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Charlton House

Event Showcase: Charlton House

History of the Charlton House
Charlton House in Greenwich, London was built between 1607 and 1612 by Sir Adam Newton, Charlton House is one of the finest examples of Jacobean domestic architecture in the country.

The house and grounds were used as a hospital for officers during World War I and were bought by the Metropolitan Borough of Greenwich in 1925. The North (Chapel) Wing was bombed during the Blitz of the Second World War and was subsequently rebuilt albeit with non-matching bricks such as were available in the immediate post-war period.

Ghost Hunting
Our favourite areas/rooms depend on which activity you’re undertaking. The cellar is very good for EVP’s, the loft is also good, but equipment and tech sessions are good here too. The old Library is spooky on your own although our favourite rooms are the old bedrooms for table tilting, ouija boards and séances.

We have been investigating #CharltonHouse since 2014 and have had disembodied voices and whistles, a piano playing by itself and broken clocks chiming as well as objects moved, strange light anomalies and people pushed to the floor during our #ghosthunts We have recorded EVP’s and some excellent table tilting as well as séances.

You can watch our evidence at

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