded very similar to The Hounds of the Baskervilles, which made the ghost hunt more unnerving. Many orb photos were taken here by us and some of the guests.

Wychling Woods light anomalies

Wychling Woods light anomalies

We made our way to part of the woodland behind the church, this area we had a very interesting experience back in August when holding one of the first ghost hunts.

Once again lights were seen within the trees and our K2 EMF meters and our ghost communication devices picked up lots of activity. A male energy by the name of Roger came forward, he was about 9 years old and very scruffy in his appearance and I suspect he was a runaway (although he never answered this question).

Strange mists were also seen in this area and once again light anomalies (orbs) were photographed. Whilst asking Roger where he came from I used this opportunity to record the responses as an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experiment and one recording contains a voice, you can listen to it below.

Whilst making our way out of the woods, two people Kym & Carl both heard a growl, both said that this sounded like someone standing very near to them. I at this time was making my way out of the woods via a precarious path and did not hear anything.

Another interesting ghost hunt at Wychling and one which we will repeat later in the year when it is warmer.

Spiritualist Medium
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Burham Cement Works ghost hunt 24-3-2012

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Burham Cement Works ghost hunt 24th March 2012

Having visited this place in the day time I was very keen to come back at night, as the spirit energies here were very friendly and I felt sure than at night, when it is quieter, we would record some very good EVPs (a.k.a. spirit voices).

After much wandering around and taking many photos we settled into a spot where our K2 EMF meters were “kicking off”.

A female energy called Ems (which I understood for being short for Emily) stepped forward, she was approximately 17 or 18 years old, wearing a white and blue dress, which was fairly soiled with clay and mud. She was also wearing brown leather ankle boots, which in later communication with her, we established were work boots and that she thought they were uncomfortable. Emily had light brown hair and was wearing a floppy hat. She gave me the year as 1880. Emily was at first cautious of us which I misinterpreted as being shy in the first instance, although after 10 minutes I realised.

Whilst in this area our respective K2 EMF meters and ghost communicators (six meters in total) were amazing to watch as the energies wandered amongst us. Many of the guests felt hot and cold spots, which considering it wasn’t a cold or windy night was fairly interesting all by itself.

Another male energy also joined us, his name was Mack Tippery (or something similar to Tippery) and he was Irish, he was from the same period of time as Emily, although he was approximately 50 years old, a foreman when the Cement works was in full production.

Between both the energies they answered many questions via our communication equipment about their lives and the working conditions at the Cement Works.

During this phase of the ghost hunt I recorded the questions the guests were asking on our communication devices as part of my EVP experiment. There were about five or six EVPs recorded, however some of them are inaudible, the best three are below.

Many of the guests including myself heard lots of strange noises in the woods, these noises sounded like footfalls (someone walking over the broken sticks) and some of the guests saw varying coloured lights within the woods.

Whilst we were walking out of the woods, beside a spur of the river, there is a wooded area here, which doesn’t look very inviting, even during the day, but since we were on a ghost hunt it seemed the most sensible thing to do. Many guests photographed Orbs (light anomalies) in this part of the wood. However the most interesting photo was one of mine which contained a very interesting mist formation. It was no colder here, nor had any mist drifted off the river, yet the mist formation seems to have a defined shape.

Strange Mist at Burham Cement Works ghost hunt

Another very interesting location and one which is rather remote, which makes it perfect for our ghost hunting activity as it is also very quiet.

Spiritualist Medium
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Pluckley Screaming Woods – 23-3-2012

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Pluckley Ghost Hunt – 23rd March 2012

Investigating Pluckley at this time of the year is the best time for us, very few people venture into the woods because although the leaves are starting to return to the trees, it is usually very cold and teaming with wildlife (rabbits, foxes, rats etc) However this time it was a still night, no wind, a relatively clear sky and not a single animal sound was heard all night.

After walking deep into the woods I stopped on a familiar path and explained to all the guests what the Ghost Communicator did and the K2 EMF and how they worked. Many guests were taking photographs at this time and quite a few of them had orbs or light anomalies in them.

Whilst we were standing waiting for spirit energies to come forward I noticed that a spirit girl of about 7 or 8 years old had on a couple occasions approached us and then retreated as if scared by us, however this all changed when I saw he father, he was about 5’8” and of a large build, wearing a white shirt and a blue flat cap. He told me his name was Fred and that he was hiding in the woods. The year he gave me 1940. Which I found slightly confusing as to why anyone would be hiding with their family during WWII.

