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Pluckley Screaming Woods – 23-3-2012

Pluckley Ghost Hunt – 23rd March 2012

Investigating Pluckley at this time of the year is the best time for us, very few people venture into the woods because although the leaves are starting to return to the trees, it is usually very cold and teaming with wildlife (rabbits, foxes, rats etc) However this time it was a still night, no wind, a relatively clear sky and not a single animal sound was heard all night.

After walking deep into the woods I stopped on a familiar path and explained to all the guests what the Ghost Communicator did and the K2 EMF and how they worked. Many guests were taking photographs at this time and quite a few of them had orbs or light anomalies in them.

Whilst we were standing waiting for spirit energies to come forward I noticed that a spirit girl of about 7 or 8 years old had on a couple occasions approached us and then retreated as if scared by us, however this all changed when I saw he father, he was about 5’8” and of a large build, wearing a white shirt and a blue flat cap. He told me his name was Fred and that he was hiding in the woods. The year he gave me 1940. Which I found slightly confusing as to why anyone would be hiding with their family during WWII.

During the following séance Fred stayed around and another male energy joined us, he was 33 years old about 6’ tall and of slim build, he seemed very cavalier in his approach and he gave me the year of his passing as 1890. He also gave his name as Rocky, which seems a very modern name. However Rocky on several occasions pushed Damon (guest) much to Damon’s surprise. The first time it happened Damon could only utter expletives! However after about 15-20 minutes Damon had got used to this and was actually trying to resist movement, but every time the spirit energy won.

After we broke the séance and were just about to walk off, some guests were still taking photographs and one guest exclaimed she didn’t know what she had just taken. I flippantly commented that it was a bear (there are no bears in England!). On inspection of the photograph which was a mist formation, probably caused by the person’s breath who took the photo, there was a shape (where no mist was present) that actually did look like a bear!

The second area which we stopped walking Damon was now keen to be pushed again by spirit as too was Gary. During the séance we were joined by Timothy a male spirit who told me that he worked in the woods. He was 65 years old and had a bald head. We were also joined by a colleague of Timothy a male energy he told me his name was Mr Carolle, about 6’2” in height and in his early 20s. He was wearing a white granddad shirt and green trousers that had leather or suede patches on the thighs.

After asking these energies to concentrate on pushing people Gary who was standing to my left could feel a strong pressure on his right and a coldness which only affected his right hand side. No other guests at this time felt cold or a breeze. Both Gary and Damon were pushed with ease by these male spirits and Gary was actually nearly knocked off his feet with the force of one of these pushes. Many of the other guests including myself also felt a rocking sensation, as if we were on a boat.

After the séance I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) or ghost voice experiment. Out of the nine people present there were spirit voices recorded after seven people’s questions. The best ones you can hear below.

After the EVP experiment I set up the laser grid in the hope that the energies would make themselves known and although the K2 EMF activity was high, nothing was actually seen in the grid. Although many of the guests heard walking sounds or footfalls in the woods behind them. I also called out to spirit to repeat whistles and light the K2 metre when they had finished, but unfortunately nothing was heard at the time, nor recorded either.

Our 3rd area there was very little activity, possibly due to the fact that most of the guests were feeling the cold and were tired. There was a male energy around us, but equally he too was quite weak and shy.

All in all a very enjoyable ghost hunt and probably the highest amount of ghost voices recorded during any ghost hunt that I have undertaken.

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