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Whately Hall Hotel – 27-10-2012


I was using the Harness & Windsor Rooms tonight with Ouija Boards and Writing Planchette, along with various items of kit.  I started by taking my first group to the Harness Room.  We had spirit present straight away by using the KII and Ghost Pro’s.  After trying unsuccessfully with the ouija board and glass movement, we moved to the Windsor Room.  As we felt it was a young boy we had with us we tried asking spirit to draw something for us.  The writing planchette started moving slightly, drawing a very small zig-zag.  I had the name Christopher given to me, which spirit confirmed with a yes on the Ghost Pro that was his name.  I asked if Christopher would like to draw again, answered yes, and I promised to bring back a ball.

I took my second group to the Harness Room and both groups had immediate movement on the ouija boards.  They all had messages from their loved ones that had passed over, some brought to happy emotional tears.

For my third group we had some guests in the Harness Room, again communicating with loved ones on the ouija board, while I took others to the Windsor Room to try and communicate with Christopher again.  Immediately we had movement with possibly Christopher drawing large circles.

For the last part of the night the team took guests back to parts of the hotel they chose, and in smaller groups.  I went to Room 52 with 6 guests.  With everyone sitting quietly we started seeing lights in the room.  One guest felt he had been touched.  We were then hearing movement around the room with the floorboards being creaked.  We were all hearing taps/knocks on the wall, and moans or groans.  One guest sitting very relaxed in a chair was extremely surprised to feel a cold touch to his arm through his jumper.  The guests had been in this room earlier when the spirit of Father Bernard had come through, and when asked if this was him, the noises seemed to give us his response.

After the night had finished and the guests had left, the team ventured down to the cellar.  Initially it was just Marc and myself, and whilst sitting quietly we heard a table move next to us.  Torches on showed both us were not touching the table.  We moved away and again the table moved.  Shadows were seen too.  We also heard a female/childs giggle.  Carl then joined us and again the table continued to give random movements.  All three of us feeling cold touches to our knees, faces and hands.  Then it went very dark, the table moved loudly and we all jumped, myself probably the most ending up sitting on Marc’s lap.  Even the professionals get scared!!  Feeling brave again, we sat around the table with our hands touching the table lightly and the table started rocking gently.  Encouraging spirit to move the table more, it would move more rapidly and lifted up.  Steve then came down and confirmed Marcus and a young boy called Simon were the spirits with us.  A great end to an amazing night.

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
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