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Nothe Fort

Event Showcase: Nothe Fort
History of Nothe Fort
Nothe Fort was built in 1872 to protect Portland’s harbour, which was then becoming an important Royal Navy base. The fort played an important role in World War II, when the harbour was used as base by the British and American Navy.

In 1956, the fort was abandoned, and in 1961 it was purchased by the local council. It is now a museum and tourist attraction.

Nothe Fort has always had a legendary ghostly whistling gunner and many people claim to have heard his eerie whistling in the Fort’s extensive underground passageways.

Ghost Hunting
We have been investigating #NotheFort since November 2012 and our very first investigation we probably had one of the best piece of evidence you could wish for; a footprint (male about size 7) materialised in front of our eyes when someone asked to see the spirits footprints. He meant to have asked to hear the spirits footsteps, but in the heat of the moment asked the wrong question!

We have also heard disembodied whispers, voices, coughs, whistles and spoken sentences.

Our favourite areas are; The Engine room for table tilting and ouija boards, the tunnel complex for EVP’s and gadgets, the caponier for shear spookiness and strange feelings, plus spoken voices heard when holding séances (the caponier is not currently used due to health & safety measures). The Barbican is an interesting area which is immediately above the entrance gate, now home to pigeons and spiders, but that’s not what makes it spooky! Others areas which we find interesting are the whistling tunnel and some of the magazine/cartridge rooms and what is now The Blacksmiths Shop.
Of all the forts that we visit (both now and in the past) Nothe Fort remains one of the best preserved Forts in the UK with a lot of the original features that make up this Fort.

You can watch our evidence at

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