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Vibration Pod

Vibration Pod

This is used to detect small vibrations on 3 axis and the led lights show where this vibration has been detected from the lights on the top of the unit. At first this is quite difficult to read and understand but after a few goes at testing this in a known environment (we used a busy road with lots of lorries going past) then it is really easy to understand and it is remarkably interesting how vibration and noise can affect these devices.

This is similar to a Geophone, but where a geophone only turns noise into a light form so that you can see the noise, this turn vibrations into lights so if something is vibrating predominantly on the right then more lights will be light on the right on the pod.

The stronger the vibration the more lights light up to show the strength of the vibration and the direction using a simple and familiar blue, green and red.

Like many tools for the paranormal industry this is a purpose-built device, but other factors may influence the usage and any movement however small is likely to disrupt this device.

The size of this unit is perfect to include with our vast amounts of kit as it compliments many other sensory tools which we use to rule out or account for environmental factors in our investigations.

The full size Vibe Pod pre-2014 has been discontinued but you can purchase a smaller new version from Pro-Measure and these are built to order for $150
You may also find the original versions for sale on Amazon or eBay

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