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Walpole Bay Hotel, Margate ghost hunt

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Walpole Bay Hotel Ghost Hunt in aid of The Children’s Trust – 18th February 2012

This ghost hunt was held on behalf of The Children’s Trust, all proceeds from the event went to the charity.

We started the evening in the alleged most haunted room. Room 310. A male energy stepped forward and gave his name as Edward, he was gentry without a doubt, aged 29 years old and from 1910 he stood about 5’6” in height and wore a pin stripe grey suit with a black top hat and a silver topped cane. Edward proceeded to give a little evidence to the guests by lifting their arms gently.

After this session we decided that we would have a roving ghost hunt, since we had access to several rooms on each floor and therefore let the guests wander from room to room to see what they could sense or pick up with our equipment. Since we did not want to disturb guests of the hotel later in the evening this seemed a good idea and it allowed the guests to investigate on their own.

Later in the evening we were trying a Scrying experiment with some of the guests in the downstairs female toilets, as the energy and the general feeling in this area was not a good one. Many of the female guests and a member of my team did not relish the idea of using these toilets as they had a bad feeling. Many odd noises also emanated from within the toilets, but on every single visit inside the door, whatever the noise was, stopped instantly. During the scrying experiment the guests saw the features change on whoever was sitting in the “hot seat”

Whilst I was in a room on the second floor we came across a female energy who told us via our communicator equipment that she once owned and managed the hotel. Within the same room another female energy was present, a maid, however neither of these energies managed to either make a noise that we could hear nor affect any of the guests.

Some of my team had had sessions in room 310 in the meantime where strange knocks had been heard and at one point they were in response to the taps and raps being asked by the people in the room. Whilst the guests were in another area, myself and a colleague re-visited room 310 to see if we could record these raps and taps on our audio equipment. On entering the room we noticed that there was a strong pungent smell of lavender, which considering we had both been in this room before along with all of the guests at various times throughout the night and at no time prior to this visit had either of us smelled lavender quite so strong.

For our final session we spent this in the ballroom downstairs as when I was in the room alone, there were many strange sounds like whistling coming from the direction of the ladies toilet and when I entered  the room I thought I heard a piano playing, however there was no piano in the room.

We had lots of communication with spirit via our communication equipment in the ballroom and spirit were responding to our taps and raps and repeating them more or less on command.

During various EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experiments, audio anomalies were recorded, some however we have been able to ascertain what exactly has been said in response to our questions, two are easily understandable and are available to hear.

Below is a photo taken by one of the Ghost Hunt Events team members which shows a very odd image on the wall or in the mirror, we cannot be sure as no other photographs of this room were similar, we have tried to re-create this effect on a mirror, but have been unable to do so.


Strange Photo from room 310

Strange Photo from room 310

Whilst we cannot be sure that this is of a paranormal nature, we also cannot be sure that it isn’t. You decide.

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