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The SBox

The SBox is a spirit box scanner, similar in nature to a SB-7 Spirit box except this device can record the sweeps and play them back.

Like the SB7 the direction and speed of the frequency scan can be changed, it also does AM as well as FM radio. It has a rechargeable battery, built-in torch and headphone socket and it can be used as a Bluetooth speaker making this piece of kit very versatile.

When using the SBox if it detects a spike when scanning it will stay on that frequency a bit longer in case there is a voice trying to get through. This will hopefully allow multiple words or a full sentence to be heard rather than just one word.

The SBox uses a micro SD card to record (max 32Gb)

We have used this SBox just a few times and it has shown some very promising results and we cannot wait to use it in places which have been incredibly good for spirit box or EVP recordings in the past.
It is too early to say what the pros or cons of the device is, we need to test it some more. But it will be an improvement when trying to record a spirit box session, as previously we would have to have a voice recorder recording the spirit box, this will save having two devices. Whether we record any more spirit voices or it increases the chances of spirit communication remain to be seen.

This normally retails for about $90 and is only available from Ghost Stop.

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