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Merley House

Monday, December 5th, 2022

Merley House

History of Merley House
Merley House in Wimborne, Dorset was built in 1756. In 1875 the whole estate was sold by auction but there is little information as to whom it was sold until it was bought by Ivor Guest, 1st Lord of Wimborne. In 1927, the MP for South Dorset, Angus Valdemar Hambro purchased the estate in a dilapidated condition, spending two years renovating it.
In 1939 the outbreak of war meant that the house was requisitioned by the War office. When they left in 1946 the house was again sold at auction. The house was converted into flats.
During the 1960s a holiday park was started, by the present owners, to help finance the restoration of the house. The ground floor was opened to the public and contained a collection of model cars, lorries, airplanes, ships and train sets. Most recently the downstairs was restored again to create spacious and elegant areas.

Ghosts of Merley House
From our investigations we have found that the most active areas are in the cellar, although upstairs activity still happens, especially on the first floor with disembodied voices being heard as well as laughter and the sound of children running around.


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