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Port Lympne Mansion – 1st November 2014 (Kym)

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Port Lympne Mansion 1st November 2014
Lympne, Kent
Halloween Special

Area: Conference Room
Equipment: Scrying, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums
This place looks, and was amazing!  The team had been looking forward to coming here all year.  And it did not disappoint.  We had 6 sessions so time was going to be crucial tonight.

Group E – We started immediately with scrying – 2 mirrors set up to use – and guests that were sitting and standing were seeing the same on both mirrors: man with a light bushy beard on the sides of his face, with a dark moustache.  Small eyes and glasses.  One group saw shadows in the mirror from behind them.  We then tried the rods & pendulums so we could ask spirit about what we saw, and one guest screamed and quickly put her pendulum down – when asked what happened, she said her pendulum was violently swung towards her.  After calming down she tried again.  Everyone experienced movement, with all being amazed at what the rods & pendulums were doing.  One guest thought they were magnetic at first, until they started moving apart too.  Some guests could feel spirit between them, when asking for those holding the rods to point where the spirit was standing, they all pointed between those two ladies.

Group F – We started with scrying and again everyone was seeing the same as the previous group – male, glasses, bushy light beard and dark moustache.  We were also feeling cold spots amonst us.  Someone felt it was a small child.  I was standing behind some guests, and one lady turned around suddenly, and was pleased to see me there, but when I said I hadn’t moved she then said she had felt someone walk behind her to her right (I was to her left).  We then used the rods & pendulums and people were picking up on a male & female spirit.  They asked if the spirit of Elaine had followed them up from the previous session – answered yes.  This was a lady of the manor, French, aged between 30 to 50, and had died here.

Group A – Started with scrying and again had a male spirit with glasses, moustache and beard.  When asking the spirit with rods & pendulums he confirmed he was the man in the mirror, worked here, did not die here, and was from the 1100’s.  There was also a girl aged 5.  The rods also pointed to the door and screen when asked where the spirits were standing, which was where guests were feeling.

Group B – Again with scrying people could see a man with a beard, moustache and glasses.  With each group I did not say what other groups were seeing, and was pleasantly surprised when similar experiences were felt.  We were also hearing footsteps around us, and seeing light and dark shadows.  Louise suddenly had a nosebleed which is unusual for her.  Cold spots were being felt around us.

Group C – This group was now down to one guest as some had left due to illness.  So myself and Kat went to the room on our own.  We didn’t try scrying but sat quietly with rods & pendulums, starting of at one end together.  We were hearing noises at the opposite end so I went to check.  I then heard a noise near Kat, and she said it sounded like someone had sat on the chair behind her.  She then joined me, and it seemed quiet again so I went to stand in the middle of the room.  We then heard a loud bang behind a screen, checking – nothing had moved.  We then stood leaning our hands on the back of a chair, and we felt and heard a tap on the chair.  Then it creaked.  Then the chair moved – just a little at first.  Feeling brave we asked for more – and to our surprise the chair twisted 90 degrees whilst we had our torch on – WOW – we did not expect that!  Time up we were gutted to leave.

Group D – I told the guests what had just happened, and I tried again to ask spirit to move the chair again whilst myself and guest were holding it, although we had some slight creaks, no movement.  We did try again a little later in that session, but again only slight creaks.  With the scrying guests were seeing a male with a goatee beard and moustache.  Whilst using the rods & pendulums we were asking spirit questions.  I had a female spirit that had worked here.  We were then hearing footsteps in the room around us – often going under a chair someone was sitting on.  We also heard a male groan, and were feeling a lot of cold spots.

This was one of the best investigations I had experienced, it was a pleasure to be involved, and one I hope we return to in the new year!

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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