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Bicknor Woods ghost hunt – 18-1-2013

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Bicknor Woods 18th January 2013
Bicknor, Kent

This was quite interesting just getting into the woods, since the first snow of the year had fallen the night before and had now turned to ice, so instead of walking, we slid down the hill onto the footpath.

Once in the woods there was a strange quietness, just the sound of a few birds taking flight that we disturbed whilst walking on the path. There was also some light snowfall, but nothing that would hinder or stop the ghost hunt.

Our first location I gave the majority of the guests some KII meters and a ghost communicator, the levels of KII were extremely high although this came in waves. Electronic communication was also high as a young male energy joined us, although he would not tell us his age, although to me he seemed to be in his late teens.

Various strange noises we heard in the woods, especially the sound of someone approaching as we could hear snapping twigs, as if someone was walking towards us, but considering our eyes had adjusted to the dark we could see if anyone was approaching.

Some guests took photos and one photo that should have been of a tree and a fence post had another vertical line in the photo which looked like another tree, however the object didn’t go all the way to the ground, whether this was snow is uncertain as a flash from a camera fires at 1/60th of a second, which would have meant that the object was travelling in excess of 12 feet per second!

At the second location a little further along the path another male energy made himself know to me. He was called Chris and was approximately 20 years old. Once again there were lots of high KII spike and some communication via the equipment.

The third location I started to use my Sprit Box (a device that scans the FM radio frequencies at 100ms in reverse). After asking that the spirit say one of our names or tell us the day of the week we heard “back” and “have it” but no names, unfortunately there was a lot of interference which I can only assume was related to the atmospheric low pressure. However many people reported seeing various shadows and  we all heard quite a lot of strange noises, some sounded like something heavy being dropped. Also some strange mists were seen and photographed.

At the fourth location which was back on the main path, we diverted to look at a tree that could have been easily used to hang people, as it had a branch at just about the right height. During the séance we were joined by Chris (the spirit from earlier) and an older gentleman in his 50s. Both these spirits were able to move the guests arms and push and pull some of the guests. Some people felt a swaying sensation (which is common for these woods) and a twisting sensation. Also during the séance we heard a lot of heavy sounds, similar to branches falling to the ground, but given there was no wind I cannot see any reason for branches to suddenly drop off the trees all around us.

At the end of the séance I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. There were several clear responses, which can be heard at:-

Another interesting ghost hunt at Bicknor Woods which usually delivers some paranormal experiences and good EVPs

Spiritualist Physic Medium
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Bicknor Woods – 2-12-2012

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Bicknor Woods ghost hunt 2nd December 2012
Bicknor, Kent

Bicknor Woods is one of those locations that always gets the adrenaline going, it is a strange woods, it is also the only woods where I would not venture on my own after dark.

Our first session we were joined by a male spirit energy by the name of Timothy who was in his 60s and a female energy who was 33 years old and from the early 1800s.

Both energies were able to communicate via our electronic equipment and their respective energies also showed up on our KII meters.

Whilst we were asking questions and getting responses several guests and I heard footfalls near to us, some admittedly sounded like small animals, but some sounded a lot heavier and more like the sound a person would make.

After a while I decided that the best way for the guests to really sense the spirit energies was to hold a séance and Timothy was happy to oblige. He started to move the hands of the majority of the guests and just as the guests got used to this strange sensation, Timothy then changed tactics and started to push people forwards and backwards. Many of the guests found this slightly odd at first and then really amazing as they were trying (unsuccessfully) to fight this and no matter what any guest did to stop themselves moving, Timothy just pushed them harder.

After just about everyone had been moved Timothy’s energy seemed to dissipate very quickly and therefore we stopped the séance. However as I was talking to some guests who had really enjoyed the pushing and pulling and were trying to explain how they were trying to resist we heard more footfalls behind us, which was exactly the direction that we were about to walk.

In another part of the woods whilst using the laser grid as I could sense the spirit energies and was hoping that they would interfere with the grid so that the guests could see them.

Whilst we were standing and looking there were many unexplainable noises, many of which sounded like people approaching, although we saw no torches. Several guests also commented that they could sense spirit energies sitting around the trees.

