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SLS Camera

SLS Camera

An SLS Camera in its basic form is used to detect people. Originally designed by Microsoft for its Xbox range to detect movement for sports games. The software and sensor bar has now been modified for use as a standalone device for the paranormal community. SLS stands for Structured Light Sensor but most people prefer to call it “the stickman camera”.

Frequently these cameras are now used to detect or interact with spirit energies and has been used on many Ghost Hunting TV programs.

The idea of using one of these cameras is that the sensor bar emits thousands of small infrared dots. The camera can see the dots and when something blocks the light the sensor can detect how far away the object is and its shape. This is then displayed to the user via a tablet. This can be used in daylight or night.

Interpretation is by itself a limitation for the use of the device. Simply, these devices and the software is designed to show people, therefore any anomaly will be displayed as a person, as that is what the software is designed to do. However frequent use, the user can understand the sensors limitations and uses. For instance, reflections must be accounted for as this sensor can accurately pick up reflections in items that you would not expect to be reflective (e.g. solid wooden doors, kitchens or wooden panelled rooms). Flowers, trees and plants can inaccurately be displayed as people especially if they are displayed on a stand. Recording the sessions can be harder as the tablet usually has no capacity or space to record a whole night. We know that this involves storing the footage on a SD card, but then we also recognise that this will have to be analysed which we know from our other camera footage, this will be time consuming.

We like these cameras because they can sometimes pick up anomalies that we would have missed by any other means. The camera has on a few occasions helped us communicate with the spirits and we have had some amazing results by simply asking the spirit to wave or stand up. The rig’s that we have are fully portable, although battery intensive. Batteries only last for a few hours (3-4).

There are now several versions of these SLS cameras for sale. The best deals are those that have been converted by those who know what they are doing. The software for the Kinect system is free from Microsoft, but there are many people who charge for this. That said it is always better to get the software installed with the sensor and sold as one unit, rather than trying to install it yourself to save a few pounds. We would expect to pay between £300 – £450 for a V1 with a camera & tablet (fully installed). You can purchase these from many places including Infraready, Amazon & eBay.

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