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Landguard Fort

Event Showcase: Landguard Fort

History of the Landguard Fort
Landguard Fort was built just outside Felixstowe, Suffolk, it was designed to guard the entrance to Harwich. The first fortifications from 1540, a Fort battery was built in 1717, and a new fort in 1745. New batteries were built in the 1750s and 1780, but the biggest change was in the 1870s.

During the Second World War, it was used as one of the balloon launch sites to attack Germany by means of free-flying hydrogen balloons.
The Left Battery was converted into a Anti-aircraft Operations Room for Harwich in 1939.

Ghost Hunting
Visitors have their own experiences of paranormal activity in or around the Fort. The most common being the image of a sailor looking out of the top right window occasionally there are still reports of lights at night and being “pushed” whilst visiting the top floors.

Our favourite rooms are; the caponier for strange feelings and movements during séances, the mine room for disembodied voices and whistles, the inner bailey rooms for table tilting and ouija boards, the guard house has been good for guests doing lone vigils as have the front gun rooms. There are 55 different rooms here and I don’t think anyone from the team has been in every room yet!

We have been investigating #LandguardFort since 2012 and have witnessed; disembodied voices, whistles and other noises, footsteps following lone visitors on the upper levels, table tilting which has been out of this world (on one occasion the table ‘walked’ around the inner bailey of the fort). Ouija boards which have moved in strange ways (on one occasion the ouija board moved, not the planchette or glass). Séances have been really physical on some occasions, with people being pushed to the floor.

You can watch our evidence at

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