At the same time as watching in the grid I also turned on the Spirit Box (This is a device that scans the FM radio frequencies in reverse at 100ms) in the hope that if we heard anything then we can be sure that no radio station broadcasts in this way. Although we heard several strange noises on the Spirit box, some could have been words, albeit very quiet nothing notable was heard, although a couple of guests had been touched and their jackets pulled whilst we were listening and watching.

Unfortunately nothing really happened at this location, but since all the guests were now feeling the cold we started to walk back.

Also due to the coldness no EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiments were undertaken because the cold had drained the batteries on my recorder. Which was a shame because in these woods we usually get some great EVPs.

Once again an enjoyable ghost hunt which gave the majority of the guests some physical spiritual movement which they enjoyed.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Bicknor Woods ghost hunt – 19-10-2012

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Bicknor Woods ghost hunt 19th October 2012

After making our way into the woods, which considering it had been raining all day were unsurprisingly very wet. The witty banter of the guests stopped when the majority of the group screamed when a bird flapped through the trees, this made me smile because this happens every time.

I stopped on the path in the first active location, gave the guests some of our electronic equipment and then we waited for about 10 minutes before a male energy approached us. His name was Timothy Tregar and he was 23 years of slim build and had short brown hair. The guests then asked questions which were answered via the electronic equipment and we were able to establish that he was waiting for his wife and that he worked with ships in Chatham. Although he didn’t give me the exact year of his passing he seemed to be from the late 1890s. Whilst the questioning was going on one of the guests exclaimed that they felt a hand touch them on their back which made them all jumpy!

I decided that this would be the best place to hold a séance since Timothy was walking amongst the group and our KII meters were picking this up.

Within a matter of minutes Timothy was able to move the hands of some of the guests, many found this strange and odd as they were not expecting this type of movement. I then asked if Timothy could push or rock the guests. Almost immediately a group of three girls all swayed to their right and as Timothy made his way around the group several people were either pushed or swayed and after a few minutes everyone was being pushed in some way. Many of the guests reported that they felt like they were on a boat. Some of the guests during this time felt woozy or a little nauseous.

After we completed the séance I set up the laser grid and although nothing notable was seen in the grid I did see another male energy approaching us. His name was Jeffery and was approximately 55 years old and of a stocky build, mostly bald and had a full beard. He gave me the impression due to his smart clothing (a three piece black pin stripe suit) that he was a man of importance.

Once again some of the guests felt a touch or as if someone had brushed past them which made the majority (an 18th birthday party group) all huddle together. I then asked for the spirits to make a noise and many noises were heard, some admittedly could have been normal for the woods however there were some exceptions, like a loud whistle which sounded like the sort of whistle someone would do to call a dog. However given that it was about midnight and no one was walking in these woods this too made a few guests jump. Shortly after this some foot falls were heard behind everyone, which also made them jump & scream.

After using my Spirit Box to no avail we moved further down the path. Both Timothy & Jeffery followed us. We stopped at a place where there was much KII activity and once again the two spirits were using our communication device to talk to us. I asked on several occasions for them to make a noise and just about every time a noise was heard very close to where we were standing. One noise sounded like someone standing on a twig and snapping it, but given that the group were very still after all the other noises this once again made the majority scream and run away from the sound!

Strange and heavy foot falls were also heard in this spot along with shuffling noises, all of which made everyone feel very uneasy.

As I was standing towards the back of the group, as I too had heard the noises and was keen to see whether it was related to an animal, although in my opinion the sound was too loud for a rabbit, fox or badger, I noticed two spirit energies come towards us in a hesitant manner they were a shy pair of siblings, roughly about 14-16 years old, the older of the two was called Rachael and her brother was very shy but would not tell me his name. They asked for my help as they were lost so I immediately held a rescue and they were collected by what looked like their Mother.

After all of the noises many of the guests were ready to leave the woods as they had spent the last hour or so being scared. As I turned to them to explain that we were leaving the woods, there was a strange rustling or movement in the immediate area which scared just about everyone as this sounded like someone crashing through the undergrowth towards us, but when torches were pointed in that direction nothing was seen or heard.

