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Red Lion Hotel – 29-12-2012

RED LION 29th December 2012

I started with my first group in Room 6.  We established we had the spirit of Jack with us (using the Ghost Pro) who I had met before.  Jack said he would be happy to communicate with us using the Ouija table.  We had gentle glass movement, with the glass twisting when asked.  We heard a noise in the room, and on investigating believed it to be a wooden frame being banged against the wall.  We then moved to Room 4 and immediately had spirit showing their presence on our Ghost Pro’s.  This was Alice and she was able to touch guests in different places, and when guests asked Alice to confirm it was her by touching somewhere different, a cold touch was felt there also.

I took my second group to Room 6 first, and using the Ghost Pro, the spirit of Jack confirmed he was still with us.  We had some slight movement with the glass on the Ouija table, then turned on the Spirit Box, to which we heard a female voice saying “help”.  We then went to Room 4, and using the Ghost Pro’s the spirit’s of Alice, Jack and Michael confirmed they were with us.  One guest said they felt a cold touch on their arm.  Two guests took it in turns to try Scrying (looking into a mirror and asking spirit to step forward and show us what they look like).  However it wasn’t until we left the room, one of the guests came up to me and after seeing the person who was looking into the mirror in the light, he described what he saw; a man with a goatee beard and pointed eyebrows – the guest did not look like this!

For my third group we went to Room 6 only, and was very fortunate to have some amazing glass work on the Ouija table.  The spirit of Alice was with us, and all the guests had the opportunity to ask Alice to answer some personal questions only they would know.  Many times asking the questions in their head.  This brought happy tears to some, and total amazement to all.  We were able to think of a shape and Alice would draw it.  When asked to draw circles, fast and slow, and change direction, Alice would do what we requested immediately.  I then asked Alice to draw short random movements, which she had done on a previous ghost night at the Red Lion, which she happily obliged.

For the fourth session, we had the spirits of Alice and Michael with us, but had no glass movement at all.

For the final ‘free’ session I went with four guests to Room 4, and guests tried Scrying.  Other guests watching were able to see facial changes, and one of the guests doing the scrying kept seeing her face going dark, although the guests watching couldn’t see this.

Great night for our last ghost hunt for 2012!!

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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