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Fort Horsted – 8-12-2012

FORT HORSTED 8th December 2012

Group B

Our first group of guests were very nervous, this being their first ghost hunt.  We started with a séance circle to help calm everyone’s nerves – it helped a little.  Marc was sensing spirit behind him, and odd noises were heard, one being a wing fluttering noise several times.  We checked with Paul the Manager and he confirmed it could have been a bat (although a bat in flight seldom makes a sound).  We then tried the ouija board and had some glass movement.  Guests were getting cold breezes on their faces, and when everyone was touching the glass or writing planchette it felt very warm around their hands.  On the Ovilus we asked spirit to give their name and we heard “Steve Birkett” – “February” – “Date of Birth” – “Gemma” this was a guests name.  Throughout we kept hearing noises in the corridor, and at one time a guest and Marc came running back into the room after hearing a loud noise – this turned out to be one of the tenants in a nearby unit revving his car very loudly to let us know he was leaving.

Group C

We started with a séance circle but nothing was happening so we tried the ouija board.  Almost immediately one of the guests scarf was moved (vertically, from her abdomen area, upwards, with no one touching the scarf or in close proximity), which was seen by others, and felt by the guest.  Again just small movement with the glass.  Karen (guest) and myself used the dowsing rods – and to our amazement we had a cross for yes and an open for no shown.  We established we had the spirit of a young girl called Emily (a spirit previously known to us on other vigils) with us, and she would move the rods to exactly where we asked.  On the Ovilus Marc heard the name “Hetty” which was personal to him.  Also during this session everyone kept hearing a dog barking – it is alleged a black dog haunts the tunnels.

Group A

We started with the ouija board but had no glass movement, however Damian (guest) and myself heard a male groan between us, and at that point Marc & guests heard a high pitched female scream in the corridor.  We then all went into the opposite room to try a séance circle, except Marc who whilst alone in the room heard a male groan next to him.  During the séance guests experienced swaying, with arm movement starting with Damian first.  Danielle (guest) and myself were moved next, then Rob (guest) who was also being twisted.  We then decided to stop and try table tipping as the guests had had success with this during the previous session in the hanging room.  Immediately we had the table lift up towards Linda in response to showing us a “yes”.  With encouragement from us we were able to see the table move in many different ways when asked.  This was filmed so hopefully there will be some footage to view. Additionally, Marc captured a mist like anomaly, as well as orbs, passing in front of the video camera lense.  Other team members sought to debunk this claim, but circumstances prevailing at the time, and actual camera positioning, proximity of others, etc almost, definitely discounts their claims that it was merely breath.  Footage available for scrutiny.

Free Session

I had three guests that wanted to return to the Hanging Room where they had table tipping earlier, but wanted to try the ouija board first.  We had spirit present giving his name as “Rob” age “33” and passed in “1867”.  He also confirmed he was the British Soldier that was with these guests earlier moving the table, but not the spirit present in Room 10.  We then stopped with the ouija board and tried table tipping again.  This was a little slow to start, but started with tapping under the table.  Then with encouragement from us, the table started rocking very quickly.  We then established “yes/no” with the table tipping, and was able to confirm this was Rob with us.  We were then able to experience some amazing table movement, with the table turning rapidly and sliding across the floor too.  Spinning in one direction and when asked to change direction the table would respond.  We then wanted to establish where the spirit was standing so with myself pointing all round the room, the table tipped up for yes just to the left of the stairs.  I then remembered seeing the spirit of a British Soldier in that same place on a previous night, and when asked if that was him, he tipped the table to confirm “yes”.

Marc’s Free Session

EVP exercises carried out with individual guests whilst others engaged in the Ouija table, but quickly abandoned this idea as they felt extremely uncomfortable without the presence of a team member in the room.  Data still to be reviewed and analysed.

Once again an amazing night at Fort Horsted – we all absolutely love this venue and can’t wait to return.

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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