Due to the fact that there was the sound of raindrops falling on leaves all of the night and it could have been raining whilst we were in the woods I did not do an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experiment as the sound of the rain drops would have been all that we would hear and equally because of the rain no photos were taken throughout the night.

This was a very enjoyable ghost hunt and one in which all the guests either heard or felt physical activity.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Bicknor Church and Woods ghost hunt – 3-8-2012

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Bicknor Church & Woods ghost hunt – 3rd August 2012

Every time we come here for a ghost hunt something different and interesting happens, either in the woods or near the church. This time however we had both.

Around the back of the church (in a field), which on previous occasions has been the scene of some very unusual and paranormal activity, we came across a female energy who would not tell us any personal information, but according to our communication devices we were standing on her grave.

Some unusual noises and whistles were also heard by the guests and the Ghost Hunt Events team.

Also whilst sat here we used the Ovulus and some words were heard in response to guests questions. There was also a very high level of KII activity as if the energy was walking to and fro from the church. Using our SB7 (a spirit box, which scans the radio frequencies in reverse at 100ms) we all heard “Hello” spoken.

Several of the questions asked were recorded for possible ghost voices (EVPs – Electronic Voice Phenomena) and there are some excellent spirit voices recorded. You can hear them at:-

As we were walking away from the car park, Stuart & Donna (guests) heard a sound which made them catch up with the rest of us, Stuart described the sound as being a metallic clanking sound, not like keys, but something heavier.

We then made our way into the woods, which were as usual very quiet with a distinct lack of animal sounds, which makes hearing any noises that much easier. There was also no wind to speak of either.

After setting up a laser grid pointing along the path, many people noticed that some of the lights were being blocked as if someone was walking across the path. Many guests felt unstable on their feet and several complained of swaying which was unusual because the path is generally flat.

Also in this spot there were brief periods of high KII activity. Whilst Carl & Marc (Ghost Hunt Events team members) carried out an EVP experiment, I walked further down the path to find a particular spot which on a previous occasion proved to be a rather active place and one in which many of the guests present felt uncomfortable as well as very high levels of spiritual and ghostly activity.

After walking the guests to the spot that I had just come from we held a séance to try to get the spirit energies that were present to physically move the guests.

We were joined by two energies, one a male energy called Roy who was 67 year old and a local farmer and Francis who was female and about 30 years old.

Gentle arm movement was felt by Wendy, Lloyd, Bradley and Stuart (guests) and when I asked for the energies present to push some guests Andy, me, Lloyd and Bradley all felt some gentle pushing. Several of the guests also noted that they thought they could see shadows moving within the woods.

During the séance and afterwards Andy was being drawn to an area to the right of where we stood, he kept looking in that direction during the séance and after we finished he had the urge to go to that area. When he got there he felt cold (it was a warm night) and also nauseous. Andy then called me over to see if it was just him. It wasn’t. I too did not feel right in this spot and although I cannot describe exactly how I felt, my head did not feel right, like I had just been shaken violently.

At this point Andy had to leave as he was feeling ill, the nausea had got too much. The rest of the group came over and with the communication device we established that this particular spot had been the site of a murder. The energy that was causing all the feelings was a male energy about 14-16 years old and he had been strangled and his body buried in the woods. He did not, or was not able to give a year and the audio recording from this area revealed no voices. Unfortunately the feelings I felt had got the better of my and I too had to leave the area as I was feeling the same sensations that Andy felt. Just before I left the area Donna, Stuart & Wendy all had a metallic taste, which is usually the taste of blood, they too felt the coldness and we all heard voices and footfalls in the direction of the path. But since I had to leave none of them wanted to stay there!

Carl also decided that he would investigate the area, but after a few minutes he too came back and reported that he tasted blood and said that the area did not feel right.

We decided that this was probably a good time to stop the investigation and made our way back to the Church.

Once again a very active and enjoyable ghost hunt with plenty of activity and some very clear EVPs (ghost voices) recorded.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Bicknor Woods ghost hunt 4-5-2012

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Bicknor Church & woods ghost hunt – 4th May 2012

This location never usually fails to amaze us, we were not disappointed this time, and in the past many EVPs (ghost voices) have been recorded, this time we had some excellent results.

