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Explosion Museum – 14th November 2015 (Louise)

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 14th November 2015
Gosport, Hampshire


I knew this was going to be an interesting night as I chose to go to a different part of the museum that has not been investigated before.

Session 1:
I was joined by Sue and Jason (Team). Being a small group it was decided that the guests start with table tilting. I asked the spirits to step forward and join us and move the table for us in some way. Initially the table did not move. I asked the guests if they could all encourage spirit to come and move the table. With the energy from all the group the table began gently rocking at which point all the guests started laughing. Telling the guests that spirit like laughter one of the guests started telling jokes. This seemed to really work as the table lifted on to two legs and then quickly on to one leg and spun round in a clockwise direction. With more encouragement from the group the table started to slowly walk. The guests were all amazed by this as the table carried on walking the whole length of the room and back again.
I then asked the guests if they would like to try and communicate with spirit through the Ouija Board to which they all replied yes. With the help of Sue (team), the glass started to move very slowly. I encouraged spirit to step forward and communicate and please tell us their story. The glass went straight to hello. Sue then asked if we were talking to a male spirit to which spirit replied yes. He went on to tell us that his name was Peter and we found out he was a very private person and a little shy to talk to us. However, with encouragement from the whole group he then told us that he had two brothers called Edward and Cameron. At this point he seemed to come through very strong and went on to tell us that Cameron had killed him and his brother Edward by putting cyanide poisoning in their food. He told us that he had done this as revenge over an inheritance that was left by their Nan. He then went onto say his Mum was still alive and well when he received the inheritance but later fell ill. He nursed her through her illness but had no help from his other two brothers and this made him upset and angry as he worshipped his Mum. He gave the date of 1901 and said he was in charge of a warehouse that dealt with ammunition. This session was special as the movements on the board were very strong and quick and unusually he spelt out sentences and not just words

Session 2:
Again I started this session with the table tipping. Asking all the guests to encourage spirit to come and move the table, it started to gently rock back and fourth. I asked spirit to move the table like it had in session one. The table then tipped up onto one leg and spun round really first with all the guests finding it hard to keep up. Keep encouraging spirit, the table walked round in a full circle clockwise and then back again anti-clockwise. Asking spirit to communicate using the table tipping it right for a yes answer and left for a no answer, one of the guests asked if we were talking to a male spirit. The table tipped to the right and then back down and we could not get any more movement from the table.
We then moved onto the Ouija board and called spirit to come and join us. The glass only did very small movements on the table, but did eventually spell out the name of Hugh but no further communications
Session 3
In this session I was joined by Wayne and Paula (team). All of the guests asked if we could start on the table tipping as none of them had tried this before. Telling the guests, they all had to encourage spirit to come and move the table, they didn’t hesitate. Initially the table gently rocked from side to side. I asked spirit to come and move the table in some other way. The table tipped up on to two legs and held this position for some time. I stepped away from the table but told the guests to keep encouraging spirit to move the table for them. During this session we heard a loud bang come from the corner of the room and what sounded like a chair being scraped across the floor. We then heard really loud footsteps, and then it sounded like they were running towards us. At this point the table walked very first towards the Ouija board and abruptly stopped. We all took this as the spirit wanting to communicate through the board. As soon as we put our fingers on the glass it moved straight away spelling out the name Peter. I asked if we were talking to the same spirit as from session 1 and he confirmed yes. He then went on to confirm the names of is brothers Edward and Cameron, the cyanide poisoning, the family dispute over the inheritance left by his Nan and him having to look after his Mum. But then to our amazement he spelt out the sentence ‘thank you for being here I have loved speaking to you’ and we all cried.

Totally amazing night that blew the guests and the team members minds away.
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