During the following séance Fred stayed around and another male energy joined us, he was 33 years old about 6’ tall and of slim build, he seemed very cavalier in his approach and he gave me the year of his passing as 1890. He also gave his name as Rocky, which seems a very modern name. However Rocky on several occasions pushed Damon (guest) much to Damon’s surprise. The first time it happened Damon could only utter expletives! However after about 15-20 minutes Damon had got used to this and was actually trying to resist movement, but every time the spirit energy won.

After we broke the séance and were just about to walk off, some guests were still taking photographs and one guest exclaimed she didn’t know what she had just taken. I flippantly commented that it was a bear (there are no bears in England!). On inspection of the photograph which was a mist formation, probably caused by the person’s breath who took the photo, there was a shape (where no mist was present) that actually did look like a bear!

The second area which we stopped walking Damon was now keen to be pushed again by spirit as too was Gary. During the séance we were joined by Timothy a male spirit who told me that he worked in the woods. He was 65 years old and had a bald head. We were also joined by a colleague of Timothy a male energy he told me his name was Mr Carolle, about 6’2” in height and in his early 20s. He was wearing a white granddad shirt and green trousers that had leather or suede patches on the thighs.

After asking these energies to concentrate on pushing people Gary who was standing to my left could feel a strong pressure on his right and a coldness which only affected his right hand side. No other guests at this time felt cold or a breeze. Both Gary and Damon were pushed with ease by these male spirits and Gary was actually nearly knocked off his feet with the force of one of these pushes. Many of the other guests including myself also felt a rocking sensation, as if we were on a boat.

After the séance I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) or ghost voice experiment. Out of the nine people present there were spirit voices recorded after seven people’s questions. The best ones you can hear below.

After the EVP experiment I set up the laser grid in the hope that the energies would make themselves known and although the K2 EMF activity was high, nothing was actually seen in the grid. Although many of the guests heard walking sounds or footfalls in the woods behind them. I also called out to spirit to repeat whistles and light the K2 metre when they had finished, but unfortunately nothing was heard at the time, nor recorded either.

Our 3rd area there was very little activity, possibly due to the fact that most of the guests were feeling the cold and were tired. There was a male energy around us, but equally he too was quite weak and shy.

All in all a very enjoyable ghost hunt and probably the highest amount of ghost voices recorded during any ghost hunt that I have undertaken.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt 17-3-2012 (team two)

Thursday, March 29th, 2012


1.  Group C
We first went to room 10 and after taking photos, lighting tealights and having a general look around, we held a séance.  I immediately felt spirit behind me by extreme cold and being pushed and pulled.  Two guests next to me felt the coldness too.  We started hearing many different noises in the corridor; footsteps and faint whistling.  I then saw a shadow in the doorway, then a guest saw a shadow in an alcove in the wall and the tealight in the alcove flickered greatly at the same time.  Other guests were feeling ‘cobweb touches’ on their faces.  We then stood in the corridor with the laser grid on asking for spirit to come near.  We threw two led balls down the corridor and one seemed to rest against the wall then roll away from the wall and slightly back towards us.

2. Group A
We went to two upstairs rooms in the fort, but after nothing seemed to be happening we moved down to the corridor.  We set up the laser grid pointing down the corridor and two of the guests saw one of the red lights turn off then on.  We split up into two smaller groups along the corridor and asked out for spirit to make themselves known.  After not much being heard we walked down towards a smaller room, and just before entering a whistle was heard.  We stayed in this room for a short while before leaving.  I then took two members of the group to room 10 for a short while whilst the remaining guests visited the graffiti area.

3. Group B
I took this group to room 10 and after a short while started with a séance circle.  Guests were seeing different lights through the doorway into the opposite room, and again different noises were being heard. Jo (guest) started feeling very unwell.  She was feeling sick, hot and dizzy.  We broke the circle as she felt she needed to be sick – which she did!  After checking that Jo was happy to continue we stepped into the corridor and set the laser grid up.  Again we threw the led balls down the corridor but nothing happened.  We then decided to rejoin the other groups and just before leaving, whilst asking the guests if there is anywhere they may like to return to before the end, the lights on the K2 meter lit up for the first time that night.  We asked spirit if we should stay by lighting up the K2 – nothing happed.  We asked spirit if we should go back to the first room the group had been to that night and the lights on the K2 went on.  We then proceeded back to the narrow dead-end tunnel for a short while, but only heard just a few faint noises and whistle.

I would just like to thank all the guests for a great night and a special thank you to Paul for his generous hospitality throughout the evening.

Kym McMillan
Ghost Hunt Events

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