As we started, there was high KII EMF activity at the rear of the church (in a field) and various guests reported a coldness. Whilst I was standing at a point closer to the road I noticed a male energy standing near to the church. He was about 21 years old and about 6’5” tall, a vicar and kept looking at his silver wristwatch, as if he was waiting for a congregation to arrive.

Whilst sitting in full view of the nearly full moon through the clouds many guests heard the sound of footsteps. There was also some excellent an persistent KII EMF activity seen. We can rule out that any electricity supplies were causing the KII activity because the church has no electricity supply.

Also there were energies who were communicating to the guests via our electronic equipment and I recorded many questions in the hope of recording EVPs (ghost voices). Some of these questions did get a positive response.

The best can be heard at

There were lots of temperature changes and one guest who said he felt hot, took his coat off (much to our amazement) and then asked for spirit to make him colder, which did happen very slowly.

From here we walked to the woods, which was thankfully out of the wind and light rain. Many strange noises were heard in the woods as well as approaching footfalls, although no one appeared. There were also periods of high KII activity and at one point many guests and I heard whispers and other vocal sounds. Once again no-one physical appeared.

During the laser grid experiment (we had two grids covering both directions of the path) I heard what I thought was a guest say “Pardon Me” when I turned to ask why, everyone swore that they did not hear a noise, let alone a voice, as it was extremely still in the woods. Nothing however was seen in the grid although some guests did see lights within the trees.

Further down the path I held the only séance of the evening and a male energy, who did not give me his name came forward, he was from 1670s and was in his early 20s, he told me that King Charles II was on the throne. He was a shipwright. This energy also answered some other questions via our proceeding EVP experiment. This energy proceeded to push and pull some guests, much to their surprise as the movement was very forceful. He also made many people sway (like on a boat) and there was some gentle arm movements. Toward the end of this séance Tony (guest) felt very light headed and when I asked for the energy to step close to someone to make them smile, Tony burst into an uncontrollable fit of laughter.

During the session lights were once again seen within the woods.

We finished the séance off with an EVP experiment (Electronic Voice Phenomena experiment). There was several possible spirit voices recorded however the best can be heard at:-

There were not many photos taken because as the evening progressed the rain came down heavier.

Once again a very enjoyable and active ghost hunt with plenty of activity for the guests and communication with spirit.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Bicknor Church & Woods ghost hunt 2-3-2012

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Bicknor Woods ghost hunt 2nd March 2012

When we arrived at the church there was evidently a group of people in the church yard trying to experience ghostly activity or their own paranormal investigation, so instead of annoying them, we made our way down to the woods, which are far more active than the churchyard.

The evening was virtually perfect in my book for ghost hunting, thick fog and no moonlight, it made the woods seem even more dark and spooky than normal.

After walking for about 10 minutes I stopped where I recognised some of the trees from one of our previous excursions and we held a séance.

A male energy by the name of Roger joined us and he came across as being a flamboyant or theatrical type of person, as he was wearing what I call a flowing shirt, baggy and made of rich material. He looked very similar in appearance to Russell Brand!

Roger however told me that he was a carpenter and worked in Chatham during the 1870s and he was 27 years old. Roger was a fun loving spirit energy and he proved this by manipulating Russ (guest) and my arms and generally making people laugh as he made his way around the circle.

Another male energy joined us, a farmer 70 years of old who first told me his name was Gerald and then Geoffrey, whether this was his full name I do not know. Although in the following EVP experiment he did clarify.

Both the spirit energies physically moved guests, Russ was pushed into Kim and Simon was pushed forward much to his surprise.

Simon also commented that he saw red sparkles of light further along the path and behind me during the séance.

After the séance I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) or ghost voice experiment. Usually we get maybe one or two possible EVPs from this experiment but on this occasion I recorded eight questions and six had some response, four of which could be very easily understood. The second one below is probably the clearest EVP I have ever recorded.

After walking a little further along the path I decided to divert from the main path and into the woodlands beside some very old trees, it was a similar patch of ground that the very first time I came here that strange things happened during that investigation. Strange things happened on this one too.

