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Pluckley Screaming Woods – 8-12-2011

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Pluckley Screaming woods never cease to amaze us, not least the amount of people we encounter looking for ghosts in the woods and sometimes the wrong woods! I don’t really understand why people get so frightened walking 500 yards away from the car park, the scary places are much deeper into the woods!

We made our way to a particular hot spot and after everyone’s eyes adjusted to the darkness, although it wasn’t that dark because the moon was high in the sky and nearly full we were joined by Bernard, a spirit in his early 20s who was a wood cutter from the 1920s. This spirit energy quickly started to move the arms of Kerry and myself and when I asked Kerry to ask in her head which direction Bernard should move her arm he diligently obliged. Bernard then moved around the circle and stood beside Sid and firstly moved his and my arms, then his and Kamilla’s arms. Sid found this both interesting and alarming, since on our walk into the woods he wanted to know why he had never experienced anything before, now he has his answer. I also asked Sid to do the same as Kerry i.e. ask in his head which direction he wanted his hands to move and once again Bernard obliged.

Another male energy made himself known to me although he didn’t participate as he was watching Bernard. This energy looked like Alf Garnett (for those who can remember that TV show). During this arm movement session and the subsequent pushing that was starting to take place, mainly with Kerry and Steve (guests) we all heard a lot of noise, some of the noises were birds, but some of it also sounded like someone making their way through the woods because we all heard snapping of sticks and questioned whether an animal would make this noise?

After walking a little further into the wood we started with another séance but this time the two energies were female, called Mary and Alice, but they showed themselves via my EMF metre but did not interact with the group. We left this area and moved onto a much more sheltered part of the wood, since it was rather cold but thankfully the rain had stopped.

Almost immediately after forming a circle a male energy called Philip stepped forward, he was about 6’ tall and told me that he had passed away in 1960s in a motorcycle accident on the road which passes through the woods. He very quickly started to push Kerry, Steve and myself and also not intent on just pushing us forwards and backwards but also from side to side. This spirit ghost was also a joker and generally fun loving chap who thought it would be hilarious to push us forwards, actually it felt like our arms were being pulled downwards and we could do nothing but follow. After this rather uncomfortable movement, the spirit started to move arms again and placed one of my arms in front of Kamilla and she said that she felt this warming energy flowing from my hands and that all her clothes were sticking to her. Bino (guest) also had the same treatment but he reported that he felt an odd sensation on his head and all the hairs on his neck were sticking up.

During this session many people including me heard voices, some of which sounded very close, but I severely doubt many people could walk through these woods without the aid of a torch. Although I know I could because I know the woods very well but I certainly wouldn’t be walking around these woods at midnight on my own!

We also heard some rather scary sounding groans or growling, fortunately it sounded far enough away but it was very unusual as I have never heard that sound before, yes I have heard other growling noises in these woods but this was different as it sounded menacing.

When I asked Philip to repeat some whistling the EMF metre spiked with activity although it took several attempts before we as a group heard a reply whistle and even then it was quite a faint sound.

After this I conducted an EVP experiment, which proved to be brilliant, because when I played back the recording I and others could hear a definite spirit voice after I asked my question, well actually the spirit voice was recorded in a gap between me saying my name and me asking my question. This is extremely clear and you can hear it at

There were several other ghostly spirit voice answers to the guest questions, but these are being analysed because they are not so clear. There was also a sound of an accordion after Kerry asked her question but this is also being analysed by our experts.

Once again a brilliant ghost hunt in Pluckley Screaming woods with the guests experiencing both physical and recorded evidence.

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Bicknor Church & Woods – 4-11-2011

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

Bicknor Woods ghost hunt 4th November

On moving into the woods we started holding a séance to build the enrgy and almost immediately a male energy joined us, his name was Marcus and he passed in 1843, he was wearing a purple shirt, like a (Hollywood impression) pirate’s shirt. He gently moved Russ’ and my hands and gently pushed Gavin. During this time we all heard many footfalls along the pathway, which spooked many people since we had left a torch on the path was clearly visible and nothing was seen. Another guest Ben saw lights in the distant wood and from time to time we all heard the sound of mumbling, like women chatting.  The EMF Metre was left outside the circle and on many occasions this was showing high activity. Many cold spots were also felt by various people in the group, since it wasn’t a particularly cold evening and there was no breeze to speak of these cold spots seemed to be much colder than the breeze could have caused. Marcus (the energy) moved the hands of Mike and Tammy much to their amazement. After the séance Ben felt unwell and drained.

Whilst we were moving to the next location a strange buzzing was heard overhead, there seemed no reason for this. It felt like something flying overhead but no-one saw or heard anything.

At the second location whilst we were standing in a circle, many of the guests felt huge blasts of cold air, which was not caused by the weather because deeper into the woods there was little wind. After a while I and Ben both felt a sharp pain in our right knees, I didn’t sense a spirit who was responsible for this as it just seemed to come from nowhere. Also in this location we all heard footfalls and once again no explanation could be offered for this as there were torches left on and nothing could be seen to create the noise.

Once we rejoined the main path the EMF Metre was constantly showing all lights lit, the resultant energy was a female energy, she told me that she and her family passed in 1908 by suicide. Although she was now very happy and she made some noises around us, however whilst some of us could hear the footstep sounds, not everyone could hear them.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt at Bicknor and this is one place that does not seem to disappoint with regards to spirit activity.

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