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An Ovilus is used by the spirits present to pick word from the devices memory to help with communication. There are 2500 words in the dictionary which isn’t many by our verbal vocabulary but there is also a relevancy bar, the more of this that is displayed, the more relevant the word is to the conversation or question.

This version, which is version 3 is probably the most popular version of this tool as this was the first time that the word was printed on the screen as well as being heard. This is the dictionary mode. There are other modes including a phonetic mode, but the dictionary mode is by far the easiest to understand. This is also one of the most requested tools during any of our investigations.

Since there is a limited dictionary, the words picked can be the wrong words or not relevant to the conversation, as we, human beings have a vocabulary of about 50000 words, 2500 words is not a lot to explain anything. Therefore there will be times when the words don’t mean much.

We often try to explain to our guests that these devices are not designed to answer questions, but to assist in communication and will help answer questions, but not directly. The word that come out are usually relevant but not a direct answer. Unfortunately this leads to misinterpretations which is perfectly normal, but like so many other paranormal equipment, we don’t rely on just one tool, we use several at the same time so that we can understand and communicate with the spirits.

Version 3 of the Ovilus was the better version in our opinion, there have been improvements but for the ease of use and the size of the device, this version was the best. The newer version Ovilus 5b has more features and more capabilities and costs about $400 from Digital Dowsing  however, you may be able to find a version 3 on Amazon or eBay, but we would expect to pay about £300 for a used one.

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