After attempting to use my laser grid, which although was interesting, didn’t prove to be very useful as the fog and mist distorted the laser, or rather the mist highlighted the beam from source to whatever the beam hit, it looked like a giant spiders web.

We formed another séance circle, Roger from the first séance came back and this time he was smoking a pipe. There was also another male energy called Tom or Thomas who was from 1500s and he told me that he was a settler and lived nearby to these woods. His clothing seemed to be all homemade and held together with twine.

First of all the spirits started to move everybody’s hands and arms and gave some guests a gentle push forward or pulled them backwards, then Russ exclaimed that Adam (guest) face looked whiter than normal, admittedly he was wearing all black clothing, but his face did seem to have changed to those who were opposite him. Russ even commented that he could see defined features on Adam which were not Adam’s. Several of the guests also saw red and white lights in the distance which were generally behind me and Adam, not torch lights but small pin pricks of light. Shadows were also seen behind me.

At one point Russ thought he saw someone poke their head out from behind a tree; however this could have been some branches that were attached to the tree. There were many noises heard by everyone, these noises sounded like footfalls rather than animal sounds.

Adam decided that he would leave the circle, and as soon as he did then the movement felt by all the guests increased dramatically, guests were pushed over and across the circle and the majority of peoples arms were raised to the same level.

When I announced that we were leaving the woods and asked spirit to do something memorable as a finale, the spirit activity surged and suddenly we were all being moved in some way, some guests were pushed on to the ground, unable to get up of their own accord and then as soon as we have composed ourselves we were pushed to the point that everyone got tangled up in some sort of ghostly game of twister!

Guests saw green lights against the church when we were standing beside the road and some guests noticed that a strange coldness seemed to come from the direction of the church.

Once again this was a very interesting ghost hunt and one which the spirits seem to enjoy as much as we did, the level of activity felt by the guests is probably greater at this venue than any other of our outdoor ghost hunts.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Bicknor Church & Woods – 4-11-2011

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

Bicknor Woods ghost hunt 4th November

On moving into the woods we started holding a séance to build the enrgy and almost immediately a male energy joined us, his name was Marcus and he passed in 1843, he was wearing a purple shirt, like a (Hollywood impression) pirate’s shirt. He gently moved Russ’ and my hands and gently pushed Gavin. During this time we all heard many footfalls along the pathway, which spooked many people since we had left a torch on the path was clearly visible and nothing was seen. Another guest Ben saw lights in the distant wood and from time to time we all heard the sound of mumbling, like women chatting.  The EMF Metre was left outside the circle and on many occasions this was showing high activity. Many cold spots were also felt by various people in the group, since it wasn’t a particularly cold evening and there was no breeze to speak of these cold spots seemed to be much colder than the breeze could have caused. Marcus (the energy) moved the hands of Mike and Tammy much to their amazement. After the séance Ben felt unwell and drained.

Whilst we were moving to the next location a strange buzzing was heard overhead, there seemed no reason for this. It felt like something flying overhead but no-one saw or heard anything.

At the second location whilst we were standing in a circle, many of the guests felt huge blasts of cold air, which was not caused by the weather because deeper into the woods there was little wind. After a while I and Ben both felt a sharp pain in our right knees, I didn’t sense a spirit who was responsible for this as it just seemed to come from nowhere. Also in this location we all heard footfalls and once again no explanation could be offered for this as there were torches left on and nothing could be seen to create the noise.

Once we rejoined the main path the EMF Metre was constantly showing all lights lit, the resultant energy was a female energy, she told me that she and her family passed in 1908 by suicide. Although she was now very happy and she made some noises around us, however whilst some of us could hear the footstep sounds, not everyone could hear them.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt at Bicknor and this is one place that does not seem to disappoint with regards to spirit activity.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Bicknor Church and Woods – 2-9-2011

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Scott and Debbie walked and stood alongside the road and within a matter of minutes they were both virtually running back. Apparently they had heard something similar to footfalls along the adjacent lane. According to Scott it sounded like someone jogging. Needless to say there was no-one jogging and there are no houses near here.

