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Wychling Woods ghost hunt 31-3-2012

Wychling woods ghost hunt 31st March 2012

Wychling is one of the strangest places I have ever visited, there is no village now, although I’m not sure that there ever was. The Church stands all alone in the middle of nowhere, hidden from view from the road and surrounded by woodlands.

These woodland though are definitely haunted and we have encountered many spirit people who have given no end of evidence of their presence. This visit was no different.

After walking around the church and graveyard we made our way to a very unusual feature; an archaeology dig, which we have seen progress over about 10 months. What this dig is to prove we have no idea, because it just looks like earth in the ditch, no walls or artefacts or in fact anything interesting to the lay person.

However this site does seem to bring out the spirits, whether this is disturbing something important or the ground was once something else we can only speculate.

In this area a female energy wearing a pink and white stripped dress came forward, she was about 20 years old and there were more than one of these energies, who all looked the same. The odd thing about them is that they were all wearing black top hats.

None of us could think of any trade where ladies wore top hats and in a strange way this reminded me of films depicting Voodoo villains, namely a James Bond film. Although I doubt that this image is anywhere near the truth.

This female energy however provided us with audible sounds and answered many questions via our communication equipment. Some of the guests also saw lights in the trees and further sounds heard in the distance. Although we had to put up with the sound of howling dogs from a nearby Kennel. At times though this howling sounded very similar to The Hounds of the Baskervilles, which made the ghost hunt more unnerving. Many orb photos were taken here by us and some of the guests.

Wychling Woods light anomalies

Wychling Woods light anomalies

We made our way to part of the woodland behind the church, this area we had a very interesting experience back in August when holding one of the first ghost hunts.

Once again lights were seen within the trees and our K2 EMF meters and our ghost communication devices picked up lots of activity. A male energy by the name of Roger came forward, he was about 9 years old and very scruffy in his appearance and I suspect he was a runaway (although he never answered this question).

Strange mists were also seen in this area and once again light anomalies (orbs) were photographed. Whilst asking Roger where he came from I used this opportunity to record the responses as an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experiment and one recording contains a voice, you can listen to it below.

Whilst making our way out of the woods, two people Kym & Carl both heard a growl, both said that this sounded like someone standing very near to them. I at this time was making my way out of the woods via a precarious path and did not hear anything.

Another interesting ghost hunt at Wychling and one which we will repeat later in the year when it is warmer.

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