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St Augustine’s Priory ghost hunt – 22-11-2013 (Kym)

St Augustine’s Priory ghost hunt, Bilsington 22nd November 2013

Area: 1st Floor

Equipment: KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums

This was the first time Ghost Hunt Events had been to this special place, and to say we were all very excited would be an understatement.  Before the guests arrived the team had experienced some spirit activity.  I had taken my kit up to my area and whilst standing in the side room with KII & Ghost Pro I asked out to spirit.  I heard movement in the far corner, asking spirit to come and talk my KII lit up.  The lights stayed on consistently on full lights for the next few minutes until I left.  I felt the spirit was female, a nurse, and in her thirties.  The ghost pro lit up and the spirit confirmed this was correct.  I held out my hand and it felt very warm.  She didn’t come back and join us until my third session.  Jo (team) with her spring Ouija set up suggested we all test it before guests arrived, and to our surprise the spirit of Max was able to move and tilt the Ouija many times at our request.  With this promising a good night, we went off to meet the guests.

With my first group we started in the main room and the ghost pro’s lit up.  I showed the guests how to use the rods & pendulums which they all had the opportunity to use.  These all moved in many different ways, all to the guests requests.  We all moved into the side room, and experienced cold areas in the room, and guests could feel touches they couldn’t explain.  We then moved into the smaller room, a male guest held a Christmas bauble in his hand asking spirit to move it, to his surprise it did.  One of the female guests standing next to him felt and heard a breath in front of her.  We left the two male guests in the room on their own for a short while, and whilst there they both felt suddenly very cold.  Whilst we were standing in the side room, two of the female guests could feel cold touches on their hands.

With my second group we all started in the side room.  We could hear noises in the side room, but as another team was above that room we thought it may be them.  However we did hear one noise that sounded like something being moved across the floor – on checking I couldn’t identify anything that had moved.  Whilst standing back in the side room, many of us started swaying, with three of us standing  one side were swaying in sync.  We couldn’t see each other, but Carl was filming and could see this.  The guests standing by the fireplace were moving too, and Carl also filmed many orbs around them.  Again coldness was felt by all.  Whilst filming Carl felt a sharp stabbing pain in his back.  We then moved back into the main room to use the pendulums & rods, and all experienced them moving, to their request.  We were hearing noises in the side room again, so spent the last few minutes in there.  On leaving that area we asked spirit to move the Christmas bauble that was laying on the floor, or move one of the pebbles from the bucket whilst we were gone.

With my third group we started in the main room with the rods & pendulums, again all experiencing movement at request.  Ghost Pro’s were lit up too.  We then all moved into the side room, and immediately I noticed a large white tub on the floor in front of the door to the far room.  This area had not had anybody here since I had left the previous session.  Unexplained!  Also at the end of the night Jo (team) showed me a pebble they had thrown at them in one of her sessions – this was the same as the pebbles in the bucket upstairs, which I had asked spirit to move! Again unexplained!  We all stayed in the side room, and the guests standing near the fireplace were experiencing movement; arms moving up, swaying, and even one guest was moved across the room and back in a very unusual way.  All the guests took it in turns to stand in that area, and all experienced the same movement.  Whilst they were being moved all felt very cold.  Then myself and guests to my left started feeling warm, and the ghost pro confirmed we had a female spirit.  She also confirmed she was the same female I had met at the beginning of the night, and I believe her name was Annabel.  It was nice to feel her warmth.  Looking around the room I noticed guests that were not standing by the fireplace were having their arms moved up again.  Realising our time had run over into the free time, we asked spirit to move everyone back to normal, to which they did.  Thanking the spirits, the guests had the opportunity to explore with kit.

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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