As soon as everyone else started to walk away I too felt uneasy and had the unusual urge to look behind me, even though I knew that I would not see anything physical.

Scott and myself heard a noise similar to that of a plastic bottle being dropped on the road and then a few moments later Scott & Graham heard an unusual sound but they likened it to an angry swan.

Walking through the woods was an eerie experience, as these woods aren’t walked very often and the woods themselves seemed to watch us, it was a very strange experience, just walking everyone was on edge and apprehensive.

I stopped at a spot because my EMF metre was pulsating, never going any further than the orange light (which is halfway). Everyone stopped and took some photos, some had orbs, but most didn’t. Then I asked out for the spirit who was affecting the EMF metres (we had three) to make a noise, within a very short amount of time, we all heard a noise, it is hard to say what it sounded like. Then I asked again but for the spirit to make it louder and more or less instantly we all heard another noise and it was definitely louder. This process continued for several minutes of asking spirit to make louder and louder noises, until we heard something right beside us which made everyone jump!

As an experiment I shone the laser grid down the path, I wanted to see whether this could be used outdoors (as it is very successful indoors), whilst I was doing this the EMF metres were still pulsating and Graham was trying to photograph the laser light. Almost instantaneously Graham and I asked if anyone was smoking because the both of us saw a mist formation pass us (from the group behind) and head into the laser lights (which in hindsight was the opposite direction that our cigarette smoke was going). Scott and Laura built up the courage to walk down the path in the same direction that we had seen the mist, and almost immediately they came back, apparently they heard a noise, like footfalls and wanted to return to the relative safety of the rest of the group!

As we continued to ask spirit to make a noise I became aware of a male energy, his name was Jerome and he was wearing modern clothing (1960s) he stood about 5’5” and was roughly 60 years old and sported a bald head and round spectacles. To me he looked like Ghandi. I then asked if he could do something different or make a very loud noise. I saw the tree opposite me shake and then something fell out of the tree right beside everyone, but it made no noise. I tried to shake the tree but it didn’t move. (and like I said earlier, it wasn’t windy)
From here we walked further down the path, this time it didn’t feel quite so bad as before, although I came to an abrupt stop when I heard a growl. I thought it could be an animal but nothing moved in the woods, but it sounded like it was right beside me.

Once again Scott and Laura ventured off into the woods and once again came back in such a short amount of time, in fact the path out from where there had ventured wasn’t a difficult path, but because Scott wanted to get out quick he just bulldozed his way out through trees and branches, which was very amusing to watch. They had to get out of there because they had heard footfalls which according to Scott & Laura sounded human.

Whilst we were talking photos in this area we all noticed that it seemed misty, when our torches were shone upwards it seemed there was a mist above us. During this period many orbs were photographed and I captured a very strange mist on my camera (photo added to ghostly gallery )

Scott suggested that we should go to where he and Laura heard the footfalls, within a matter of minutes after asking spirit to make a noise we all heard similar footfalls and yes it did sound like a person, but it also sounded like someone venturing through a wooded area, however when I investigated and looked behind the very old tree that was blocking our view (the same spot Scott & Laura chose) I was expecting to see a fairly thick wooded area, but to my surprise it was completely open for about 50 yards and when I shone my torch nothing moved (if it were an animal).

I decided that we should do an EVP experiment at this point, as we hadn’t done any all evening. However this was not the right time, as I cannot play the recording because there are so many expletives and laughing, because everybody could not complete this simple exercise without laughing. However as we were playing back the 3 minute recording the EMF metres were once again pulsating as if spirit found it just as funny as we did.

After calming down and I continued to record short clips after asking spirit to make a noise, Graham exclaimed that he had just heard a growl and it sounded more like a person than an animal.

As we were leaving the woods we all took many photos, I however had captured a red orb, which although as far as I know doesn’t mean anything, I have rarely captured a red orb, often they are white (or grey), blue, green and yellow.

This was an amazing ghost hunt, as the level of spirit noises and general spookiness of it all was truly brilliant, we especially liked the footfalls as we know that we were definitely the only people there and we saw no animals.

Steve Moyle
Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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