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Rye Castle – 23rd April 2015 (Wayne & Paula)

Rye Castle ghost hunt 25th April 2015
Rye, East Sussex

The Old Mortuary

Session 1 with Steve
We used K2 meters,Ghost Pros, SB7 Spirit Box, EM Pump, REM Pod, Mel Meter, 360 Parascope, Ovilus lll and Tarquin the Interactive Bear.
We handed out K2s and Ghost Pros to the guests as we normally do, having activity on the ghost pros almost immediately with some small spikes on both of the K2s. Shortly after the activity started we realised that all of the ghost pros were acting in a way that none of us had seen before, they were all flashing the same pattern as each other but it was a constant random pattern with simultaneous needle spikes, this carried on in short bursts throughout the session.
Steve pointed out that we were not alone as he could see a spirit in the corner of the room who had been drinking heavily and staggered around at the back of the room. We placed a 360 Parascope in this area which immediately picked up some static and lit from one side to the other as if someone had “brushed” past it exactly where Steve had seen the spirit.
Paula and two of the guests experienced cold spots on them feeling cold on the back of their legs and arms whilst I also felt a temperature drop and static energy around me as I was kneeling to “pray” in front of the cross. Tarquin also mentioned a few times about a temperature change.
Steve and one of the guests heard a high pitched squeal come from the area in front of the cross just before I knelt in front of it. It was also noted that the batteries in our equipment were being drained more so than at other locations.

Session 2
Same activity as before with the ghost pros but not quite as badly affected. We managed to get a few answers through the ghost pros but not enough to gather a story on any one of the spirits that were trying to communicate.
Soon after we started we all heard noises from the top of the stairwell as if someone was walking around, firstly hearing creaking then footsteps then tapping and finally something that sounded like a coin being dropped on the floor.
We decided to try the Ovilus lll to see if any relevant words would come through this device but again as in session 1 it was being affected by this area and refused to work properly, incidentally we tested all of the affected devices and they all worked as they should once we had left the area.

Free time
During free time whilst in the entrance/shop area we were speaking to the resident guide about John Breads who had killed a man in the churchyard opposite the castle. He pointed to one corner of the tower and told us that this was where John Breads spent the last 60 days of his life so I immediately went to this area with the Ovilus lll device. The first 2 words that sounded from the Ovilus were “Centre” and “Stabbed”.

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